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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • Can you get 6K more miles on the current tires? Then, your warranty is gone anyway and upsizing won't matter.
  • I still have 11K left on the warranty and 19 H/T should last as long and more. With more and more cars coming out with 19, I am pretty sure Michelin will be there next time around,3+ years from now...

    Again, I would caution people again getting A20 as replacements, since Toyo will not warrant these tires on vehicles which ship as OEM with these tires. The H/T have at least 40K warranty.

    I have H/T mounted week from tomorrow. Will provide update.
  • I doubt if voiding the warranty on the entire vehicle due to different sized tires being used would ever stand up in any court. Maybe if they could prove that some component was damaged due to an oversized tire, Toyota could come out a winner. Me, I ran 235/60-18s on my '06 for 3 years and never had any problems. With the reliability built into these new Toyotas, chances are very good nobody else will have problems either.
  • Probably not. However, courts take time and in meantime most people need a car. You will also need to get expert witnesses, lawyer etc. If you ever have an issue in the wheel area (like breaks,suspension etc) you better believe that the dealer will blame this on your over/under size tires.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,583

    What Toyota actually says is:

    "Toyota does not recommend modifying the vehicle in any manner, including changing the original tire size or the suspension. Toyota vehicles meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards when they are originally distributed, and modification could affect the safety and/or operation of the vehicle and remove it from compliance with specifications and standards mandated by the Federal Government. Additionally, should a condition occur on the vehicle that can be attributed to any type of modification, the warranty on the affected components may be impacted or voided."

    The caveats they express are reasonable as some people will seek to drastically modify tyre sizes which can affect safety or alter handling characteristics. Try calling Toyota and finding whether they have knowledge of tyre changes that are permissible.


  • That's no where as bad as "automatically void the warranty on the vehicle" like some other people were led to believe by their dealers.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I have the Highlander Sport 2008 with the 19" TOYO A20 tires since December 2007 with 36000 miles. The tires need to be replaced in the near future. I did not encounter any driving issues with these tires. The ride is smooth and secure even at high speed on both small roads and highway driving. Similarly, I did not encounter any winter driving issues on snowy roads in the North East. I drive a lot of miles in PA, CT and MA.
    However, I don't like the "special" pricing to the TOYO 245/ 55 R19 Open Country A20 tires. The dealer charges upward of $260 and internet pricing is ~$234. This tire type is not available at any local replacement tire service stores, and almost none of the popular tire companies make this size tires for the Highlander sport. Basically there are very few choices and no competition.
  • Hello:
    Yes, indeed, no competition. I have TOYO tires coming from Belle Tire in Michigan where I live. Price installed with road hazard warranty - ready to go is $1,120 with taxes and disposal fees of old tires.
    Lifetime rotation and other stuff included.

    Not that I do not like the TOYO tires, but mine are shot after 31,000 miles and do not like the ability to choose from other manufacturers like Michelin or Goodyear without the worry of invalidating my Toyota warranty by going to BIGGER size tires on 19 inch wheels. Stay away from the Bridgestone tires. Bad reviews on website. Other's in my area also have had bad road noise and other issues with the Bridgestone tires that will fit this vehicle. Also: Do not wait to get tires with winter FAST approaching. TOYO tires are in very limited supply.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Tire Rack was showing the correct size 19" Blizzak Winter tires a while ago so I ordered a set. So far my delivery date has been moved twice and is now out to mid October for arrival/delivery to their warehouse....

    I will go with the HT's when these A20's wear out, cheaper and a 65K warranty, unless Michelin or someone else steps up and starts to make them. Michelin has indicated in notes I had exchanged whith them that this is now becoming a more popular size and they will be looking at offering it next year... but until I see them listed I will just consider it pampering me.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I sent an email to TOYOTA customer service, asking a bout the difference between the Open Country H/T and A20. I hope to get a meaningful answer.
  • Why would you ask Toyota this question ? What would they know about H/T ?

    This seems as Toyo question.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I did not know who else to ask. TOYO site dose not have any information about the A20. Hence, I couldn't compare their information on the H/T to that of A20. In addition, I did not find a customer contact address on the TOYO site. I am hoping that the Toyota customer service will make an effort to address my question.So far, no answer.
  • Greetings:
    Do not know what question you may have about Toyo tires. However, the many posts on this site all say about the same thing. Toyo tires are not *that* bad, but just wear out quickly as any other OEM tires when installed on NEW vehicle. My Toyota dealership is one of the most *honest* and trustworthy dealerships I have ever done business with and give straight answers. The Toyo tires (A20) are on order from my local Belle Tire store. They are only authorized dealer who has access to them. Discount Tire does not and they too, told me so.
    Toyo tires are like Goodyear or any other low-end tires that come on new vehicles and this is how they choose to sell and market the cars. Once worn out, they expect you to purchase higher end tires that will give you more miles and better ride perhaps.
    However, like the dealership told me, "be careful if your vehicle is still under warranty because different size tires are NOT calibrated to transmissions, speedometer, and 4WD"... and if ANY issues develop with those "related" parts *AND* you have different size tires on vehicle, *YOUR* warranty will be *VOID*.

    My choice: install the Toyo tires just before winter driving season. I have them on order and Belle Tire is holding in back room for me since this size for my Highlander Limited is a very *RARE* tire to be had from *ANY* warehouse. I guess it is "first-come-first-served"...
    Next tires will be higher grade like Michelin or other brand, but for now, it will be the replacement TOYO tires, not Bridgestones due to NOISE and rough ride as noted on
  • I finally pulled the trigger and got a set of Toyo HTs installed on my HL Limited. I got them online at for $710 (shipping inc) and mounted and balance at my local Toyota Dealership for $12/tire. They drive great and are very quiet. I am definitely pleasantly surprised. It was not easy to buy a Toyo product after the incredible disappointment from the oem tires. Do not buy the A20s for replacement tires - get the HTs. They may be hard to find so find out when the online tire sites receive their delivery and call on that day. The HTs have a nice deep tread with a couple of large channels for water and they should be much better in snow than my old Toyos. I took the HL on the highway it handles perfectly, tracks like a new set of properly balanced tires should. If you are not going to change tire size, then this is your best bet...IMO
  • I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited. This is the fourth Highlander Limited I have owned and every one has had Michelin tires except this one The OEM tires Bridgestone are horrible treadware and at 20K need to be replaced. So I went a searching for Michelin and they don't make 245/55 R19. They do make 255/55 R19 but putting these on the HL will void the New Vehicle Warranty.

    I called Michelin and asked if they are planning on manufacturing the 245/55 R19 and they did not know but they took my information and are forwarding it to corporate HQ. Speaking to the supervisor at the customer service center he says that they track requests and will act on it IF they get enough demand.

    Lesson here is call Michelin at 1-866-866-6605 tell them you want to request that a tire be made to fit the Highlander. Make sure they take your information. :shades:
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    I have an '08 Highlander Hybrid Ltd and need to replace the tires at 25K miles.
    Just called the local Costco and can get Michelin Latitude HPs in 255/55/19 at $315 per tire (total price, mounted/balanced with road hazard). Still seems high.

    Am concerned from what I'm reading about Toyota possibly not honoring the warranty if using this size so probably will go with the Toyo HTs.

    If anyone has any snow experience with the Toyo HT, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
    (Sounds like some negative reviews about snow performance on the Michelins, at
  • Greetings:
    Yes indeed - a voided warranty. You can see my many frustrating posts on this subject under Highlander 2008. Spoke with my dealership management as well as numerous other individuals whom I trust and all say the same thing. Granted, the chances of anything going wrong are slim. However, the dealership has told me the following:
    A. Speedometer is calibrated to OEM size tires.
    B. Transmission is same thing since it is computer controlled.
    C. Suspension is tuned to OEM tires.
    D. Other things.
    Thus, you may get different feel, different ride with different tires and also will VOID the warranty and you will need to FIGHT tooth and nail with Toyota to get any warranty work reimbursed to you IF it ever occurs. Same thing was told to me from my local tire store in MI (Belle Tire). Thus, I have TOYO tires on order from their warehouse and plan to run those another 30K. Hopefully, by then.. a "decent" wearing tire will be available. I plan to call Michelin as previous poster above has suggested. Good idea. My advice is to stick with the TOYO tires and not Bridgestones. Start looking NOW before other Highlander owners see the same results and TOYO tires will become "hard" to find. My OEM -- Toyo tires have 31K and are "shot" as one would expect for "cheap" OEM tires. Rotated them very faithfully at every other oil change as well to no avail.
    Michigan winter season is fast approaching and I'll have the new TOYO tires installed within next couple of weeks. Happy searching and I would seriously wait until Michelin or other companies come out with suitable 19 inch replacements.

  • Greetings:

    Not voiding the warranty on "Entire vehicle". . . Only those parts that need replacement due to incorrect tire size. Dealership told me it is the same as putting inferior oil in crankcase, or choosing NOT to perform routine maintenance on vehicle. Dealership in my area is very honest and has excellent reputation. This is why I bought a Toyota in first place. Another story for another day . . .

    Thus, if you "Ever" had transmission problems or other "related" issues with vehicle and they can trace it back to "you" and incorrect tires, "you" will need to hire a "fleet" of lawyers and subject matter experts to "fight" with Toyota. Are you an attorney by chance looking for some work? I surely cannot afford the time and expense of big court fights just to get money reimbursed by Toyota. Look on door panel of vehicle and you will notice the tire size correctly stated on the door jamb of vehicle. It is also stated in owners manual. Thus, I decided to got with Toyo tires one more time until my warranty is "done". Then, I will go to better quality tires from Goodyear or Michelin and take my chances on my "trusty" Toyota with full understanding my my own liabilities for my choices.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Hope you had them order you the Toyo HT's as they are less and have a 65K warranty and are the same size as at A20's
  • I finally got my H/T ($700 delivered +$120 install) on the car. So far feels
    pretty good. One thing I noticed right away is that thread is about 30% thicker than A20. I bought HL in Oct few years back. Did not pay attention to tires until first winter when I was sliding all over. I was somewhat shocked how thin were the 2-3 months old A20 at the time.
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