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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • larry51klarry51k Posts: 35
    Please help clarify some things about the Highlander tires.
    From what I've read on this thread the problem is with the tires on the 2008 model; correct?
    Has the problem tire been changed on the 2009 edition?
    I live in the Buffalo,NY area and need a vehicle with excellent tires for driving in the snow. I don't want to buy a 2009 this spring and find after the first snowfall next winter I have bad tires.
  • petepiepetepie Posts: 9
    It's all the 08 & 09 Sport and Limited models with the 19" wheels. There are only two tires available in that size, one is by Toyo, the other by Bridgestone. Both have really bad ratings for treadwear and ice/snow/wet traction. The base 08/09 models have 17" wheels, and do not have the same problem with finding good replacements for the OEM tires.
  • larry51klarry51k Posts: 35
    Further clarification please: Are the OEM tires on the base also poor in the snow, but since they are 17" there are more manufacturer replacement options? In other words, I'd still need to buy new tires for good snow performance, just have more choices.
  • berriberri Posts: 3,996
    Putting lousy bad weather tires on an SUV - I think Toyota is starting to pick up some of that arrogance GM used to display.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Exactly. There are more options in the 17" size for winter performance.

    Since most '08s and certainly any '09s will probably still have OEM tires on them through next winter, I'm guessing (hoping) that the options for a good winter tire in the 19" will be better by then.

    I'll just try not to kill myself in the meantime.
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    I have a leased 2005 Highlander that needs new tires but my lease is up in 3 months. Do I have to put the same quality tires on the car or can I put any tires on it? I don't want to spend a lot for new tires since I am turning it it soon. Can anyone help?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    If the tires you return are of equal or better quality than the ones that came with the vehicle and if the tread wear is not excessive then it should be fine.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kziggykziggy Posts: 3
    Just found this site - first posting. The tires on our 08 Highlander have vertually worn out in 15,000 miles dispite having them rotated and properly checked many times. We live in Northeast PA Pocono Mountains and all the driving has been highway/long distance. None of that city stuff up here. Anyway, I'm ready to fight this out with Toyota and anyone else that will listen, including the press, Better Business Bureau, DOT, etc. We are retired and I have nothing but time on my 'Toyota, "bring it on!"

    Our car came with Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400, P245 55R19 103S, and from what I've already researched, this tire and one by Toyo are the only 19" on the market...and it appears they both suck!

    Two questions: 1. Has anyone had success in dealing with Toyota on this issue? and 2. Can I purchase this tire for under $200 ea anywhere in Northeast PA? Any other comments you might want to make would be short of buying different wheels (maybe 18") has another manufacturer come out with a 19" tire?

    Does Class Action Suit peak any interest? UNBELIEVABLE! I car company screws the public again.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Some folks are getting and using the Toyo HT's (about $170) and reporting good wear on another site
  • hlanderhlander Posts: 31
    I already reported to BBB, they already contacted to Toyo Tire (My 08 comes with Toyo). It's being more than a month. Last week, I got the e-mail from BBB that Toyo Tire didn't reply any to them and they will put my complaint one the site for 3 yrs.

    I contacted Toyota too, they return me with the brief explanation of their quality control for every single part as well as tire. They didn't say any of action to satisfy their customer with tire problem.

    Cheer Mr. Kziggy. Please do that. If you are going to do Class action, count me in.
  • kziggykziggy Posts: 3
    hlander - I've begun the research on the Class Action and anything else I can do to alert the public. My wife and I are retired Fed. employees so we know our way around the burocratic crap pretty good. DOT, both at state and federal levels, will certainly get an ear full regarding the potential hazards these tires could cause, but that's just for starters. Regrettably, I will need new tires before anything even gets started, but that won't discourage us. Let me know if you or others on line hear of any other tire company producing a 19" that can be used without causing a problem with the warrantee. Goodyear has an Eagle F1 All Season 245/45ZR19 that obviously has a lower profile (45ZR v. 55R) and I'm looking into the warrantee issue about changing recommended tire size. If anyone has already looked into that, please let me know. Thanks.
  • ronedroned Posts: 9
    I have 20 000 miles on my Open Country tires for my Highlander Limited. I first complained about the tires at 15000 as they were useless in snow and dangerous. I complained to Toyota Customer service and they just replied that there is no warranty but they expect about 30000 miles wear as they were built to Toyota standards. However they do not warrant them for that. The Customer Service rep refused to give me any other names I could write to in regard to this problem saying that Upper Management does not deal with these issues as they empower their customer reps to do that. She suggested I take my case to the BBB or another outside issue as Toyota would do nothing for me.
  • howards1howards1 Posts: 2
    I am another unhappy customer with 19" tires. I think it is criminal for an automobile
    company such as Toyota to put tires on a vehicle that are in such limited supply and from only two manufacturers. The amazing thing is that they are still producing vehicles with this size tire. Do I hear the words restraint of trade and kick backs?
    I have been in contact with Toyota and they do not recommend changing to 18" rims because this would change the dynamics of the vehicle, however the base Highlander comes with 17" wheels. Who are they fooling? I guess time will tell as to what the eventual outcome may be. I believe that Toyota should do something for people that paid good money for crappy tires.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty disgusted, too. Here's a thought, though: As most of you know, the only thing that makes these tires unique is the width (245 mm). After all, 19-inch radius tires are available everywhere - just not with that unique width. The reason we're locked into that tire size is because of the rims. Does anyone know of an alternate _rim_ for our Highlanders?
  • I bought a 2008 Highlander Hybrid in November, 2007. Love the vehicle, getting decent mileage (avg about 28-30 mpg in the summer, a bit less in the winter). After noticing the poor tread remaining on my Toyo A20s after about 9,500 miles and sliding into a car going about 3 mph (no damage, fortunately) on a VERY lightly snow-covered roadway, I starting doing some research on the web.

    Having read this thread, I was motivated to call Toyota. To make a month-long story short, I am very disappointed. The local dealer's parts manager lead me to believe that Toyota would "buy two tires if I bought two tires," but then they backed out when it came down to it. So, when a planned trip came due, I pulled the trigger and bought some 17" wheels with some Michelin LTX M/S from Discount Tire. I LOVE these tires, and they were put to the test during our weeklong trip. We had some snow and they performed beautifully on some dirt roads with moderate slopes. The seven-spoke wheels match the bolt pattern exactly, and the difference in circumference from the Toyo's is negligible. I did my research beforehand, and the Michelin LTX is a VERY highly rated tire. I'm very glad to have made the switch. Going forward, I now have dozens of tires to choose from in the 17" size rather than the handful in the 19" size.

    The new tire size: P245/65R17
    Bolt pattern: 5-114.3

    By the way, Discount Tire's "tire calculator" web page is GREAT for calculating the difference between your current tire size and proposed tire sizes. It shows how the different size affects your speedometer, and actual dimensional differences in circumference, width, etc. The page is located at I used it extensively as I researched various options in going wider, taller, etc.

    The wheels I chose were $89 each and the tires were $194 each. After the road hazard, replacement and other stuff that you pay with Discount, the grand total was around $1,440. I will get $120 back from two rebates, so, a total of $1,320. I will be putting the Toyos and 19" rims on Craigslist to try and recoup some of the cost. The rims cost $579 each from Toyota...over $2,300! I'll settle for less than half that if I can find someone interested. The salesman at Discount Tire said I would would probably be able to sell them. We'll see. The Toyo's have about 7/32nds left. The rims are in great shape, and may appeal to another Highlander owner who has already put some Blizzaks on their original rims and are about to swap their Toyo's back on for the summer. (If anyone HERE is interested, let me know!)

    Anyway, I thought I'd share my story. I firmly believe that I made a good choice in buying the Highlander. I believe it's a superior vehicle, and for some reason I thought that the company behind it was also superior to the "traditional" car companies I have dealt with in the past, like Ford, Chevrolet, etc. Clearly, I was mistaken.

    If I encounter any other experiences with the wheels or tires, I'll post an update.

    Thanks for reading.
  • Excellent! You've inspired me. My "team leader" at the local Toyota dealer still hasn't returned my call from last week, so I'm having my favorite car repair guy in town check out your solution. He's more than happy to do this. Sounds like a great approach to solving the problem - thank you!
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Blaming Toyota for the tire manufactures not having tires in this size is like blaming Microsoft for HP not having Printers,scanners, other hardware etc. that worked with the new Vista when it came out.

    Unfortunately like everything when you have a new size / product it takes time to get everyone on board. Like everyone I hope it's soon too, but I can't blame Toyota for the tire manufactures not providing thir product in the size I need.

    When I need tires if it's still this bad I'll get the 18" rims and be done with it, but I'll be willing to bet by the fall there will be more the 2 tire manufactures making this size.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 469
    I think it's legitimate to blame Toyota for putting inferior tires on new vehicles. If they were putting a high-quality 19" tire on the vehicles in the factory, you wouldn't hear people complaining.

    Anyone else in the Boston area hear the radio ad from the tire company that wants to give away Toyos? Buy 3 and get the 4th absolutely free. It's a great tire, too, and comes with the best manufacturer warranty in the business....
  • I'm not sure I'd use the word "blame", either - but I did just take action today: I bought 4 new 17" wheels... wrapped in some Michelins (Latitude Tour). It set me back $1,600, but I refuse to be held hostage. Blame Toyota? Nah - it's more "shame on me" for not protecting myself from this bad decision on the part of Toyota. Whatever the case, I feel better taking control of an important part of the car. PLUS, the next time I get tires, the new wheels will nearly pay for them, since I can get high-quality tires at a lower price, now that I'm into standard-size tires.
  • kziggykziggy Posts: 3
    Before you change out for a new tire size and/or new rims with new tires, you better check your car warrantee in general to see if you are letting toyota get away with even more irresponsible actions. When you change either the rim or tire size, you are messing with both the speedometer and milage calculations. That could in fact void some aspect of the warrantee. As for those of you that obviously "feel" it is actually our fault that we let Toyota, not even an American car company, screw the American public AGAIN, well...there's no hope there. You could always apologize to Toyota on our behalf for making such a fuss and ask them to continue to treat us like crap, sort of like the Pres. did this week to all of Europe, on "behalf of the American people," of course, when he put all Americans down...again!. Opps, just slipped out folks....couldn't help myself. I apologize.
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