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2008-2009 Chevrolet Malibu



  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Hi bdyment:

    I believe this serviced added $60.00 dollars to the NEW TIRE package, which included four Michelin HydroEdge tires, installation, balancing and a four wheel alignment. ------- (Since I have the vehicle serviced at the selling dealer, "topping off the tires" is no problem. In an emergency situation I could use air if necessary!)

    Best regards. -------- Dwayne
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 295
    edited March 2011
    I think that the secret to having good luck with a Toyota is to have a good dealer like yours. Toyota has a history of blaming the owner when engines fail (for example) because of engine sludge. When class action suits are made, Toyota usually caves. Actually the Toyota I like the best is the Avalon. It will be a Cadillac DeVille replacement eventually. I don't care (on that car) about anything but a smooth ride and isolation.

    I'm in the market for a Cobalt replacement and am looking at the LT1 Malibu. I'm disappointed at your mileage though. The Avalon beats it. I always get (on the road) from 34 to as much as 41 on the Cobalt. Mid -20's in the city. I get 27-30 on the DeVille. I would expect a 4 cylinder Malibu to at least get 33-35 at 70 and I'm suprised at your mileage and others who commented on the "real world mileage" forum. Ethanol doesn't help either. It cuts 3 mpg off.

    In any event the car is relatively cheap, rides well, and holds 4 people. It also comes fully equipped with all the things that I would put on a car. I'll only get the interface package and the convenience package with the power seat plus the red color. I will also get a spare tire and jack.

    I sat in a neighbor's '51 new Roadmaster wagon when I was 10 and the thing that impressed me most was that the engine was running and I couldn't hear it! Lots different from our '50 Pontiac.

    I looked that Malibus on a lot the other day and the LTZs had Eagles, The rest had Firestones so perhaps GM does not use Goodyears for the entire line. My experience with Eagles has been poor mileage but there are a number of different specs for Eagles from performance tires to regular ones.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Hi dispencer2:

    SPECIAL NOTE: ----- I had an opportunity to drive a 1951 Buick Special "stick shift" with no power steering or brakes! ---- It had a straight eight engine. ---- It was a "blast to drive!" ----- These were GREAT Cars!

    When, and "if" you purchase your Malibu, work a deal to trade the Goodyear tires for original equipment Michelin tires. ----- My Malibu drives like a totally different vehicle with the Michelin tires. Quality tires make a BIG difference. ------ If had to purchase the Malibu again, I would go with the V6 engine. (The four is "ok," but I like the extra power on the highway!) ----- I like the quality of the vehicle, and I would purchase it again. ------ Sunday, I ran into an old friend that I had not seen in two (2) years. He owns a 2009 LT Malibu with the four (4) cylinder engine. He likes the vehicle, but if he were to purchase it again, he would also go with the V6 engine. His Malibu came with Firestone tires. He has not had any issue with these tires! ---- (I am not a fan of Firestone tires after the Ford Explorer issue!)

    Best regards. ------------ Dwayne

    The Toyota V6 Camry will give you 30mpg at 65 mph. (I know this for a fact because I get this figure on the highway when I take my road trips.)
  • bohemia1bohemia1 Posts: 33
    2008 Malibu, LT/LT1, V6, Auto, Red Jewel, original tires

    Purchase May 2008

    1,359 miles - alignment problems. Dealer aligned.
    A/C not cold enough. "No codes found - working OK"

    1,487 Miles - alignment problems. Dealer aligned (tried different tires, etc. to troubleshoot)
    A/C not cold enough. Found loose ground & repaired

    2,384 miles - clunk in front suspension. Replace defective Front stabilizer shaft.

    4,863 miles - Normal service. Rotate tires.
    Vibration & "tire squirm". "Normal tire noise"

    11,276 miles - Normal service, rotate tires.

    15,055 miles - Normal service

    18,886 miles - normal service, rotate tires, alignment check.
    Brake squeal - Replace defective brake pads.

    25,113miles - Normal service, rotate tires
    Front noise - Replace steering shaft improperly lubricated.

    28,668 miles (today)- normal service, rotate tires
    Resistance in steering when turning right. Replace defective steering rack assembly. Replace hydraulic pressure hose due to restriction in line.
    Tires loose air pressure - Found nail in LR tire. No reason found for others.
    Wanders side to side - alignment needed and performed

    Chevy on-line service appointment scheduler does not work.

    All work performed by selling dealer service department.

    I am beginning to think my Malibu was driven off the truck before the ramps were in place.

    Any other comments?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    can you be more specific on the alignment issue as to exactly what is our of spec in the alignment....normally a tire switch is done for a wandering issue, but you have had three alignments done so far in seems to be a persistent issue....any abnormal tire wear?....what tires did you change too from the OEM tires?
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Good Morning:

    Take your vehicle to an independent body / suspension shop that has a frame straightening capabilities. Have them check to see if the vehicle is "square!" ---- (If it is not, and the vehicle has not been in an accident, you have an issue with both the dealer and the manufacturer!) ----- While the vehicle is at the body shop, have them check all the body bolts to be sure everything is tight and secure. ---- If they have alignment capabilities, have them align the vehicle. ------ It might also be a good idea to check the condition of the tires, wheel bearings and the rims together with suspension components. With all the alignments performed on this vehicle, I would look for worn or damaged components that are not holding the alignment settings. Have the struts and strut mountings checked! ---- Also have suspension bushings checked.

    QUESTIONS: ----- Do you have a matched set of tires on this vehicle? ---- Are the tires holding air pressure? ----- Does the vehicle sit squarely on the ground?

    Have someone follow you on the highway to see if the vehicle is tracking properly.

    Best regards. --------Dwayne
  • sidewinderzsidewinderz Posts: 49
    edited March 2011
    Does the 08 (4 cyl) Malibu allow you to go into program mode to Reset my key FOb?
    I'm getting conflicting info from other websites and forums
    I followed the steps as per this link below
    BUT it will not go into a program mode . the doors don't cycle
    Am I doing something wrong or does it mean I have to bring it to my dealer or locksmith ? ( ie having them use the GM Tech 2 Scan Tool. )

  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Hi All:

    Today I had to take a short trip to South Jersey. ----- I was on the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 287. I was traveling at an average speed of 60mph. ------- The new Michelin Tires on the 2010 Malibu are outstanding. ----- It was worth the money to change the Goodyear tires to Michelin tires. ----- The car drives like a much heavier vehicle! ----- According to some research on my part, the 2012 Chevrolet Malibu will be built on a Buick platform. ----- Maybe this will make it a more luxurious vehicle, and the customer will be able to get more "creature comforts" like dual temperature controls, more comfortable seats, and a turbo 4 cylinder engine. ------ Also, ---- the 2012 Toyota Camry will be updated! ----- I will be looking at these two vehicles when they appear in the showroom.

    Best regards. ------------ Dwayne
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Beleive it needs a scan tool to reset the FOB unfortunately
  • sidewinderzsidewinderz Posts: 49
    edited March 2011
    Thanks for the info. I was lucky to get both of my fobs working now .I thought I lost the programming on one.
    On both fobs , i found a cold solder connection at the battery holder. a pin that is soldered down to the pc board poped out . I resoldered it and it's working ok so far . When I put together the other one , it was dead . I thought I lost the programming after resoldering.
    However , at one point when I was trying to go into the program mode in my car. it worked once and then died , I opened it up , resoldered the battery pins again to the board .It worked 3x and then stopped . As a last ditch effort , I roughed up the battery ( both sides ) using a nail file board .Now , it seems to work .I'm keeping this one as a back up .
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize I was unable to find information on the manual procedures for this. I would recommend going into the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,161
    edited April 2011
    A couple of weeks after my original warranty ran out the front right speaker went silent. A week later, the door ajar light followed by a chime came on. The chime goes off while driving but not the ajar lamp. Took it to dealer, $100 for diagnostic test. They said they have to remove the front door and that will cost $700.

    But here is the catch: if I wish to buy the GMPP warranty I have to spend $300 for an inspection and have to wait 60 days to file a claim, but it would not cover the speaker and ajar light since they were pre-existing conditions. I understand that but $300 for an inspection? But wait, there is one more rip-off tactic, suddenly I need front brakes, another $400 and tire rotation which I did in February.

    The history of this Malibu started badly:
    --One week after purchase the AC compressor failed--replaced under warranty.
    --Last year resurfaced rotors for uneven wear, under warranty
    --Last November, entire power steering mechanicals were replaced under warranty

    Other than the above the Malibu has performed well but I am very worried that this might be the beginning of major future problems and that perhaps I should dump the Malibu and move unto something more bullet proof.

  • I have had similar problems with the car- but not with the dealer. I bought a certified used Malibu with 40K on in March of 2010. late last year I had all kinds of weird things happen. The horn didn't work, the windshield wipers would not turn off, all kinds of strange things that happened at the same time. Some kind of electronic gizmo was messed up and they fixed it all. At first they could not find the source and they had to pay for me to rent a car. In early March of this year the windshield wipers again would not shut off (this time nothing woudl stop them, even shutting off the car. Only opening my door would stop them. Then my drivers side door would sometimes not open with the "clicker" or the door "unlock' button. It would only unlock if I manually opened the door lock button (pulled it up the old fashioned way. I was busy so took it in about two weeks later. They told me 1) they could not replicate the problems and 2) I was out of that kind of warantee. I said I had a 100,000 warantee, this was a certified used car. (I had never bought a used car before. I bought inexpensive new cars instead, up til now. I told them no one had told me that some things were not covered til 100K and I was very upset. Had I known, I would have taken it in immediately. The man who picked me up to take me back to the dealer told me to speak to my salesman. He said that they would cover it out of good will, but I'd have to take it in again so they would have time to get the problem to replicate itself. i couldnt' understand what was going on, as it always happened 9 times out of then the door locks were not working at all on the drivers side. the windshield wiper thing happened occasionally only. I brought the car in on Thursday and again they said they could not replicate the problem. I told them they better replicate it, as I have about 10 witnesses to the problem and I want it fixed. When my friend drove me to pick up the car- the tune was different. They now could not get the locks to work properly either. And though the saleman was not there to get them to cover the cost, the service manager said they would cover the whole cost out of goodwill, since the car was just a few miles out of that warantee. They have now ordered the part. Now the stupid windshield wiper thing they have not seen yet. Unfortunately it never happens when I can conveniently get to the dealership. Maybe you need to threaten to call Chevrolet about your problems. My dealership never said they'd charge me for diagnosis of this. I'd say your calling Chevy and complaining about the dealership. Good luck!
  • bohemia1bohemia1 Posts: 33
    Sorry I took so long to reply

    The alignment issue goes back to day 1. After this last service, parts replacement, and alignment it does finally seem improved. I have filed away the service ticket with the alignment sheet in a safe place that I have not yet located so I cannot share the details yet.

    I had my son drive the Malibu this week. He confirmed that he felt some side to side wandering but not real bad.

    Tire wear is normal. I had a local mechanic check tires to get an opinion on their condition. Mechanic said they looked good. She was surprised actually as she expected abnormal tire wear based on what I told her, but did not find any. I take all of my cars to this shop after the warranty expires so I trust them.

    I still have the original Goodyear tires at nearly 30k miles. I will keep evaluating the handling hoping it is now fixed so I can avoid a new car purchase. Thanks
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me your VIN?
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I am glad to hear most of your problems were resolved. It is nice to hear that you have such a good relationship with your dealer. If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.
    GM Customer Service
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,161
    edited April 2011

    Thanks for your offer of help but the door ajar light and stereo were fixed under warranty, although it still cost me $323 for an "unscheduled" 30K maintenance service.

    And when I thought the worst was over up comes yet another problem. Leaking transmission fluid. Dealer says new lines were ordered but were damaged in packaging. This will require yet another trip back to the dealer but thank goodness this is covered under warranty.
    I've owned GM products (Oldsmobile) in the past but never had so many problems. With the new 2013 Malibu on the horizon I hope GM gets its act together and begin producing better quality products as I know they can.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thanks for the update. If you need anything feel free to contact me.
    GM Customer Service
  • ohc6sprintohc6sprint Posts: 23
    Just replaced my original 225/50/18 Goodyear Eagles with B. F. Goodrich Advantage TA tires. I was satisfied with the Goodyears on my 2008 Saturn Aura, they lasted 32,000 miles and had 3/32 tread left. The Goodrich tires seem to ride smoother, but that may be due to fresher or more supple rubber. They are T rated, 650 treadwear rating, 75,000 mile warranty and they were made in the USA.

    I couldn't pass up the deal, Sam's Club had them for $105 each which includes road hazard, free rotations and balancing. Installation was free, but that offer ended in April. Thats $453 out the door with 7% tax and $1 disposal fee per tire.
  • thomnsendythomnsendy Posts: 1
    Oh dear, we just purchased an 08 Malibu to replace our 06 Ford F150 Lariat crewcab due to fuel consumption. Now we must figure on buying tires on a regular basis. Our Lariat had 46400 miles on original tires with good tread still remaining. Have we made a horrible trade? The government will surely overlook this issue since they own GM and gets away with not supporting working Americans.
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