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2008-2009 Chevrolet Malibu



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    They must be loosing money on the car, wow.

    These are sad times for GM. I don't know where it's all going but I think GM will make it. I know I love my Malibu LT and it's restored my faith in domestic brands.I wish more Camcord drivers would take a look at the Bu.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Thanks packer3. Great idea!

    We ae getting a big snow storm tomorrow, I better pick up some in the AM. Should be fun to try out the new Malibu in the snow,
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,061
    I spoke with a Chevy salesman yesterday and he said that he had just lost a sale. Why I asked? Because the prospective was concerned that GM would not be around much longer to honor the warranty and for parts. He said the guy went on to buy a Toyota truck instead.

    By the way I made a $21,000 offer on an LTZ. They are willing to sell at this price but we couldn't agree on my trade-in value.
  • TomNYTomNY Posts: 8
    I had my choice narrowed down to a Sonata or a Malibu and have to admit that I used the "how do I know GM will be around tomorrow?" line on the sales guy :) Bottom line, I offered him $21,500 for a 6 cylinder LTZ w/sunroof and I'll be picking it up tomorrow morning. Unfortunately because I live in NY where they tax your pants off my OTD price came to $23,700, but I still feel I did pretty well. It's Blue with cocoa/cashmere interior.

    To be honest I had kind of eliminated the Malibu, because I could buy the Sonata Limited (loaded) for 20k, and the best I could do with a Malibu was a 4 cylinder LT1 with the convenience package, and although it was a nice car, I liked the trim level of the Hyundai (leather, climate, sunroof, etc.). All of that changed when I drove the LTZ with 6 what a great car. I knew if I bought the Sonata, I would always wish I had stretched for the Malibu. By stretching that extra 1.5K, I'm confident I'll never look back.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    Blue with cocoa/cashmere is what I have. $21.5k is below what I paid for my LT2 in September, so I think you did well is stretching a bit. You will not regret it.

    I wonder if these low prices are here to stay on the Malibu if GM turns the corner. When I bought the discounts were very low on Malibu's because it was considered one of the best sedans Detroit could build. I don't know how long dealers can continue to sell Malibus or any car at such discounts.
  • TomNYTomNY Posts: 8
    This was the only dealer that was anywhere near that price, most others were around $24-25K. I picked it up today and love it, what a great car. I notice an August inspection sticker on it,I think the dealer had these for a while and must have been looking it to get rid of them. There were some LT2s there, but they seemed more anxious to dump the LTZs. The dealer is Simmons-Rockwell in Bath NY.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    I dont know about NY but in NJ what ever month you pick up your new car thats the sticker they put on the car due to inspection purposes, check the door sticker on the drivers side it will tell you where and when the car was made.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    One thing I know is that the government will never let GM or Ford fail. Never. That is especially true now that they have sunk billions of loans in. I have zero worries about my warranty.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Nice price. Great car, You will love the V6 / 6-speed, it rocks.
  • Yep . Here in NJ , with a new car sticker , its good for 4 years before the next inspection , though I had to pay for 4 years of registration cost up front . This is a fairly new law from NJ . I don't mind . It saves me from going to the inspection station for 4 years ! ;)
    for Gus >> I notice an August inspection sticker on it, <<
    It should have a "NEW CAR" DEALER inspection sticker on it
  • yashyash Posts: 10
    Although, I am not getting the deal that Tom and others might have got in NY, how does 21.5k for 2008 LTZ sound? either that or 2009 2LT at 20.7k. what sounds better is there any obvious pick between them?

    fire away your opinions...let me hear'em...!
  • Which ever one that has a 6 -speed transmission. Off hand,I haven't looked at the detailed specs on these models
  • yashyash Posts: 10
    They both have 6 speed automatic transmission. Good point though.

    what else, guys?!? wud be pulling the trigger on of these babies soon...
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    does the ltz have a moon roof what engines and what are the options on the 2tl that would help us. also what colours some colours have a premium cost attached to them.
  • yashyash Posts: 10
    Both LTZ and 2LT have moonroof and both are v6 6 speed automatic engine.


    LTZ has leather seating and 2LT has leatherette seating

    LTZ has power front passenger seats and 2LT only has driver power seats

    LTZ probably has premium sound system compared to 2LT

    2009 2LT has bluetooth and 2008 LTZ doesnt have bluetooth

    2008 LTZ is metallic red (may need to change it)

    2009 2LT has metallic silver moss green ( i like that one)

    so whats the verdict? what should i buy?

    2008 LTZ is 21.5k and 2009 2LT is 20.7k.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    My decision came down to, I liked the suede seats over the leather in the LTZ. And being heated they are really easy to get into in the winter.

    The Bluetooth would have been nice(not offered on the '08's), but I don't make that many calls from the road.

    I do like the LTZ V-6's wheels better. I see they offer them now on the 4 cylinder LTZ for '09, smart move by Chevy.

    Either way, those prices look terrific. Good luck on which ever one you decide on.
  • Yes, tough choices but you will be happy with either. I went with the 2LT mostly because of the interior. I preferred the suede seats and the color choices of the 2LT. Comes down to personal preference.
    The 2009 may be a better buy when you consider future value, since it is really a year newer in the eyes of appraisers.
  • yashyash Posts: 10
    thanks for the feedback everyone!

    i wasnt getting the color i wanted on 2008 LTZ so i ended up getting 2009 LTZ Just an hour ago! got it for 23.5k + ttl. most quotes i had were 24.5k for that model.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,061
    According to a Wikepedia entry, "Out of 19,725 Malibus sold in September 2008, 10,462 or 53%, were sold to fleets."
    If that is true then prospective buyers should be getting even better deals than those posted here. Nonetheless, such a sales mix will have a significantly negative impact on resale value down the road.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Just announced

    "4.9% APR for up to 60 months on '09 Pontiac G6; Chevrolet Malibu, Light Duty Silverado and HHR; Saturn Aura; and Light Duty GMC Sierra"
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