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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • I use a battery charger for my camera on an inveter in my Highlander. I'd like to be able to leave it on while the car is shut off to charge the batteries. Has anyone made a conversion to allow the cigarette lighter to be always powered-on? (BTW, I tried using two keys, one in the ignition and one to lock the car, so that I could leave the ignition on and secure the vehicle. You know, there is no way you can do this!)
  • my001my001 Posts: 17
    Looking for OEM tire replacement and recommanded with Toyo Open Country H/T tires. Any thought or better tires?
  • tumwetumwe Posts: 7
    Replaced my OEM tires after only 60k on the clock, the Goodyear Integritys are a very poor choice for this vehicle IMO. Replaced with Michelin LTX MS. Drove like a new car, great in snow and light duty off pavement travels.
  • I disagree. 60k miles on a set of tires is VERY GOOD. Can't beat that with a stick.
  • tumwetumwe Posts: 7
    My mistake I meant kilometres not miles. The OEM rubber were thin skinned, with a soft mushy ride. They had a tendency to pick up nails screws ect. too easily, I changed more flats in those 2 years than all other years combined. It got to the point where we could clear the luggage, retrieve the spare, jack up the car, change the tire, reload and be on our way in 20 minutes and not wake two sleeping kids.
  • my001my001 Posts: 17
    Thanks, trade in ($100 total) for Michellin LTX M/S ($128 each). I am going to Death Valley and not feel comfortable with the original Toyo tires.
  • ft20ft20 Posts: 15
    I replaced with Yokohama Geolander HTS and have been very impressed with reduction in road noise and ride quality. So far 10K on the tires and they look brand new. Also, relatively inexpensive at tirerack.
  • my001my001 Posts: 17
    Yokohama Geolander HTS looks great and much cheaper than my Mechelin LTX, which is also excellent. One thing I do not like my mechelin is, tires are very soft, and look like the air pressure is too low all the time.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,554

    I have now run about 10000km on the Geolanders and am impressed. Slight increase in road noise over standard Toyo but dramatically improved grip, both on road and off. handling is much improved under slippery conditions.

    Most impressive is the offroad performance. I took my Kluger into very steep mountain country with serious rock scrambles on some trails. No slip and perfect control throoughout.

    No obvious wear yet.


  • mtairyordgemtairyordge Posts: 144
    LEts see if we can get this out of the way upfront:
    The Goodyears are a piece of Cow Dung...I wouldn't put them on. They are not well made and just don't last.

    The Yokie are stiffer sidewalls better handling and cornering, but are you really driving the HL as a sports car?

    The Michelin's are the best in my not so humble opinion. Current set is at 55K miles and I will be replacing them for summer driving season next week. Sure they cost a bit more but quality always wins out, especially when the family is in the car.
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    Unless, you're talking the OEM Goodyear tires, I disagree with your non-humble opinion. (You're entitled to that opinion. :) ) The OEM tires that come on the HL are JUNK! It doesn't matter the brand name. You need to replace them ASAP so you can have a better and safer riding tire that will last 60-70K miles. Why didn't Toyota fit the HL with premium quality tires? It must be a $ thing, but not good business IMO.

    I haven't experienced the Yoko's, but read on these boards that people are happy with them. Having owned Michelin Cross terrain tires on a 2001 HL for 55K miles and a 2002 Tundra for 30K miles, I have the following comment. They're much better than OEM, but aren't good enough. They begin quiet, but begin to get noisy around 25K miles.

    A top rated tire at Tire Rack is the Goodyear Triple Tread (Forterra Triple Tread on SUV and Assurance Triple Tread on cars). The GY Triple Tread tires on my 2006 HL have about 15K miles. They are the best tires that I've ever owned. Great snow/rain traction, braking, smooth ride, and quiet on the highway. (However, there is some road/tire noise at speeds below 40MPH.) I have them on the HL, the G6, and will soon replace the Michelin Hydro Edge tires on our 4WD Matrix. My neighbor has them on his Avalon and his 4Runner and he also shares my experience with these tires.

    I don't switch tires over summer/winter so the miles I mentioned are true miles for each tire brand. (Also, I don't work for or have any financial interest in Goodyear.)
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Agree w/gasman. I have the assurance comfort tread on my v6 Honda Accord and they are MUCH smoother,quieter than the oem Michelins. Always check the tirerack surveys to get info re a tire before you buy.
  • my001my001 Posts: 17
    Based on the review, Forterra Triple Tread is very good. I noticed the thread has a direction and therefore how do you rotate tires or it simply does not matter?
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    They rotate between front and rear on the same side of the vehicle. Another great thing about switching out the OEM tires is that tire rotations on these tires are free. You can also spend a few extra $$$ per tire to get the lifetime balance and road hazard. It's about $4 per tire, as I recall. The rotations help increase the life of the tire and provide more even wear.
  • mcswinemcswine Posts: 30
    I replaced the crappy Goodyear "Integrity's" on my '03 Highlander with the Triple Treds and the difference is remarkable. I will agree with Gasman that these tires are the best I've ever owned.
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    Goodyear owes me for spreading the good word about these tires. :shades: Glad they worked for you!
  • I replaced the original tires which were Toyo's at 23k miles because the tread wear indicator showed up on all the tires. That shows Toyo quality sucks. I bought 4 new Goodyear Integrity's tires at Sam's Club for my 2005 Toyota Highlander and I noticed they don't have any much road noise and they handle alot better.
    I went to Sam's Club last week and they balanced the tires twice now since I bought the tires from them 2 months ago, but I still get the steering wheel vibration especially at 70-75. Sam's Club says that the rim is to blame, not the tire because the rim is defective and when that the problem is from normal everyday driving and hitting pot holes, etc..... My old tires didn't have any steering wheel vibration issues at highway speeds at all though. Should I go back to them a 3rd time and ask for a manager or go to the dealer to have them check everything out?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    How have these tires affected your gas mileage? My mechanic claims I need new tires on my 04 HL Limited even though I only have 52,000 miles on them. It's only the treads near the side that have less depth than Lincoln's head on a penny. The treads in the middle are fine!

    Anyway the OE tires -- Michelin Energy LX4 -- claim to be better for mileage. I've never had any problems so I'd be inclined to get the same tires if I hadn't stumbled across this thread. The price appears to be the same between the two. So, anyway, any comments regarding gas mileage & Fortera?

  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    I had them installed the first day I had the HL, so I can't really compare how they impacted my MPG. I have a 2WD v-6 and got 24MPG on a 450 mile highway trip yesterday. So, they may hit me for 1 or 2 MPG, but (to me) the safety, traction, and handling positively offset this potential negative.
  • my001my001 Posts: 17
    They rotate between front and rear on the same side of the vehicle. Another great thing about switching out the OEM tires is that tire rotations on these tires are free. You can also spend a few extra $$$ per tire to get the lifetime balance and road hazard. It's about $4 per tire, as I recall. The rotations help increase the life of the tire and provide more even wear.
    Ok. How about spare tire, should it be left or right?
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