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2008-2009 Chevrolet Malibu



  • scortchscortch Posts: 41
    Also, if you think the Malibu interior feels cramped, you might try out the Impala. It feels a lot roomier.
  • I'm not sure where the "10 cubic feet smaller" info is coming from but it's way off.

    The new 'Bu is 4 cubic feet smaller in interior volume and most of that comes from the lower roofline.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866

    I listed a whole slew of cars (I think on this thread). The EPA lists the Malibu as 95 cubic feet, smaller than an Elantra. I own an Optima (not exactly the largest) it's listed at 104 cubic feet. My other car (a Malibu Maxx is 106), on the large side but only a foot bigger than a Sonata (or Accord). So maybe 10 is stretching it but at least eight would be a conservative estimate.

    In the new 'Bu's defense, since most of the lost space is headroom and the Optima has tons of headroom the actual usable lost space isn't that much. Who cares if you have four inches or two inches over the top of your head?

    However, the last gen. Malibu (even the non-Maxx) with its smaller tumblehome was exceptionally ugly but exceptionally spacious. The new Malibu has exchanged (mostly backseat) space for style. If you don't have people in the back it doesn't make much difference.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I used the EPA to recheck interior space. Without building a spreadsheet, it looks like the Hondas and Hyunkias are larger than Fusions, Camrys, etc. so I'll back up my original statement of ten feet, to six cubic feet. Most of the competition seems to come in slightly over 100 cubic feet. I still stand by the fact that the new 'Bu has gone from one of the most roomy to (as far as I can find) smallest mid-size car. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. It's certainly larger than the typical mid sizer of a decade ago.
  • mr215mr215 Posts: 89
    as stated, its all about the headroom. The old Malibu had an upright greenhouse that allowed generous headroom even though the wheelbase was shorter. The new car is big enough for most people.
  • ls6454ls6454 Posts: 11
    I took my 2007 Malibu LS in today for the 12000 mile service. I still have not had any problems or complaints with the car. Gas mileage remains over 32 MPG. While waiting I went in the showroom to look at the 2008 Malibu. I think it is a nice car, but the rear seat area was much smaller than my 2007. The model in the showroom was a loaded LTZ, the sticker price was over $28000. The LS model goes for over $19000 I was told. I baught my 2007 LS in June and with incentives paid a little over $15000.
    The main reason I bought the 2007 was price, fuel economy and interior room, so with the price increase, less interior space and I believe less MPG, I consider the 07 to be a better value and a more appropriate car for me.
  • mr215mr215 Posts: 89
    I dont think the old Malibu ever stickered for $15k so I assume thats what you paid after incentives and negotiations. The new car cost more but has more standard equipment including XM radio and Onstar with turn by turn nav. The old Malibu SS was about $27k with sunroof so the new car is realistically priced considering it has more power, 6 speed auto, paddle shifters, LED lights, 8 way seat, better interior, etc. Also, I dont think the new car has much less interior room than the old one. The gap is pretty small.
  • ls6454ls6454 Posts: 11
    My 2007 stickered for about$18000, but I purchased it for $15000 with incentives and negotiations, a 2008 LS stickers for over$19000, at this time with quanities limited, prices paid are close to sticker. I still feel for basic transportation , I prefer the 2007 Malibu, the 2008 is more stylish, but the rear seat and head room were sacrificed for style.
    Just my opinion
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The 2007 is a better value for the money at the time of purchase and more practical with more usable rear head and leg room. The 2008 is much better looking and nicer to drive. Much more sound insulation and refinement on the 2008.
    The 2007 has unfortunate and dowdy/frumpy exterior styling combined with cheap interior, but is OK plain A to B carpool transportation. Tall carpoolers will prefer the backseat of the 2007. The driver will prefer the 2008 and the 2008 will retain more of it's value at resale time.
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  • gm2008gm2008 Posts: 1
    So what is the interior space on the 2008 Malibu? Edmunds has it as 97.7 cuft. The EPA website has it at 95 cuft. Since the Prius has 96cuft, can they claim more space or not?
  • I just picked up my new 2008 LS Malibu today. Very nice looking car. A little small inside - cockpit design and the seats are contoured on the sides, so I'm still trying to find a comfortable sitting position. You have to pull yourself out as well. Of course, I've been driving a 2003 Silverado and a 2006 Sienna for the past few years. So getting used to a car again will take some getting used to. Never had OnStar before, so the free first year is pretty cool. Used the turn by turn navigation today and it worked fantastic. Although, I doubt if I really will use it much. I bought the car to get me to and from work - 48 miles each way and after 15 years, I think I know how to get there. Anxious to see what gas mileage I will get. I test drove the Malibu, Corolla, Accord, Civic and a Sonata. Both the Malibu and the Accord were very similar in drive. Malibu was 19,500 and the Accord was 22,400. With the recent GM mailer that topped my GM earnings at 2,035, it wasn't a difficult choice to get the Malibu - at about 17,500. Another dealer up the road had the same car at 19,351 but I decided to stay local this time. I'll let you know how the mileage goes.
  • ls6454ls6454 Posts: 11
    Congratulations on your new car, keep us updated.
  • What colors did you get?
  • Exterior is Imperial Blue Metallic with Titanium Custom Cloth
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305

    We (well, mom, truthfully) moved from an '04 Suburban to an '08 Malibu 2LT, and really haven't been too overly shocked with the size difference. Legroom and seating comfort are all great, in reality, just things like the very high and short side windows that are a little odd inside at first.

    She wanted one regardless...but wasn't that January GM card bonus just a REALLY nice treat, to put on a Malibu ;)
  • Sorry about that first one. I need to learn how to post pictures on here.
  • nymaxxnymaxx Posts: 30
    This car is beyond flawless. Beyond the basics of having a stiff, rugged frame and a Caddy drivetrain, I dare to say this car has style and panache. The cocoa/cashmere leather interior compares favorably with my '02 Audi A4 3.0 (V6), even the fake wood is tasteful and appealing.

    I can find no flaws, even tiny ones, and am continually delighted in finding small touches, such as the way the doors stay open at various positions, the headlights turn on with the wipers (never had a car that did that before), the dimming/heated side mirror, the tiny lights in the door handles....

    I have gone through 4 cars since '02, an A4 (quirky electrical system, couldn't find a comfortable driving position), a Prizm (cheap and sloppy, I couldn't stand it), a Malibu Maxx (very comfortable but it was leased), '05 Accord Hybrid (driving position too high, car had persistent rattles).

    The '08 LTZ is JUST RIGHT. All the best attributes from my other cars but none of the drawbacks!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It has lots of cool features, but there a few more they could add that GM has access to (such as heated washer fluid to melt ice and clean bugs better.)
    Bluetooth should be coming in 2009.
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