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Dodge Ram Quad Cab



  • jwhaelen1jwhaelen1 Posts: 27
    Regarding your tranny lockup problem,I have heard of people who have the Cummins/Auto tranny setup doing this: Due to low line pressure from driving in town,they keep the torque conv."unlocked"(you know,button on shifter) and only engage the lockup on the highway or any sustained speed above 45 mph. If you have any further ???'s on finding a fix for your setup you can post a question in the "trans talk" section at: Bill Kondolay will respond with an EXACT answer/cure for your specific problem there.He knows his stuff! I had Bill's people fix up a friend of mine.His tranny died/slipped all gears really bad.(almost identical to your prob.-only much worse)My friends truck now runs waaaaaay better than it did when it was stock! Good Luck!
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    The button on the shifter prevents the transmission from shifting to overdrive. It has nothing to do with preventing the lockup torque converter from doing its job. If the trans is kept out of overdrive the trans will see less wear by trying to shift under load when it shouldn't, or hunting to find the right gear.
  • jwhaelen1jwhaelen1 Posts: 27
    Yes,you're right,for the most part. By keeping the tranny out of o/d,(in 3rd gear only) there is no way possible that the tranny will be able to lock up(unless modified or altered w/ software,gizmos,etc.). This is the sugested way of driving a/t equipped vehicles around town,and why there is an optional switch(stock) of some sort,to keep the tranny from going into 4th(o/d) and then locking up after pre-set speed is obtained.usually lock up occurs around 42-48MPH,depending on weight,rpm's,or terrain,etc. This is the standard setup on almost all modern electronicly controlled automatics these days. Also, by preventing it from shifting into 4th(O/D) & locking up,you save ALOT of needless wear & tear on the converter. Allowing the converter to automaticly lock up while driving in town causes a MASSIVE heat build up in the conv. Especially at anything lower than highway speeds or low engine rpm,where line psi is lower.Hence the lower than normal cooling capabilities. Deffinately not good!! As you saw previuosly, my friend learned this the hard(expensive) way!Ouch!(LOL)Take Care JC, & have a good day, and have an even better one tomorrow!(No offense-no slight intended in any way)
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what the torque converter does. Could one of you guys explain it? thanks.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    While I'm CERTAIN that the knowledgable users in Town Hall will be able to tell you how a torque converter works, I thought you might like to check out this link as well...

    PF Flyer


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  • tetris2tetris2 Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a dodge Ram 1500 club/quad cab or a Dodge Dakota Sport (r/t) club cab preferably from 1998 - 2001 I'm willing to buy a damaged one as long as it is not too bad where is the best place I can check to find a really good deal for like between $7500.00 and $8500.00 for either of the Trucks
  • jwhaelen1jwhaelen1 Posts: 27
    Check out this website: There might be a repairable Dodge truck in their site that could be had at a fair price.Good Luck!
  • shogun1313shogun1313 Posts: 17
    Hello All,

    A local dealership advertised last week a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Quadcab 4X2 SLT 'Laramie' with V8, speed control, power windows and locks, AM-FM Cassette for $17,998. I assumed this to be without AC and on a five speed manual transmission since the ad did not state otherwise and those two options usually cost money rather than discount a vehicle.

    I used the dealership's website to submit an inquiry via an online form. Asked to be contacted by email or phone regarding what specifically was optioned in the inventoried vehicles for this price, and asked about the Laramie designation.

    Well, the dealership is about 25 miles away and its been 3-4 days (honestly can't remember since it was a webpage form submission instead plain email) and no response. I also stated I was interested in buying within the next two weeks, but it appears they are not interested in me, my communicae, or something else (laziness?).

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the 'Laramie' designation and what it actually entitles in way of options. Also, for a 1500 QC 4X2 SLT Laramie, does $18K seems reasonable for the SE market (Atlanta) with current incentives?

    I know some will say this should be posted under the Smart Shopper board, which I've done, but I thought I could get some feedback on the 'Laramie' designation thing from current owners of this pickup.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    I am not to sure what the "laramie" means anymore it used to be the upscale trim level on dodge trucks but now it is just the name I believe like silverado for the chevy or lariat for the ford. The slt package includes air conditioning but I am not to sure on the transmission, with all the incentives out there it could be a loaded truck the manufactures are loosing sales and they are trying to sell vehicles I bought a 01 ram 1500 last october it is an SLT 4x4 quad cab and I paid 24k for it.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    I do believe the "Laramie" and "SLT" designation go hand-in-hand. You can't get one without the other. If you use the Edmunds web site to price out a vehicle, and I recommend you do before you buy, the Laramit SLT package will be the "G" package. Good luck.
  • I have a 2000 Ram 1500 with the 5.9 liter engine and auto trans . At 14,000 miles if I let the truck sit for over two days it would take about 4 or 5 seconds for it to engage in drive from park . The dealer replaced the converter and the front pump . Worked fine for 3,000 miles , now it does the same thing -- only worse . Now the dealer is saying that a dodge service bulletin indicates that it is ok for it to take up to 6 or 8 seconds for the trans to engage after it stands for a few days . That seems crazy .. and it didn't happen until 14,00 miles were on the truck . Dodge transmissions are junk !!!!!!!! What is the best truck to buy .... other than a Dodge ?
  • g2000g2000 Posts: 4
    What kind of mileage should I be getting with my
    2000 1500 Quad-cab with a 5.9 and a 3.55 gear?
    I'm getting 10 & 11 mpg now with a lot of pinging.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    Need to take yor truck to the dealer, I have a 2001 and my dad has a 2000 both with the 5.9 and 3.55 rear end we both get 12-14 city and 17-18 highway and no ping.
  • wgkwgk Posts: 4
    Thanx lariat 1, is yours a 4-wheel drive and have you ever heard of the pinging problem? I heard the dealer could reload the computer in it and all
    would be well. I'm using PLUS grade of gas and it helps the ping but it's just not right.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    Yes both trucks are 4x4. The only gripe I have about the truck is the rough idle and the window trim on the drivers side keeps tucking under the door. I have had my truck since last Oct and my dad bought his in Dec 1999. We have not had a problem yet with either one. I do have some advise for you about the transmission though. I always turn off the OD when I am below 50 mph that way I know that the fluid is moving good in the transmission, I learned the hard way to do this with my 98 thast had the Cummins 24v in it.
    I tow a 5000# boat with mine and never heard a ping, the only noise is the familiar whine of the 5.9 when I stomp the gas for a smoke show. Also all I burn in it is 87 octane gas with no additives.
  • wgkwgk Posts: 4
    I do the same thing with the over drive deal. I too learned the hard way with a Chevy, in fact I limit the Dodge to 45 mph before I let it have the overdrive. I'm taking it to the dealer asap
    for the pinging. I just read it again about upgrading the computer on the truck.They said it only takes about 30 minutes. I have warranty time left on it, so I better get in gear.
  • tason67tason67 Posts: 36
    Hello truck owners. I am considering buying 2001 Ram Quad Cab, which would be my first truck. I wanted to know how well the rear drive versions run in the snow. i live in Michigan and while we don't get a lot of the foot or more snowfalls, we get plenty of the 4 and 5 inchers. I looked at a 4x4, but since I know I won't be going off road I wanted some feedback on whether it made a differnce in the snow. I have also heard that placing some sand bags or other heavy items in the bed will give you traction in foul weather. thanks for your input.
  • i just bought this used 99 dodge quad cab sport and was wondering about any problems that may exist with it. It has about 78,000 kms on it.
    If there are any re calls or whatever? Thanks
  • wgkwgk Posts: 4
    tason67, buy the new Dodge. I get very little snow here, and mine is 4x4, but I have friends
    with 2x4's and they seem to get around just fine with bricks, sand bags, bodies, whatever is handy.
    Just remember you're not "unstickable" and you'll
    do fine. Seem's to be good advice to 4x4 owners too. I see more of them stuck than 2x4's!
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