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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • reigtsreigts Posts: 1
    I've had my Lancer GTS for 10 months now and after 17k miles, no problems so far. Has anyone done any modification on their GTS's?
  • My Lancer only has 230 miles on it, but I dont think it has the pulling to the left issue...if it does its ever so slightly.....but i also think the steering is just super touchy cuz ive felt it pull right a little too depending on the road and which direction i last put the steering wheel.

    reigts......when was your lancer made? you havent even had to have the new relays or throttle sensors put in? Where do you live? Ever had super cold days?
  • New to the forum and gotta post.

    I took delivery of an 08 ES 5 speed in Rally Red on 2/25. I needed a car when my 15 yr old Buick went boom. This car met the needs. Love the car. Love the FAST key.

    I also want to share some of the $$ info for other shoppers. My car is an 08 ES with the Tech and Appearance package

    List Price was $17,705. My Purchase price was $16,150. Yes $700 back of invoice, and it was on a dealer trade - not an in stock unit. And I still got the $500 auto show rebate.

    Here is why I got the Lancer over the competition... Mitsubishi had a great lease program.

    24 Months 30,000 miles $125 total out of pocket due at delivery for $249.98 a month including Wisconsin's 5.6% sales tax. Rolled into the lease was my first payment, refundable security deposit and acquisition fee. (all except the $125 that I put down). If after two years, I don't like the car, it goes away with no skin off my back. If I love the car still, I can buy it for $10,800.

    With those lease terms I had to get the Lancer. I am a former car salesman and have told myself that I would never lease a car, but I just couldn't pass this deal up.

    My only real complaint about the car is that it desperately needs a 6th gear or a lower 5th gear. Cruising @ 70 mph the engine is doing about 3200 RPM. I have lots and lots of torque to pass and go faster, but I could really use the better fuel mileage more than the convenience of not having to down shift.

    Through my first two tanks of fuel I am averaging 27.5 mpg in a city/hwy mix.

    Love the car and would recommend to others.
  • lancerfanlancerfan Posts: 17
    thanks lovethelancer.

    Anyone own this car where its really cold? because the car salesman i talked to said the lancer actually doesnt need a block heater and the radiator is actually split into two smaller ones. So it only has a little bit of water flowing through until the engine warms up, meaning, that it warms much much quicker. Is this really true because i never heard of this before?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    yeah, I had my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS' first L-O-F done at about 3,200 miles. My pre-printed coupons from the program I bought with the car say 5,000 miles on them for the first L-O-F. I showed that to the service writer and he said that would be fine, to get it early at only 3,200 miles. And I've just been tearing coupons out every 3,000-4,000 miles to get L-O-F's done and my dealer has been fine with it. I really appreciate their serive work and, even though we bought from Avondale Mitsubishi just west of Phoenix, this dealer(Ideal Mitsubishi) is only about 80 miles from our home. Avondale Mitsubishi is about 209 miles NW of our home! I got a really wild hair and went a long ways from our house to buy my car, knowing that, like my previous two new cars, Kia's, I could go to any of their dealer's for service or repair. So I did. I am really happy with the deal we got and the '08 Lancer GTS has been a joy.

    I hope you get those relays put in. Where did you hear about that idea? Hope they solve your starting problem. Oh, window tinting. Ours came with winting tinting already done. And they are pretty dark, although I don't think they're lawbreakingly dark, living in Arizona our tinting laws are probably pretty liberal, also. But they help me to the point that I don't have to wear sunglasses to shield my eyes from the bright Arizona sun. And the side windows are also tinted very well. Love it! lovethelancer, just a heads up on the window tinting. By rollign them up and down we developed some light scratching of the window tinting. They appear as light, vertical scratches on the four windows that roll down with the power window buttons. I am not upset by this (they don't appear that solid on the window, just merely very light lines) but some '08 Lancer owners who have observed this have had conniption fits over it and demanded a fix, etc. I just blow the problem off, doesn't hamper any sight operation out the windw at all. You don't appear to have gotten any window tinting yet so if you want tinting you may mention this to the professional who is going to do the tinting, or to your dealer if they're gonna do it, etc., OK?

    Man, tomorrow my wife and I cruise the 209 miles NW to Avondale Mitsubishi by Phoenix to get our 'Auto Butler' two-coat protectant put on. BTW-looking on th bright lime green colored card that 'Auto Butler' sends us in the mail, it says on it "This card must be presented to dealer to maintain Warranty coverage". So, I don't know if Mitsu is demanding this two-coat protectant service be done every 6 months(it doesn't cost anything to have it done and we're reminded by this card coming in the mail to our home)to maintain the paint Warranty, or, this is our dealer's deal to buyers of their rigs to help them maintain their car's paint beauty and help it to resist paint chipping.

    As far as paint chipping goes, I have one paint on my left rear door, right by the edge where it comes to a close next to the car's body. I have already purchased a paitn stick from Ideal Mitsubishi that is a two-step paint touch-up process. It cost $9.95 plus tax. On one end of the stick you have your Rally Red paint applicator and on the other end is your clearcoat applicator that you apply after applying your paint. I have one other tiny spot to cover with this paint stick also on the left hand side of the car. So far no chips up front that I can see, so that's good news. So I don't consider myself part of the infamous Mitsubishi paint chipping problem that you can read about here when you search for '2008 Mitsubishi Lancer'.

    And before they can apply the two-coat protectant service tomorrow at noon they will wash my windows inside and out, vacuum my interior and thoroughly wash my Lancer's exterior, being careful to get all of the bugs off, for only $9.95. Seems a good deal to me. We'll get that done tomorrow and I'll let y'all know how it looks afterwards. Last time we had it done(September of 2007) it looked clean as a thistle afterwards and very shiny.

    Good fortune all of y'all with your '08 Lancer's! I love 'em!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Wow. Very nice....I actually just got my windows tinted last Wednesday....20% very dark and actually illegal in this state, but my jetta had 20% on it too for 8 years and i never got in trouble.....35% is the legal limit, but hopefully i dont get in any trouble hahah

    I havent rolled my windows down yet because its been raining forever haha...but i did know about the scratching and let my guy know..he said the people probably used cheap tint, but he guaranteed his so if i had any problems just bring it in and he would fix it

    The relays thing is something that supposedly affects a large number of lancers made before november 13 2007 in cold or wet areas....supposedly the original relays get condensation in them and cause an intermittent no start problem.....which I experienced for the 2nd time in a week last night. ...i just have to try a second time and it starts up...hopefully it never strands me.

    I plan on callin the dealership and having them order the modified relays so i can get them put in when i go get my plates!...supposedly it fixes the problem on MOST of the lancers
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    It's not scratching due to 'cheap tint'. It will scratch eventually if you ever roll down your windows. You have to have the tint installer (or yourself) install moleskin or felt to the inside of your doors, see here to order a kit:

    My windows are getting pretty bad, especially the drivers side because it goes up and down at least a couple times a day.

    My major issue of pulling to the left has actually been (somehow) remedied by the Mitsu dealer. It just took about 4 trips and several alignments and tire rotations to get it to where it is acceptable for me. I'm still not convinced that is completely gone or that it won't come back again, but we'll see.
  • Sephia...was the auto butler program something they offered to you when you bought the car or did those little cards just start showing up in the mail? I would love to have something like that done to my long as they washed it by hand ...rather than with a crappy machine that will put swirls in my paint haha
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    the Auto Butler program was bought at purchase time. It was $297.60 and I recall asking them before about how long it lasts. It continues throughout the Warranty period and is a two-coat application given every 6 months.

    I think it has saved my paint job because I do cruise on gravel roads fairly often in this rural SE Arizona town and county I live in. I'd say it was well worth the 300 clams in our case. I have two little specks that have flecked off and I have a Mitsu paint stick in Rally Red to use on them. Probably paint over them this spring sometime.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • nice...i'm sure it would have been beneficial for me too, but they didnt offer it to car care plan was $2000 and covers all my oil changes and tire rotations for 5 years and the guy said it extends my bumper to bumper warranty to 10 years but i dont think that is right was $2000 though so who knows haha
  • bensirbensir Posts: 5
    well well , ive been reading this forum over the past several days because i am about to walk out the door and trade in my 2006 eclipse ( which i love but my bad back doesnt ) for a new lancer gts electric blue pearl with the cvt and sun and sound package . ive driven the car twice and im hoping i can get used to the drop off in performance ,, the eclipse was no ball of fire but it had a 5 speed which made it pretty darn quick , i think the paddle shifters will help , and i think when i get used to having an automatic again it will be ok , but damn that lancer gts is a nice looking car . sooooooo this forum was very very helpful to me in alerting me to issues with the car and what people who own them think , okkkkk time to head out and do this ,, if all goes well ill be driving it home in a couple hours , and after i get a feel for it ill pop back in and tell ya what i think ,,, thanks to all the posters here the info was most helpful !
  • I live in Wisconsin. I have only had mine for a few weeks and while it has not been that cold (below zero F) it has been below the freezing mark in the AMs. My Lancer does warm up rather quickly. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the freeway and the car is spewing warm air by the time I get to there.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    I don't want to sound retarded but what does the FAST key do? :confuse: I am also torn between the mazda3 and lancer. I really want the mazda3 but Mazda does not even offer Bluetooth. :cry: I can't believe in this day and age, Bluetooth is not even offered as an option. I am looking to buy in about 5 months so I still have time to think it over. I was interested in the Caliber but test drove one and wasn't that impressed. I do think the Lancer is one cool looking car.
  • Woods,

    FAST key allows you to open/unlock your doors by simply having the key in your also lets you start the car without the key in hand/ignition (i hope that makes sense)

    FAST key is a cool option, but i think it only comes with the navigation package....

    and yeah the blue tooth is cool...and in WA state we cannot use cell phones in our cars unless they are hands free starting in July so it was a no brainer almost for me

    the madza is made with nicer materials, but test drive both and make your decision..the mazda costs more for the same options in it...

    I kinda got ripped off but i got my GTS for about $25k after taxes and all of that...but im hoping it will last a long time..and i am liking the car more everyday. It was a weird transition from a german VW, but im starting to like it more and more

    and we cant deny how bad a$$ the car looks!:)
  • bensir!

    did you get your GTS?!?!? How do you like it?
  • p996p996 Posts: 56
    You are right. makes the best solution to the scratching and streaking tint problem.

    They’re moleskin felt is make with acrylic. It's the same stuff they use in super glue.

    I tried the cheep moleskin and it fell off. Tint Protector makes their own for this purpose. Highly recommended!
  • I got the fast key on my ES. It was part of the tech and appearance package (less than $1000) which was the Fast Key, Bluetooth, trunk lip spoiler and chrome exhaust tip. I don't have the navi system on mine.

    You would be amazed at how quickly you get used to the convience of the key staying in your pocket to get into and start the car. I have caught myself several times trying to start the wifes minivan with out a key since I got my Lancer.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Wow to start the car without the key and even open the car without the key sounds awesome. Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to test drive this weekend both cars. Here is Florida the is no law about hands free calling but there should be. I have an 03 Corolla with an aftermarket stereo with bluetooth. Nothing to fancy but still the convienence of it says a lot. I really would not like to go to a car without it. Glad you are enjoying your new ride. Maybe you can post a couple of pics here or on your carspace so we can see it. ;)
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the reply. Fast Key sounds so cool. Can't wait to take this car for a test drive.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    people interested in the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer! I love my '08 Lancer GTS more every passing day. Yesterday my son and I drove up to Avondale Mitsubishi(209 miles to our NW) to get our Lancer's Auto Butler treatment applied. Wow...the car looks like showroom condition again! They washed it inside and out(windows real well, I have two Pomeranians, one looks like a coyote and he slobbers on the inside of my Lancer's windows constantly!!), vacuumed the interior and got all of the bug guts off of the outside of the car. Then they applied the Auto Butler treatment.

    Whoa, I can't believe it...I run my fingers over the car's body and it's smooth as silk! I told the service guy "Aren't you going to charge me the $9.95 for the car's cleaning beforehand?"

    He replied..."Umm, no, you're good. You may get a survey, I'll be expecting all 10's on it!"

    "You will be getting 10's", I told him.

    I averaged 35 mpg yesterday, most of the miles on the I-10 freeway in middle-southern Arizona. Nice ride, to say the least! ;)

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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