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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • True True...totally agree

  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    @ 1racefan, I feel the same way! If anyone else touches my car with a cloth or a towel I hold my breath! Sometimes this is hard to avoid (i.e. in the winter when its freezing cold and you want to wash all the salt off at those infamous automatic car washes). This is when you get those "swirl marks" and "holograms" on the car that you mention, since, like you said, the same water and/or towels they use on the wheels they use to dry the hood! Anyways, I have put a couple coats of Zaino on my Grey Lancer GTS w Nav, and it really sinces great! Don't need a dealer to slop on some carnuba wax! Anyways, enjoying my Lancer everyday to the max and to anyone who is thinking about gettin one, I highly recommended it. You got the German looks and Japanese reliability all in one! ;) To someone's earlier post about the service interval in the tach.. I think I read something in the Owner's Manual about that, but I haven't reached 7,500 miles yet, so I haven't gotten to that point yet. Let me know if you figure out how to reset this, or if it can only be reset by a dealer. Cheers!
  • Kia.....

    I have noticed that my subwoofer seems to like pop or sound REALLY bad if the settings for the punch sub are half or higher......i cant really notice that bad noise from the sub while im driving but if the volume is at about 30 and the sub settings are at half or higher and i stand outside my car or open the trunk it sounds horrible. Does your sub sound bad or distorted at all at these levels?

  • I hope this will help clear things up..

    Thursday we had our new product introduction conference call with Mitsu. The following was announced:
    1. Evo X unvailing Jan 13
    2. ONLY six speed available until mid summer
    3. A stepped down EVO, probably, but not certain, to be called "Lancer RalliArt" will be available. 2.4LI turbo all wheel drive with the EvoIX drive system.
    4. Deliveries to selected dealers (Us!)2-1 to 3-1 2008.
    5. MSRP <40k
    6. For all the latest and to get on Mitsu's X mailing list go to LANCERPROJECT.COM
    7. Lancers to be available in 2.0 and 2.4
    8. Gallant NOT going away. '09 available mid year with complete restyle. More rounded.

    Hope this helps
  • To get around the problems of cleaning, chips, etc. check with your dealer for the 3M Chipguard process. It is a clear plastic film applied over the paint. Guaranteed by 3M and the paint is never touched.
  • So let me get this straight...

    "1. Evo X unvailing Jan 13"

    So they are not unvailing the final production version of the Evo X until Jan. 13, 2008? Mitsubishi stated they would announce it at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Granted it would be JDM, but at least it was throw out some ballpark numbers for the rest of the world to chew on.

    "2. ONLY six speed available until mid summer"

    So the 6 speed will be available first, no surprise there, and they expect the SST sportronic automatic to be available later in the summer? I am assuming that by mid-summer you mean around June/July.

    "3. A stepped down EVO, probably, but not certain, to be called "Lancer RalliArt" will be available. 2.4LI turbo all wheel drive with the EvoIX drive system."

    They have been stating this for a while. What is the estimated price for this variant (I will refer to this variant as RalliArt for the rest of this post)? Is the 2.4L I4 the "world engine" that Mitsubishi co-developed with Daimler Chrysler and Hyundai? Do you know whether this will have any major body style changes? Have you received any pictures that you can share?

    "4. Deliveries to selected dealers (Us!)2-1 to 3-1 2008"

    By selected do you mean the Evo or the Evo and the Ralliart or whatever it will be named? Are they sending both at the same time or are they releasing one prior to the other?

    "5. MSRP <40k"

    I am assuming that the MSRP of less than $40K is for the Evo X. Is this correct? Is this going to be a base or fully loaded price? Did Mitsubishi state anything about whether it would be low, mid, or high $30K or did they just say less than $40K? Also, did they mention anything about the MSRP of the RalliArt version? A base or fully loaded price for the RalliArt?

    "6. For all the latest and to get on Mitsu's X mailing list go to LANCERPROJECT.COM"

    Been there and they haven't posted new things on the Evo for over a month. I know because I check it almost daily. Thanks for the info though.

    "7. Lancers to be available in 2.0 and 2.4"

    So, the consumer will have the choice of powertrain of either the current 2.0L I4 engine or the 2.4L I4? If so, again, is this the "world engine" or one produced through Mitsubishi?

    "8. Gallant NOT going away. '09 available mid year with complete restyle. More rounded. Hope this helps"

    Makes sense...thanks for the clarification and confirmation. I am hoping the redesign of the Gallant helps sales for Mitsubishi even more.


    Thanks - Gus
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    I hear its a version of the world engine not the 4G63. Engine code is 4B11T.
  • Does anyone know what difference the Canadian version of this car has, particularly with the GTS model? I Noticed that the Canadian version doesn't have the Navigation option, at least not on the web site. Do any Canadians here have any experience with purchasing the 08 Lancer? Does the dealership have options that the site doesn't have?

  • Hey I'm thinking of buying the gts cvt and was wondering what the sash recall is and just your impression of the new lancer.
  • The sash recall was a Mitsu started recall to repair an issue that arose during the IIHS crash testing where the back door opened on a off set side impact test. The Sash recall is a one hour fix per side that strengthens the doors and makes it so that they will not accidentally open during a side impact crash. The recall only affects those Lancers that were built in May 2007 or earlier. All Lancers built after May 2007 already have this fix installed at the factory.

  • but I am really glad to see that WRX thread gone from this Lancer list when typing in 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer! Whoo-hoo!

    Let's keep truly great cars separated from the also-rans. Please. I am serious when I type that, too. Subaru's suffer from Etch-a-Sketch styling and their so-called improvements never seem to hit the spot with this padre.

    Tomorrow is our Lancer GTS' polish and protectant appointment in Avondale, west of Phoenix. Can't wait to see the results! We're staying in Tucson tonight as our son takes in a Smashing Pumpkins show at Tucson's Electric Park. Then all three of us are heading north to Phoenix tomorrow morning to the appointment. I've already conceded to taking the shuttle to shopping while the Lancer gets beautified. I would've been just as happy to stay and blab with the salespeople at Avondale Mitsubishi or walk next door to blab with the salespeople at Avondale Kia.

    It's so cool to be stricken with car nut-o-mania! :shades:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm not following you at all. The Impreza WRX and Lancer are indeed separate entities and I don't think any method of searching should show them both at the same time. Please email me with the steps you have taken that shows them in the same list and I'll see about getting it fixed. (Let's don't derail the discussion here - pat AT
  • no need, it's already been fixed. I believe it was caliberchic who fixed it. Check with her. I would just type in "2008 Mitsubishi Lancer" and the Subaru Impreza WRX thread would also show up. Anyway, it's already fixed now.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Anyone noticed that the stereo reception doesn't seem very good? I have heard (on other forums) people mentioning this being a problem with both the standard unit, as well as thee Rockfor Fosgate unit. Mine isn't too bad, but the reception isn't as good as in my other cars.
  • To answer #7 from what I hear, there will be the option of the 2.0l and the 2.4l. The turbo-charged 2.4l will be standard on the so called "RalliArt." They all will be released at sepearte times and the "RalliArt" supposedly will not be available until late next year. The EvoX from what I hear will be released first as you mentioned with the 6 speed transmission. Followed by the SST Transmission during the mid-summer as I suspect the non turbo-charged optional 2.4l 4cyl engine for the Lancer to be released around the same time. From what I understand the 2.4l should be the Mitsubishi engine and not the "world engine," yet I will clarify that in a later post. Reply with further questions if you have them.
  • Yea, you may also notice the radio background music fading in and out at times too. Supposedly they have a fix for it, but mine is still doing it. The manger guy said the fix hasn't worked for the rockfor fosgate radios though.
  • I got an extra set of floormats for the winter off ebay for 46 bucks! They're the EXACT floormats that came custom with the car! The guy's seller id is rchillmitsubishi, it's based out of florida, and i was really impressed with his help, and his product!

    Here's the link to the auction- _W0QQitemZ220151575429QQihZ012QQcategoryZ33697QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewI- tem
  • Hello there, last month i posted a situation with my 08 Lancer GTS. I have a bad water leak problem. The sunroof looks misaligned, the rubber seals is thin and mushy, when it rains alot of drops leaks between the seal and the metal roof. The 2nd time i took it to the dealer they gave me the same lame excuse that no sunroof is 100% waterproof, which i do understand, but my case is no small leak. They gave me a paper with printed explanation of how sunroof leaks are tested, the document has no Mitsubishi Motors logo or any type of title. So im guessing the printed it of some web page. That really IRRITATES me. I really love the Lancer. I really want love it to but this problem has turned me off so bad. But i wanna do the right thing, so i proceed to call corporate Mitsubishi and i filed a complained about the vehicle initial quality and satisfaction issues. The lady was very nice and polite and she told me that in 24hrs i was gonna get a phone call from a "automotive case manager". Next day i received a call from the dealership manager, (CORP MMNA apparently called them) and he tried to "teach me" how sunroof works, which inmediatly i stopped him before i really turned rude to him, i was very firm and i expressed my dissatisfaction with the vehicle, he told me to take the car back to the dealership for more extensive testing. Anyway, i will be taking the car this week. Has ANYONE with sunroof in their 08 Lancers has experienced this issue?? PLEASE HELP! :lemon:
  • Sorry to hear you are having a bit of bad luck with your Lancer. I checked the forums which has several lancer owners (I would guess about 100 or so owners and a handful of potential buyers (like myself) and we have no post or complaint similar to this.

  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Ok i took the car back to the dealership, they saw the leak and they told me it was normal, of course i didn't accept the verdict, i pointed out the misaligned sunroof, they spent like 30 min correcting it, now sits flush with the roof edge, rained yesterday and today.... guess what... no leak. So much for for a sunroof that was OK to leak as long the leak was on the drainage. Dealers should practice 1 visit/call resolution that way to avoid angry customers over such a simple thing as alignment/adjustment.
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