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Dodge Ram Quad Cab



  • kcowboykcowboy Posts: 33
    I'm thinking about getting a 2002 Ram Quad 2wd, will be trading in my 2001 Tundra 2wd access Cab, no problems with the Tundra I just like the better cab room with the Ram Quad. I talked with Kelly Ann and she offered me a good deal. It seems though the tow package and two-tone paint are hard to come by. The tow package seems to be offered on their in stock 4wd's and the two tone paint has to be ordered in. Not a big deal but those options would be nice. The deal I'm being offered would be hard to pass by. I'm just curious do you think there will be better rebates this summer also does anyone know if they are planning on having the 5.7L as a option on the 2003's.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    I faxed 20 dealers in the Southern California area and received five responses. The deals ranged from MSRP(the dealer is on dope) to factory invoice.

    I also called Randall Noe and spoke to KellyAnn and she gave me a killer deal on a 2002 Dodge Ram Quad Cab "Lone Star" edition. Pickup is equipped with auto,power windows and locks, AC, Overhead console, Cruise, Tilt, 20" tires/rims, fog lamps, anti-spin rerear endnd AM/FM CD for a total of $21,685(that includes the $1500 rebate)plus T.T.L. I am not sure that is the pickup I want but I saw a similar one here going for $30,000. The deal sounds too good to be true.

    I called the dealer that gave me the factory invoice and he said that deal was so good that he suggested that I fly to Texas and drive the pickup back home.

    I just have to figure out my costs. I checked flights to Dallas from Los Angeles are about $500 one way. The drive back is about 1450 miles( 24 hrs of driving). I think fuel costs will be like $200.

    Anyone from the Los Angeles area thinking of going to Texas to buy a Ram let me know. Maybe we can fly out the same time and drive back. You can e-mail me at
  • lamarjlamarj Posts: 21
    I thought that was someone else who sent me the email...Check with Southwest Airlines. Don't know if they fly out of your area. Fly into Love Field. Someone from the sales team will come pick you up. That is a sweet deal, bro. I would jump all over it. Whatever it takes to get to Truckville, make it happen. You will not regret dealing with the good old boys, and girls, in Texas!
  • lamarjlamarj Posts: 21
    By the way, I know what you are thinking right now. I almost did not go to Texas because I thought it was too good to be true. I took the chance and I am driving my dream truck. Like all good friends, mine were waiting for me to come home empty handed. A friend of my wife told her that her Husband just received his 02 Quad that has been on order since October! Same color as mine, he has leather and a few comfy options. He used a relatives DC discount and still paid over $30 large. Toyota1 joked about we be nickle and Wife was too embarrassed to tell his Wife what I paid.

    You can be sitting in the truck next week. Get into the Mayors Club while the getting is good.
  • stooges3stooges3 Posts: 18
    Does anyone have any info on how long it takes for a newly ordered truck to reach the dealer? I live in the N.Y. area. DC gives me a different story than the dealer. I wonder who's lying. My truck was ordered on 3/15.
  • bc01clsbc01cls Posts: 44
    No nickel and dime-ing at the Dodge dealers. Here in the south they have a large inventory at many locations. I found 6 equipped how I wanted at one dealership, with the 24G package, tow package, posi, fog lights, steel loading floor, deluxe stereo, multi speed auto and V-8. Didn't want the 360--not that much more power for the increase in fuel consumption. The 4.7 accelerates briskly, although I wouldn't turn down a spare twenty. I bought mine at 0%, $214 below invoice and a 7/100k. How can anyone argue over that??!!
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    I thought California has different emission requirements? If you buy a Texas truck - will it pass California smog check without modifications? I know a guy that bought a new truck in Kansas, then moved to California -he ended up spending several hundred $$ getting his new truck inspected - dealer was no help. This was 10 years ago, so maybe it is different today.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    You are correct xyz71. The vehicle must meet California emissions requirements and I am checking with our department of motor vehicles. It appears that 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 should have no problem because it is an ultra low emissions vehicle. I will make sure before I go to Texas.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    I contacted our department of motor vehicles today. I was told that as long as the new vehicle has an emissions device on it and it passes California's smog test there should be no problem. I know that the 2002 is an ULEV vehicle and it should have no problems passing the smog test in California. I will also call Dodge and see if vehicles sold in California have any special emissions devices installed on them.
  • lamarjlamarj Posts: 21
    Brando69 looks like he is campaigning to be the next Mayor. Doing his homework. He is going to be very happy in Truckville!

    Tell Kelly Ann I said hello.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    I want that Dodge Ram 1500. I can buy it now if I go to the dealer in my area and can get it for invoice minus $1500. It's a black beauty! I just have to wait and see if I can buy it in Texas and bring it back to the commie state of Kalifornia.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47

    Here's a link to an article from California's EPA and the procedures for buying a vehicle out of state. Looks like I won't be going to Texas unless that Dodge Ram is California Certified and will state it on the emissions label. The article was dated in 2000.

  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    Please check your emissions label on your Dodge and let me know if it says California certified or legal for sale in California.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    The fleet manager called me and threw in lifetime oil changes and a dinner coupon if I buy the Ram 1500 this weekend. I'll keep you posted. I am getting weak! :)
  • gaspumpsgaspumps Posts: 1
    I noticed your from California, lifetime oil changes. From where?..and dinner TX or California.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    The deal is from a 5 star dealer in Southern California.
  • xman1035xman1035 Posts: 52
    I like the new Ram 1500 Quad Cab but I am concerned about safety. I am a police officer and have investigated numerous traffic accidents and safety is the most important thing I look at especially when you have children. I have seen too many kids get hurt in auto accidents.

    I checked the data on the 2001 Dodge Ram and it scored poorly in the 40 mph offset crash test.

    The 2002 Dodge Ram has not been tested in the 40 mph offset crash test but was tested in the 5 MPH bumper crash test and it beat out Ford 150, Chevy/GMC Silverdo/Sierra and the mighty Toyota Tundra in this area.

    I am going to wait and see if the new Dodge 1500 can beat the mighty Toyota Tundra in the 40 MPH offset crash test. I suspect that it should based on its performance in the 5pmh bumper test and improvements in its frame. I'll wait for the new crash data before I will buy this pickup. I may even call the IIHS and see if they have a crash test date for the new Ram.

  • nit1195nit1195 Posts: 9
    Hello Stooges3,

    I ordered my Ram 1500 QC on November 1, 2001, I picked it up from the dealer (Herbee Dodge in West Islip NY) on January 18, 2002. Even though it was longer than the 6 to 8 weeks that the dealer stated, it was well worth the wait. In about 1 to 2 weeks call the dealer and ask him for your VIN number, Once you have that call 1-800-992-1997. That is the number for Daimer customer service.
    I called them every day to see the status of the truck. They can tell you when it is scheduled for production, and then once it is in production, tell you the status. Once it it shipped they will tell you what rail car it is in, and then you can go to the rail car web page and track it to you dealer.
    Good luck with your new truck
  • lamarjlamarj Posts: 21
    Where is the Emissions Label?

    Tell your dealer to give you lifetime dinner coupons and a free oil change.

    Sounds like you are in the drivers seat on this one. Just like it should be. You get to choose between two sweet deals rather than having to make a decision from a limited number of choices handed to you.
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    The emissions label should be on the inside of your truck's hood. It will say vehicle meets EPA emissions standards or something like that and hopefully mention California on it too.

    I went to my local dealer today and missed the fleet sales manager but did test drive the Ram 1500 and was surprised that the 4.7L V8 moved the truck quickly.The truck is very roomy and just looks good.
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