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Toyota Solara Audio Systems

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
edited May 12 in Toyota
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  • a58a58 Posts: 15
    I have a 06 solara convertible with the JBL radio with XM. Lately, the sound fades out for a about 2 secs every now and then. This happens on either of the radios, am/fm/xm or the cd player. It happens more frequently when it is overcast or raining. Also happens when putting the top up or down. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  • We have had that experience when putting the top up and down. Haven't had occasion to drive mine in the rain yet.

    I've never before had an antenna like the one on the Solara.

    Might that design be an issue?

  • 2007 SLE Vert with nav. When putting top up or down sound cuts out for second or two.
  • Have an '06, but with Nav, not XM. Cuts out when top goes up or down, but I haven't noticed any other times.
  • Has anyone had a custom subwoofer box made for their solara? I live in Los Angles, CA looking to get the best sound for my car Toyota Solara 2001
  • pjw2pjw2 Posts: 5
    Yes, Yes! The radio/CD started out on my 05 Solara Convertible only occasionally until 2 weeks ago when it happened so frequently, there was no way to determine what song you were listening to. I took it to the dealer and they determined that the amplifier needed to be replaced. It is happening again - only a couple of times, but it isn't fixed.

    Is yours fixed yet?
  • pjw2pjw2 Posts: 5
    Same problem with me however it got to the point that it cut out so much that you couldn't listen to music either radio or CD. Dealer replaced amplifier; however, it has happened 3 times since then.

    Did your problem get fixed? How?
  • pjw2pjw2 Posts: 5
    radio/cd fades too -- dealer replaced amplifier, but problem still exists -- only intermittent. Only happens when I have had the top down and then put it back up. Has yours been fixed?
  • enctigerenctiger Posts: 3
    Hi. i was wondering if anyone knows how to replace the rear 6x9 speakers. the stock ones are okay but i have a better pair I like to replace them. I can't seem be able to get the grill off. I don't know where to start. does anyone out there have any help for me. thanks.

  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    No - I haven't tried to get it fixed, since I thought it was one of those things that happens when you put the top down or back up. I'm a little leery of gettings things fixed - more stuff seems to go wrong after the 'fixes'!
  • pjw2pjw2 Posts: 5
    I did get it fixed - Toyota dealer had my car 7 days and they found it was a switch behind the rear seat on the passenger side that was shorting out. I don't know what kind of switch. They replaced it and it hasn't happened again. I have had the car back about 45 days now and it is great. You will want to get it fixed when it fades out so much that there is NO music at all
  • I have a 2001 Solara convertible and love it. Unfortunately the CD player has jammed up and I am told by several folks that it is better to replace the radio/cd vs the cost to have it fixed. I would like to replace it with a used radio/cd just like the one that came with the car. Does anyone have a source for where I can find one for a decent price? Thanks!
  • First of all, the stereo fades in and out when the top goes up or down as it engages or disengages the amp that kicks in when the top is down.

    But my stereo was fading in and out on a random basis so I took it in under warranty last month and guess what... they replaced the amp... and guess what, it didn't fix the problem. I'm taking it back in Saturday and I'm glad I found this forum so I can show them that someone successfully had theirs fixed with the switch behind the rear seat. I had tried telling them I thought it was the switch that kicks the amp in and out when the top goes up and down but they still replaced the amp. At least I have a new amp now that didn't cost me anything.
  • Looks like I am the latest victim of this issue. The proper operation of the relay is to turn the amp on when you put the top down, and vice versa. This little switch is why your radio sounds so good with the volume around 35 to 45 with the top down, even at 75 mph. Anyway, right as the top goes to full down, it kicks on. Right as the top starts to come up, it shuts off. In both instances, the audio fades, so that you do not pop the speakers with a sudden spike in audio is a guess. Anyway, this morning, I put the top down to drive to work and put it up when I arrived. When I went to lunch, the audio fading started happening intermittently with the top up. Did it with Radio, CD, didn't matter. So, it is completely obvious to me, that it would be the switch, and really bothers me that those dealers would be so inept to put you all through the trouble of replacing the amp. I suppose it is "possible" to be the amp, but it makes more sense to be the switch, and wouldn't it be less expensive? Oh yeah, we are talking about dealers. They play swaptronics, starting with the most expensive part, not the least. Especially if it is warranty work.

    Anyway.... yes, it is the switch.

    Has anyone replaced the switch on their own? How much was it, and how difficult was it? I have an extended warranty with a $100 deductible, and if I can do it cheaper than that, I'll do it myself.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Have you ever tried defeating the Speed Compensated Volume Control option in your radio. Most vehicles have this option now to free users from adjusting the radio volume control in Stop- and- Go traffic. Some vehicles, if not calibrated properly would overshoot or undershoot and causes obvious volume changing. If it is done right, you should not perceive the change. So the switch you are talking about may tell the radio to go full blown on this option since with the top goes down, you will hear more noises and the radio would try to compensate more for it.

    Typical radio allows you to minimize the effect or even defeat it. Check your user manual to make sure. It should be part of the Tone control of the radio. Toyota may call it by different name but the concept is still the same.

    Good Luck

  • thestevo44thestevo44 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info, but the car does not have speed responsive audio. I have already fixed the issue with the switch. It is a plunger activated switch that the top depresses when down, turning on the amp, and muting audio temporarily. When I was having the issue, the sound was not changing volume, it was completely muting and then coming back. It's good now.
  • Hi
    I was wondering where can i get the code for my OEM cd player,i don't have the manual.Call the dealer or what ?
    THANKS :(
  • blozanoblozano Posts: 23
    Could you please advise if switch can be accessed through trunk on passenger side or do you have to remove rear seat ? Please confirm location of switch ? Do you have part number of switch.

  • blozanoblozano Posts: 23
    Volume on radio changing up and down and want to change amp switch.

    Could you please advise if switch can be accessed through trunk on passenger side or do you have to remove rear seat ? Please confirm location of switch ? Do you have part number of switch.
  • blozanoblozano Posts: 23
    Yes, easy fix. Do you know when you put down rag top. You hear hesitation in radio volume when top is almost in full down position. This rag top engages switch which provides more power to your radio amp to provide better sound to compensate for road noise. When switch is deffective, sound on radio will surge up and down.

    Sit in back seat passenger side. Remove panel which is on top which is below rear window, same panel where seat belt goes into panel at top. You will need to remove #2 phillips screws which hold panel in place. Screws are hiding behind seat belt front cover where belt goes down in panel, under cup holder which allows arm rest cover to lift off and one more right on left side of head rest in corner. Remove panel. You will see switch which is in verticle position. Remove switch with torx screw driver. (2-screws) You will need to purchase switch qty-1 p/n: 84231-06010 switch 2008 price approx. $22.00 and go ahead and purchase some new panel clips, qty-4 p/n: 75868-06020 $2.00 each. Note: remove two washers which are under old switch and place under new switch. Reverse assembly with everything.

    If for any reason you want to by-pass switch, just unplug switch. Radio will still work in standard mode. The amp sound will not increase in performance when top is down and sound will not be as sharp. This will allow you to save some money if budget for new switch is not available..

    Good luck.
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