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Ford Explorer Air Conditioner and Heater Problems



  • I have a 2004 Explorer with heat problems. Can somebody tell me the exact location of the blend door?

    Thanks- :lemon:
  • rwaterrwater Posts: 2
    If you have a 2002 or newer explorer, here is another emergency/quick fix to get heat. My vehicle was clicking and blowing cold air. Open and pull down the glove box (you don't have to remove it completely). With the engine running, and the heater on hot, look inside to the lower left and you will see a lever that may be moving slightly in sych with the click you hear. With a long screwdriver (or if you can reach it with your hand) push the lever back as far as you can. I did this today and immediately heat started blowing. I think you have to keep the dial at heat or you have to repeat the exercise. I think this is the lever an earlier post referred to when they temp fixed it with a kite string.
  • i have a 2004 ford explorer that is making a clicking noise under the dash. dealer said it was the actuator motor. any help on trying to fix this is greatly appreciated!
  • The fan motor works but the heat is always on. How do I check the rest of the related components before pulling everything apart to check the BLEND DOOR? I don't see the actuator diaphragm working.
  • Hello All!
    I've also had problems with the blend doors but I seem to have a more pressing issue, which is the blower motor, which is not operating by way of inside control knobs My blower was working intermitantly as if it had its own mind. At this point the blower will not operate. I have check the fuses and all are fine. I went to the blower motor to the wire connection and went an inch back and stripped the wire to except a separate wire which I ran directly to the positive terminal of the battery. As I suspected the blower motor worked. I can not for the life of me figure out where the interruption of power to the blower motor might be.

    From the blower I followed the wiring harness back to the passenger side frame where I located a roughly, 2 inch by 5 inch box which had a cover on it towards the front of the vehicle which had roughly 3 or 4, 1 by 1 square black boxes which appear to be contacts which can be pulled out. Would my problem exist in these contacts?

    Also, once I connected the separate wire to the blower from the battery terminal, I turned the vehicle on and then on full heat I went from high speed to medium and low spped, the blower shut off on the two lower speeds. I replaced the resistor at the blower motor housing with a junk yard one, assuming the problem might be there but nothing came from replacing it.
    As I said I am confused to where the interruption of power might be and any help would be appreciated!!!! Prior to this problem of the blower not working, the blower only worked on high speed or off and I had a continues supply of heat that I couldn't control during the summer months. I understand why, by following other threads here, which were very helpful with blend doors, but I'm more concerned now with the blower not operating. Please except "my thanks" in advance for anything you can suggest!!!
    My controls inside are three round knobs which control speed, temp and direction if this helps! Thanks Again!
  • wwisewwise Posts: 2
    I too have an 02 explorer and last week I noticed the fan would not blow at any setting. I was able to tap (well, maybe a little more than a tap) on top of the dash and it would start up. Each time the fan was cut off I would have to tap the dash again to get it started. Over the weekend I noticed the fan getting weaker and weaker. Now today it will not start at all. It does not work on AC or heat. As the fan got weaker I could hear a clicking sound but now it does not make any noise at all.

    Do I have a bad blower motor? Thanks for any help in advance.
  • My Explorer is blowing cold air when I turn the heat on. I hear a knocking or ticking noise. When I turn it back to cold the knock stops. The a/c works fine. Any suggestions please?
  • need to see pics or video on removal of actuator
  • What does this lever look like?
  • I have a 2004 Explorer with the same problem; heat in the back but not the front. Mine only "clicks" when the control is turned from cool, however it only blows cool air in front regardless of where the temp control is set.
  • I can't find this lever
  • I have a 2007 sport trac limited.. V has dual climate control and push button everything..... we are having issues with low air flow on defrost setting only... the air volume on the vents are fine ( there is a slight clicking noise with fan control setting but it's not a big issue) the big problem is that we lice in a cold climate -40 f and even at 0 degs ambient temp we have low heat and low air volume on the takes about a good hour of run time before the windows defrost so we can drive the vehicle........( it just came back from ford for the 9th time and 860 dollar repair bill..... they said they had to replace the block heater as it was faulty....I argue that beacuse it works fine can hear it ticking away ..and no leakage of antifreeze from the block...... we never had coolant issues....always full of coolant) Ford has taken me for another ride on this one ...... anyone with simular problems know of a fix...... I guess my dealership is useless....
  • Just found the lever an hour ago.......I have a 2003 explorer. you have to release the glove box ( not all the way out) and put your right hand inside toward the a/c heat controls right inside and toward the bottom of the left side of the glove can feel a small lever vibrating slightly.......its about 4 inches down....i pushed the lever down and my heat started working..........(had the car running and the heater turned on)...............hope this helps. Have to figure out some way of tying a string on it though as the lever wants to move back to the shut position.
  • THANK YOU SOO MUCH! i just found it! and its working....u made my day Fouchler! thanks so much for your detailed explanation!
  • :confuse: our 94 ford explorer is leaking antifreeze but the heat stays on then it blows cold and the truck runs hot until i put in more fluid :confuse:
  • Thanks also, just got the heat back on by pushing the lever/door whatever it is.
  • The door is on the drivers side, it is a bit involved getting to there. Check out the videos on I wish I lived closer to Texas to have them fix it. Good Luck. :cry:
  • I can't believe that you guys had the same problem with no heat from the 2004 Explorer. My temp control was clicking loudly as well, and then one day lost all heat. Thanks to the guy that found that blend door lever. I just went out in 20 degree weather and found the lever and fixed it. I would have never found it, and I am a retired mechanic. Thanks for the tip, she's blowing mighty hot heat now.
  • Good morning Folks! I have a 98 Ford Explorer which out of the blue has decided to direct all hot air through the Defrost Vent below the windshield. The Digital Push Buttons indicators on the dash control clearly respond as if the hot air is directed to the floor or the panel or mixed - HOWEVER ONLY THE DEFROST VENT has hot air flow. Feet get cold like this and nose gets dry LOL! I am a techie and it seems as though the the Blend Door actuator is working as warm or cold air (when AC is on) gets to the dash in defrost mode - it seems as if I may have a stuck Floor Panel Door [if there is one in this 98 Explorer (and where would it be so I don't have to take off the entire dash to locate it further diagnose) (its stuck closed routing all air to dash defrost vents). Is there a part I can go to to check if vaccuum to that door is avaialbale and the hoses are connected and do not leak or are broken -or is there a digital low voltage switch that activates that door that I need to locate and replace. Thanks! gary
  • In regards to your 98 Explorer that heat is only directed to the defrost outlets, I have a 2004 Explorer and recently had to work on the heater controls. On the 2004 you can access the vacuum control by dropping the glove box door down . You can easily see the vacuum control on the 2004. It is on the upper left. You can manually move the control on mine to change the flow from defrost to heat. It's worth a check to see if you can locate yours in that area. Of course the engine has to be running, in park and brake on. Hope this helps somehow.
  • I have a 03 explorer, when I turn the temp from cold to hot there was a clicking noise Then one day it would just blow cold air. We checked the heater core and it is hot. My boyfriend took the glove box out and found a lever making the clicking. Right now he has a shoestring tied to it and pulled for heat. Can someone please tell me what I need to fix this.
  • danbo1danbo1 Posts: 1
    I can smell engine coolant when the heater is on and from reading your prior post I have an additional directional air flow issue(only comes out the defrost vent).
    When I have the thermostat in cool, I smell nothing, but when I turn it to heat, cant see due to the windshield is fogged up. Any news good or bad would help. Is it safe to drive in cool mode, until I can get it fixed....and whats the fix.

    'Preciate it.
  • danbo1, What you are describing is a typical heater core leaking. You might want to try a good grade of stop leak . You would add the stop leak to the radiator, going by the directions on the container. General Motor's parts departments have an excellent pellet type of stop leak that might well stop the leak until you may then want to have the heater core replaced. Some of the Ford models are very expensive to replace. Don. Retired mechanic.
  • Thanks to all for the tip on locating and fixing the lever for the heat control. It took me awhile to locate it but finally found it and heat is restored. Yea!!
  • i have a 96 front heater/defrost does nothing when turned on.i also have a heater in the center console for the back seat that i can turn on and off from the front seat. that works fine,blows hot air. why does that work and not the front? what should i do to resolve this? please help ...i live in cleveland ohio and man its cold.if only i could drive from the back seat id be fine, but they frown on that in ohio
  • Sounds like a blend door problem. If the door is all the way closed you will get no heat .If I were you I would search some more on 1996 Ford Explorer heater problems. On my 2004 the same thing happened, but there was a clicking sound coming from the actuator that opens and closes the blend door.There was a lever that I could move to open the door You might possibly want to drop the glove box door all the way down by releasing the sides and then look for a lever that opens the blend door. Wish I could help more.
  • ang101ang101 Posts: 1
    Amazing I have an 04 that I paid 1200 dollars for repair of same issues. Clicking no defrost, etc. replaced an accentuator and it still has bad heating
  • I just sold a 96 Explorer a few months ago and never had any heater problems with it. It had 129,000 miles on it. My first car back in the 50's was a Ford, and I have owned mostly Fords all my life. This 04 Explorer is by far the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. All kind of problems with it. Ford should be ashamed of selling something like that for the price they get.
  • taz15taz15 Posts: 1
    Any ideas as to what would cause cold air to enter through the glovebox area on a 2004 Ford Explorer. It seems as if a vent is stuck open or something. When directing heat to the dash it is directed to both the floor and the dash. The same goes for when you select floor heat only. Am I looking at one problem or a couple of different problems. Taking it to a garage would cost tons so I'd like to find out if I could fix it myself.

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