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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • broonsbybroonsby Posts: 13
    I agree. This is a problem for the dealer. Typically the pop would be from a bad speaker or amplifier. If you can feel resistance while pushing in on the cone (unpowered of course) of the speaker, then the coil is fried (melted and falling down on the magnet. It will make a slight scraping noise as well. If the cone checks out, it's probably an amplifier issue. Please note that all no speaker system is bullet proof. You should as a rule keep the sub volume down to 3 or less at higher volume levels. As an aside, if it's the Rockford Fosgate system, dang bro, that's loud!
  • haha i have the voume no higher than 30 on the nav system (i believe it goes up to 45).....i used to run it with the sub at level 6 of 7, but not ive got it down to like 4 because i'm worried about it.

    I guess I will ask the dealer about it later...i had it there today but they only do oil changes on saturdays so i didnt even bother....they also got oil on my engine cover....i checked when i got home and i noticed lame

    whatever...they also wrote on my service reminder slip on my windshield to come back in 3000 miles...what the pretty sure our oil is supposed to be changed every 5k.....if they put crappy oil in my car im gonna be so pissed:(

    My sub sounds fine in the is just when i go check it in the sounds pretty horrid. After seeing the oil on my engine cover i dont know if i want these guys tearing my stereo apart haha :( ugh bad day!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    wow, you're just talking about opening your trunk and listening to your stereo from back there in this, huh? Ya know, I always shut mine off when I'm back there. Now, there's times when a particular Foghat or Tragically Hip tune has my immediate fancy and I'll pop the trunk for my wife to put groceries in. I should turn the sound down, but, y'all know that that's not always easy to do when you're enjoying a tune, right?

    But, that makes me curious. I should turn up the sub to 6 and bass at 4, 5, or 6 and pop the trunk and leave a song run for a bit and walk back there and listen. Then I'll be able to tell much better. In fact, I will try and remember to do it tonight when I get home from work. I'll see if it makes an annoying crackling, popping sound.

    It's funny, because, you remember when we were watching that YouTube video with an '08 Mitsu Lancer GTS, starting up its motor. We'd hear that weird, fast-tick sound? Well, I hear it now every time I start up my Lancer GTS. I can pretty much tell you that I have blocked it out of my mind as even being there every time I start that pup up. But, if I listen for it, I can hear it. It's just normal factory install-parts in the electrical system, the starter probably, making the noise. Means our Lancer's are working fine, gentlemen! Seems to me my '65 Ford Mustang(my first rig all of my own!)would make that sound when I could not turn the engine over. I would have to get out and bop the starter solenoid with the head of a screwdriver(I still have that screwdriver, BTW!). I'd then close the hood, get back in the 'Stang and it would turn over like cherry pie and run just fine! It's not a defect, however, in our '08 Lancer GTS'. Don't worry 'bout it at-tall. It would only be a problem if you're all not able to start your Lancer's up after hearing that ticking sound, right? I mean, it's not a problem with the part wearing out prematurely, IMO. Just a feature of using those parts in unison, is what I'm trying to say.

    Gentlemen, start your engines! :shades:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • chip21chip21 Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me how many RPMs a 2008 Lancer ES 4 cyl with CVT transmission is turning to run 75mph.
    This would be on level ground.
  • broonsbybroonsby Posts: 13
    Well, I don't exactly know, but I can make a best guess. I have the cvt and 2.0 liter engine. At 65 MPH, it runs about 2100 RPM. At 75, I believe it runs about 2300-2400 RPM. I can tell you from experience that it will make a difference in gas mileage. I average about 32 MPG at 65 MPH, windows up. 75 MPH will drop it to about 29 MPG. If you average a constant 45 average, you can see 40+ MPG. Yes, you read that correctly. Rolling resistance and wind resistance all add up above 60 MPH, just like the EPA has stated for years.
  • yeah if you are running 75 mph on cruise control it will be at about 2400 with the CVT
  • chip21chip21 Posts: 4
    You are pretty close on figures. The gauge on my Lancer reads 2500 rpm at 75mph. And I am getting 30mpg at that speed and not to happy about it. I recently got rid of a 92 Toyota Camry automatic that would do 75 at 2000rpm and get 33mpg.
    It had 280k on it and never any problems. And with the Lancer CVT having 6 gears, but not being able to see or feel any shift change's I was concerned that maybe it was not shifting into 6th. So it sounds like 2500 may be correct for the car, and if so it will never get much better mpg.
    Thanks for the info.
  • chip21chip21 Posts: 4
    I have a 2008 Lancer and I am very dissatified with the radio screen. I have talked to my dealer, and they say learn to live with it, and I have called Mitsubishi USA and talked to customer service rep, and he says that they are aware of the problem but no fix is in the works. He recommended that I fabricate some kind of hood to go over the screen. I told him that if that is what the answer is that Mitsubishi should design, fabricate and furnish the hoods to the owners. His reply was that it would be up to management. I do plan on pursuing the issue.
    Otherwise the car looks good, rides and drives good, but have not made up my mind about the CVT, the other down side is poor mpg for a vehicle this size and weight. I feel that it should be getting 33mpg or better at interstate speed (75) and it is getting 30mpg.
  • Chip, If you want better mileage, I would try the K&N air filter. I installed mine about 500 miles ago and am getting just short of 10% better mpg. I am up to 32 mpg in a city/hwy mix with a 5 speed and I cruise well above 3000 RPM at highway speeds.

    Also how many miles do you have? I noticed that around 5k the motor started to finally break in get better mileage.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Where did you get the air filter from and about how much does it cost? I just got my 09 Es-Sport over the weekend.
  • chip21chip21 Posts: 4
    Have just over 6000, changed oil at 3000 and replaced with 5-20 Mobil 1 Synthetic, which I have used in my cars for many years, will change on 5k frequency. I tried a K&N filter on my Ford truck and afer a while I kept getting a check engine light. It got bad enough that I bought my own OBDII scanner. I finally traced the problem to the mass air flow sensor, which is located immediately behind the air filter. I cleaned it several times with electronic cleaner and the code would clear, but after a couple thousand it would come back. I finally came to the conclusion that a minute amount of oil from the filter was getting onto the sensor. I replaced the K&N with stock paper and have not had a repeat of the problem for 25k.
    Never did replace the sensor, just cleaned.
    So this sort of soured me on an oil type filter, but good luck with your application.
    Thanks for the response
  • Got it online directly from K&N. It was $54 something with tax and S&H
  • broonsbybroonsby Posts: 13
    Yeah, this is a possibility with oiled air filters. A number of mods include a cold air intake that extends the filter away from the sensor. The intake increases the amount of oxygen that the engine gets and reduces the chance of oil on the mass airflow sensor (MAF sensor). The oil problem is one they generally try to avoid by suggesting a "very light" oil coating. They strongly suggest no heavy coatings for just this reason. By the way, DON'T use carburateur cleaner. This can ruin a sensor. They make special cleaner readily available at parts stores to clean air intakes and is sensor safe. I know that for trucks there exist 100k mile high flow air paper air filters. I hope these start making their way to the Lancer.
  • It is the highways and roads that makes the Lancer sway to the left. epsecially if the road was pave uneven.

    I have no paint chippin g on my 2008 Lancer with 37,650 miles on it. No problems and paint chipping.

    Steering wheel swaying to the left is caused by un even pavements on highways and roads.
    try cruise control and your car will ran straight if the pavement is even.

    You really have to learn how to drive the new Lancer.
  • I have had my GTS for over 1.5 years now and I have a little over 23K on the tires and I have to tell you despite numerous trips to the dealer not once have they been able to correct the pulling or excessive wear issue on the Dunlop tires. When I expressed my frustration with the problem I was told by the dealer "well you will have to call Dunlop about it nothing I can do for you." I am at wits end I am calling Dunlop and Mitsu b/c this is crap and I live in Chicago and the weather is never perfect but little to no traction in snow is one thing but when it is cold or raining too....pffft! The last trip to the dealer for and oil change and rotation at 22.5K miles they told me the tires were past the wear indicators and needed replacing. WTH! I hate this car at this point.
  • Maybe it is the GTS tires. I have an ES 5 speed with 10k miles don't have any drifting issues or tire wear.

    As far as poor weather traction - I live in Milwaukee and have nothing to complain about. The wet traction is fine. I barely even notice a loss of traction compared to normal driving conditions. The snow - well it is snow. Driving down slushy roads isn't difficult. About the worse thing with the snow is getting out of my un-plowed alley in the morning. I have certainly had worse handing cars in winter - my 1985 Celica GTS comes to mind immediately.

    But - one of the main reasons that I didn't go for the GTS was the wider tire. Wide tires will get significantly worse snow traction compared to narrower tires.
  • sorry to hear of your '08 Lancer GTS tire troubles. I have had my tires rotated twice, and I have had two tires repaired, one of the tires has been fixed twice.

    My Lancer GTS' tires and steering and handling are doing fine, I did have an all-wheel alignment done, too. All is well.

    I will need to replace the tires within the next 3 or 4 months, though. I am currently at 29,865 miles on my Lancer GTS. I am not really happy with the Dunlop's, but they are driving straight-ahead and true.

    I am looking at getting some Kumho Ecsta's at $149 a tire next, after I get the 30,000 service done. Coming right up, that it is. Then I'll get some new tires.

    Maybe new tires would help you with your Lancer's pulling to the side problems.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Bought Kumho Ecsta ASX today and had them "siped" at Discount Tire. I talked the sales guy down to 567$ for the set of 4 with the siping and rebuild kits on the TPMS. We shall see how these go....

    ***Note, so far the new tires corrected the pulling immediately and with the siping the grip on the ice is impressive.
  • fantastic news on your Ecsta's. And I now think it was Discount Tire and not Tire Rack I got that price for the Ecsta's from. Good to hear, let's hope for true road handling and traveling. :D

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Please help i was driving home today and hit a contruction baracde due to a jackass not using his mirrors. I broke my driverside mirror. It didn't come off the car but the plastic and glass is gone. The part that attaches to the car is also fine. I've already order a new one but don't know how to remove the old one? Please Help?
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