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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • I bought a 08 Highlander used with 12k miles and the tires needed to be replaced then. The dealer I bought it from knocked an additional $1,000 off the price due to this. He was going to install the same toyo a20's but I didn't want them. I now have 14,500 miles on the vehicle and am working on replacing them. After reading some post, I contacted Toyo customer service complaining about their tires. I was then instructed to bring the vehicle to a toyo dealer to have them inspected and then have the dealer contact toyo which I did. All 4 tires are evenly worn with between 2/32 and 4/32 tread left. Toyo came back to me stating that though these tires don't have a milage warrenty, as a goodwill gesture they would discount my next purchase 25%! RETAIL! Well isn't that special! The Toyo open country H/T's retail for $289 so with my "discount" they come out to $216.25!
    Big deal! I can get the tire for $190.00 ea. at a local tire dealer, or my other option is to order them thru Tread Depot for $158.00 ea plus shipping. The only thing with going that route is that Tread Depot dosn't have any due to them being back ordered. I tell you, it really kills me to put another Toyo product on my car. Hopefully it will be the last!
  • Well, at least they tried ... when I called them to complain about my A20 with 25K miles, they told me to go and take a hike (not literally). The A20s have no mileage warranty on HL due to this being OEM equipment. So people who are replacing A20 with A20 have no claims.

    I replaced A20 with H/T for ~$160/tire. So far so good. I am in the same boat as someone earlier - hopefully Mitchellin will come up with something next time around.
  • Interesting video, but no mention of the condition of old tires, how much above a hypothetical posted speed limit the cars were traveling when the hydroplaning was induced, and whether the cars are FWD, RWD, or AWD. In the posting I responded to, the existing tires have just 18K and it sounded like the tread was pretty decent. I've been in this situation twice with an AWD. Once I had the dealer replace two tires, and another time I had the work done at an independent shop. Both times the recommendation was to put the two new ones on the front so that tire life would be maximized. I have yet to hydroplane on a wet curve.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    I agree that I would not replace all 4 tires. I would keep the best 2 on the vehicle, mounted in front, buy 1 new one and mount it along with the spare (if in near new condition) on the rear. From following this thread It is rare to have people go beyond 30,000 on OEM tires, so 18,000 is probably about 2/3 worn down. Not insignificant! I'll say it again: Please, people, don't listen to me, and especially don't listen to bad web advice from rookies. The web is a great resource JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH - IT IS FOR YOUR OWN YOUR SAFETY.
  • Greetings:
    I hope you have MUCH better luck finding the Toyo H/T tires than I did. KanRock tires and Belle Tire (in Michigan) both report the H/T tires by Toyo are backordered way into December, at least. Thus, "nobody" has them in stock and with WINTER coming on real soon, I had to opt for the A20.
    Agree with you that I too, had to "bite the bullet" and put "something" on the vehicle as winter is fast approaching and fearful the A20 will be out of stock as well. Oil change guys at local Toyota garage informed me that I made good decision by sticking with same size tires. Computer controlled mechanism and other "stuff" too numerous to mention would also mess up my gas mileage on vehicle. They too heard same results with Bridgestone tires for this vehicle.
    I got the A20 installed this week at local Belle Tire shop. They tried to get the H/T for me but could not obtain until "at least" December.

    Strange: TOYO tires have same letters as TOYOTA ! Could there be some sort of conspiracy going on? You be the judge !
  • mmeermmeer Posts: 1
    Just have a question. If the Toyo website specifies their 255/55 R19 as a standard fit for the Highlander, then why is their much talk of a tire that size voiding the Highlander warranty? Of course I'm interested in the michelin lattitude 255/55 R19 for a replacement and not a Toyo tire.

    Any insight on this? I know the OEM tire is the 245/55 R19, but, has anyone had Toyo 255/55 R19's installed at a Toyota dealer?
  • Toyo does not warrant your car so it does not matter what they say. Toyo does not even stand behind their A20 tires.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Nor does Toyota stand behind it's decision to go with these odd ball tires. Here it's snowing here already and I have been trying for months to get winter tires. I'm not happy with Michelin's and the others for not supporting this tire size seeing Toyota continues to put them on it's vehicles. Wonder who at Toyota and Toyo are getting kickbacks on this one..... :mad:
  • As prior posting commentators have noted, TOYO does not "care" about your warranty on "your" Toyota. Thus, they are in business to sell "tires". Go figure, the word TOYO HAS HALF THE WORD "TOYOTA" IN IT... Any chance these guys have a stake in each other?
    Going to a bit larger size tire probably will not hurt or harm vehicle. I went with A20 tires, same size as OEM on the vehicle. Same information obtained by the guys at local Toyota garage. Speed sensor indicator is tied to computer + transmission+other things too numerous to mention. Others who have went to different size tires report "lower" gas mileage among other issues. Same thing Michelin CSR told me on the phone. Very nice and honest people, but he too advised me to be careful in conjunction with Toyota warranty. They "probably" will be coming out with tires to fit Highlander, but not for awhile and until pent up demand warrants firing up the production line to support.
    The TOYO H/T tires are not in production and production not scheduled until "December" is what I have been told by two sources: KanRock Tires + Belle Tire+Tiredepot online.
    Never would I have thought there would be so "few" tires and tire brands from which to choose as "most" of us prepare for Winter driving.

    Good luck.
  • I am just disgusted by this! I have a little over 26,000 miles on my Toyota HL sport with the Toyo A20's and now I have to replace them. I am glad to read a few threads on other forums that the Toyo H/T's are much better tires, but I really do not want to give any more of my hard earned money to this tire maker just to have to possibly have to replace the H/T's at 26,000. I saw something about a class action lawsuit? Is anyone persuing this? I read in another forum that the 2007 Toyo A20's were a bad batch, does anyone know if there was a recall of these tires? This is total bull**** !!
  • Gary: I see a reference to your buying a TOYO H/T for $160 per tire; haven't seen any other references to those tires at that amount. Do you mind directing me as to where you bought them? I live in central MN. and have had the same issues with my 2008 Toyo A20's as being worn out at 25K, so want to consider any other good options and it sounds like the Toyo H/T is better/less expensive
  • I'm not Gary, but have been posting and searching for replacement tires for my Highlander. I wish you good luck finding Toyo H/T tires. Per many reliable sources, TOYO does not have "any" production scheduled for these tires until December. Your posting indicated you live in Centeral MN. I live in Michigan and get fair amount of snow as well. Prior postings on the H/T tire indicated better warranty, better overall ride, etc. However, good luck finding them and getting installed as WINTER is fast approaching. I had to resort to the A20 line of Toyo tires from Belle Tire in Michigan. Hope you can find them before you get your first BLAST of snow, but . . . Good luck !
  • Thanks for the update; so my question then is, does anyone know any supplier of Toyo H/T tires? I assume that tires are not "stocked" in this day and age---so I'm hearing you say that if these tires are not being produced until December that there aren't likely any around? However---and pardon me because this is my first time on this type of chat room---but I thought someone else referred to a Michelin tire as being available in this size, but then also saw various references to Michelin NOT BEING involved in a production of this size? Wonder if that's because some of the Highlanders have the 245-55-R19 size; whereas my 2008 Highlander (Hybrid) has the 255-55-R19 size. So that's a long way of asking, does anyone else other than Toyo and Bridgestone make a tire in this larger (255) size?
  • When I was buying H/T they came up to ~$160+shipping. If you guys are desperate, what is wrong with $175 / per tire. It would not keep me back. Seem to be in stock: - 989683&jsessionid=ea30e90f9bca2e4d573a

    I bought mine from about a month ago. For long time they had only 3 tires. I checked every other day or so and once 4 tires in stock showed up, I jumped on it.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    245-55-R19 is the stock Toyota optional tire for the Limited and Hybrid, not the 255's. The 255's are what some folks are going to to get tires close in size.

    For winter I ordered the Blizzak's from the Tire Rack in the 245-55-R19 original equipt. tires size (still on B/O til the end of this month).
  • This is odd; both my brother and I bought new 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrids; him in late 2008---and mine a holdover (2008) that I bought in 2009, BOTH OF WHICH HAVE THE 255-55R-19 at original equipment. Now I'm seeing various folks tell me that this is what some Highlander owners "are going to"----suggesting an up-sizing, which is NOT the case. The 255 size are what came on the car originally---as mine only has a few thousand miles on the Toyo A-20's.

    So, not sure it helps to reinforce that point, but for some 2008 Highlanders the 255 size was standard/OEM.

  • kharriskharris Posts: 41
    I've never seen a 2008 or 2009 Highlander with anything other than the 245/55 19's than came on my 2009. However, I never looked at a Hybrid so I'm thinking that perhaps at some point Toyota was using the 255 size on the Hybrids only. Certainly is curious though.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I also have a 2008 hld over Hybrid and looked at an 09 and both had the 245/55/R19's
  • Yes, as I said, both my brother and I have 2008 Highlander Hybrids (bought new in 2008 and early 2009)---and I just checked again and BOTH have the 255/55/R19 size, Toyo A20's. So you’re probably right, it must have to do with them being hybrids? However, I thought in some of the other chats various people referred to the 255 size as well being on their Highlanders?......while other's referred to it as being a mistake to "move up" to this larger sized 255. Curious is right!
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I just went to the Toyota site and looked at the 09 Highlander specs and it states...

    19-in. 5-spoke alloy wheels with dark silver-painted accents, P245/55R19 tires and full-size spare tire on alloy wheel

    And nothing on 255's
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