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Ford Explorer Air Conditioner and Heater Problems



  • jenk1jenk1 Posts: 1
    I have pulled out as much as I can on the drivers side and still can't find it???
  • if u can see on the other side where the blend door sits ( the axle of the door) go straight across from there on the drivers side the motor will right in that area it has 3 screws and a small plug ,, warning i replaced the motor in mine and it did the same thing after the first two times finally figured out it was the blend door itself needs to be replaced , cold has set in so i will repair it when it warms up however i did rig a piece of kite string to pull the door open and heat the car works fine now like new .
  • @All, This is one of the reasons why I have stopped purchasing American cars! The reason I am on this forum as of this writing is because I am searching for a solution to this exact problem. Although it is unfortunate, I am glad that I am not the only one or else I would not have found the solution here. Thanks to all for your posts. This, among several other problems regarding this POS model year Explorer, have me really spun up dealing with this vehicle.
  • mg425mg425 Posts: 1
    I have an explorer that thinks its on a/c when its supposed to be on heat. whenever we turn on heat the a/c kicks on. replaced the control knob panel twice, and still does same thing. Any ideas as to whats wrong. Its confused...And I need my heater!
  • I own a 2005 Explorer. I lost heat in the front but it works in the rear of the vehicle. I don't hear any clicking or any other noise like I've seen in some of the other posts. Do I have 2 heater cores and would that be the problem? Thanks for helping.
  • dobbsadobbsa Posts: 3
    Any one have any ideas?

    I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. The A/C works fine at idle up to moderate speeds. Once it is at highway speeds, then the A/C turns warm. When I slow down the A/C gets cold again.

    I don't know if this is a vacuum leak under the hood somewhere, or if it is the under the dash door problem. Any help appreciated!
  • rwaterrwater Posts: 2
    how much paneling did you have to remove to even rig the kite string?
  • my explorer is a 2005 but i am having the same exact problem! what year is yours? I wonder if i can fix mine the same way. I am going to try this...i don't know how to figure out if that particular blend door is the proper one for my year care.
  • ok i figured out what the prob was in my 2002 ford explorer. we thought that our blend door was the problem, but turns out it wasnt. the knocking noise you are all hearing, or at least what i was hearing, was the gears in the blend door actuator, which is connected to the heater controls, which makes the blend door move. we took out the box, which in my truck, was located on the drivers side


    It is really kinda hard to get to, but if you can manage to get to all the screws loose great! we only had to take off the panel near the floor to get to it, but when you get the screws loose, and take out the box, you have to open it up and look at the teeth of the gears, if they are not broken off or chipped then thats not your prob. my gears were broken. you can do 1 of 2 things. if the gears are broken, you can go to an auto store and order a new actuator, which is around 40 some dollars, and then just put the new box in, replace the screws, and your i actually have a quick fix solution while your waiting on the part to come in. when you open up the box, there is a piece that sticks out of the box, that fits into a slot in the dash that connects to the blend door. if you take that piece out of the actuator, just that one piece....and stick it back in the hole in the dash, you can manually turn the heat on by flipping the piece either forward or backward, but the blower will have to be turned on for it to stay on. but this is a quick fix and it will give you heat, until you get that box replaced. if you have any questions, or this doesnt make sense let me know. thanks kasey
  • Kasey,

    Thanks so much for the info. I will be trying this soon because IM COLD!

  • I have a 2004 Explorer with heat problems. Can somebody tell me the exact location of the blend door?

    Thanks- :lemon:
  • rwaterrwater Posts: 2
    If you have a 2002 or newer explorer, here is another emergency/quick fix to get heat. My vehicle was clicking and blowing cold air. Open and pull down the glove box (you don't have to remove it completely). With the engine running, and the heater on hot, look inside to the lower left and you will see a lever that may be moving slightly in sych with the click you hear. With a long screwdriver (or if you can reach it with your hand) push the lever back as far as you can. I did this today and immediately heat started blowing. I think you have to keep the dial at heat or you have to repeat the exercise. I think this is the lever an earlier post referred to when they temp fixed it with a kite string.
  • i have a 2004 ford explorer that is making a clicking noise under the dash. dealer said it was the actuator motor. any help on trying to fix this is greatly appreciated!
  • The fan motor works but the heat is always on. How do I check the rest of the related components before pulling everything apart to check the BLEND DOOR? I don't see the actuator diaphragm working.
  • Hello All!
    I've also had problems with the blend doors but I seem to have a more pressing issue, which is the blower motor, which is not operating by way of inside control knobs My blower was working intermitantly as if it had its own mind. At this point the blower will not operate. I have check the fuses and all are fine. I went to the blower motor to the wire connection and went an inch back and stripped the wire to except a separate wire which I ran directly to the positive terminal of the battery. As I suspected the blower motor worked. I can not for the life of me figure out where the interruption of power to the blower motor might be.

    From the blower I followed the wiring harness back to the passenger side frame where I located a roughly, 2 inch by 5 inch box which had a cover on it towards the front of the vehicle which had roughly 3 or 4, 1 by 1 square black boxes which appear to be contacts which can be pulled out. Would my problem exist in these contacts?

    Also, once I connected the separate wire to the blower from the battery terminal, I turned the vehicle on and then on full heat I went from high speed to medium and low spped, the blower shut off on the two lower speeds. I replaced the resistor at the blower motor housing with a junk yard one, assuming the problem might be there but nothing came from replacing it.
    As I said I am confused to where the interruption of power might be and any help would be appreciated!!!! Prior to this problem of the blower not working, the blower only worked on high speed or off and I had a continues supply of heat that I couldn't control during the summer months. I understand why, by following other threads here, which were very helpful with blend doors, but I'm more concerned now with the blower not operating. Please except "my thanks" in advance for anything you can suggest!!!
    My controls inside are three round knobs which control speed, temp and direction if this helps! Thanks Again!
  • wwisewwise Posts: 2
    I too have an 02 explorer and last week I noticed the fan would not blow at any setting. I was able to tap (well, maybe a little more than a tap) on top of the dash and it would start up. Each time the fan was cut off I would have to tap the dash again to get it started. Over the weekend I noticed the fan getting weaker and weaker. Now today it will not start at all. It does not work on AC or heat. As the fan got weaker I could hear a clicking sound but now it does not make any noise at all.

    Do I have a bad blower motor? Thanks for any help in advance.
  • My Explorer is blowing cold air when I turn the heat on. I hear a knocking or ticking noise. When I turn it back to cold the knock stops. The a/c works fine. Any suggestions please?
  • need to see pics or video on removal of actuator
  • What does this lever look like?
  • I have a 2004 Explorer with the same problem; heat in the back but not the front. Mine only "clicks" when the control is turned from cool, however it only blows cool air in front regardless of where the temp control is set.
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