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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • To all who I've unintentionally mislead: I clearly mis-read the numbers on the tire and between the garage and my office transposed the "55" number to be 255-55-R19 size; IN REALITY---as just pointed out to me by Bob 259, the tire size on my 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is 245-55-R19. Getting old I guess as I can't seem to remember a number long enough to walk from the garage to my office. Sorry for the confusion---but I guess when I saw others referring to a 255 size (as an over-size), something clicked in my brain and I remembered the wrong number.

    Having now admitted my error, can I ask if anyoen who is reading this message have the Michelin Latitude tires---or is this tire not made in the (correct) 245-55-R19 size?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    LOL... getting old and can't remember isn't the half of it, I have tri-focals and still can't see half the time :-) :shades:

    The only ones, at this time, offering the 245/55/R19's, are Bridgestone and Toyo. but Michelin said it maybe offered by them next year as more vehicles are installing that size tire. I was complaining that I wanted the Michelin x-Ice winter tires and had to order the Blizzak's instead. Their loss as it will be awhile before I need new snows.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hello everyone,
    for those of you interested in the Toyo HT's, I had the tires installed yesterday on my 08 Highlander Limited. I like the ride, actually they are a little more smooth and quiet than the A20's.
    I only got 11,000. miles out of the A20's, so I'm not happy about that !
    These tires were purchased and installed for 815.00.
    Blue Ridge Tire in Salem, VA. They had 3 sets as of yesterday !

    Good luck to all still needing tires.

  • Just bought the Toyo H/T's. Very nice cost $1074 out the door for all 4 tires. Bought them at Les Schawb in Sacramento, CA. They were able to order these tires and gave me a bit of a discount due to the headache I ve been going through in getting new tires for this car. Only got 27,000 miles out of the Toyo A20's, not to bad since the tire is rated at 300, but not happy that Toyota put such crappy tires on a $$$ car. Love my HL though and the new tires. Les Schawb gives a milage warrenty and rotates them evey 5000 miles for free. If the tires ware out sooner then they will credit me back the difference. Not happy to have to buy more Toyo's but at least Les Schwab gave me a milage warrenty for up to 60,000 miles. That is better service then I got from Toyota and Toyo, at least there are still some good guys out there!
  • kharriskharris Posts: 41
    This is a little off topic but might be useful for those looking for replacement tires. Yesterday one of my relatives left his vehicle with me for the week. It's a 2008 Mercedes ML 350. It is very close to my 2009 Highlander sport in its dimensions, including the wheels and tires. That's right, another vehicle that comes with 19 inch wheels! I took a look at the tires(which are the originals) and here is the information:
    Continental 4x4 Contact M&S 255/50 R19 360 AA 107H. The wear rating is a little lower than the Bridgestones that I have, but the temperature, traction and speed ratings are all better. I have no idea about the cost or availability of these tires but I will ask my relative when he returns about his winter driving experience. I don't know how my Bridgestones will be in the winter since I got my Highlander in April, but I guess I'll find out in a month or so.
  • In response to Christy, a couple of points: A surprise to me was that while there are quite a few different tire options available from various companies (Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, etc.) for 19 inch tires that are CLOSE TO, BUT NOT EXACT SIZE to the 245-55-R19's used on current Highlanders----it's still not exact. If you look back on the recent exchanges on this site there is a TON of discussion about people who felt that maybe they could move up a size (which would be into the 255 size you're generally referring to here) but then there is uncertainty regarding what Toyota's warranty clamp down might be if there was some transmission/other drive train problems.

    I've gotten quite a few responses directed to me about people feeling that FOR NOW---and UNTIL MICHELIN OR OTHERS GET ONTO THE 245-55-R19 bandwagon---that the best available solution is the TOYO H/T in this correct size.

    Various folks mentioned "good luck" in ever finding the Toyo H/T in this size----but then several others have responded suggesting they just bought a set in the last week or two. So, the Toyo H/T's seem to be available somewhere---even though I admit to not finding them on the little bit of looking via major online tire suppliers.

    My thoughts---so I'm now starting to look for Toyo H/T's. (Actually my brother is---as we both have 2008 Highlanders but his has about 25K miles on his worn out A20's and mine was bought as a 2008 carryover so only has a few thousand miles on my A20's---but except the same universally reported poor wear on the Toyo A20's).

    Steve in Minnesota
  • gabelgabel Posts: 3
    After weeks of research. I finally settled for Hankook Ventus AS RH07. Those tires are best fit my '08 HH. The tires are quiet, economical & rated fairly good among other tires. Take my advice, keep your money in your pocket. Look no further! :shades:
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I'm probably about 10,000 mi away from needing to replace my tires on my '08 HL LTD 4x4, and the Hankook Ventus AS RH07s are on my short list, even in the larger 255/55R19 size. I don't know if you're in an area where you can evaluate them in the snow, but I would be curious as to your opinion if you can. It's key for me since I'm in the Chicago area.
  • pj_eanpj_ean Posts: 1
    Like many of you Toyota Highlander owners I have searched and searched for a suitable replacement tire for the stock 245/55R19 Bridgestones. These were terrible tires from day one, especially in snow of any depth. I have 30K miles on them and will not go another winter slipping and sliding through the snow. My dad always told me the cheapest insurance you can buy for your car is a good set of tires and unfortunately there are currently none available in this tire size.

    I decided to bite the bullet and take the 19" wheels off my Highlander. Toyota puts 245/65R17's on the base model Highlander and every tire company makes good tires in this size. I ordered OEM original factory 17"x7.5" Toyota rims on-line for about $150 each. I put Goodyear Fortera Triple-tread's on and the difference was noticeable immediately. No more sliding and jumping around on the road. I even got to test them in about 3" of snow. Man, what a difference!

    Toyota should offer this size tire as an option on the Sport and Limited models.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Just received a follow up to my note from Michelin on the 245/55/R19's... :(

    "....Based on the information we have received, there are currently no plans to manufacturer this size at this time due to supply and demand. We are truly sorry we could not meet your request at this time.

    This has been brought to the attention of marketing department. We really wish we could have accommodated especially since you have been a long time Michelin consumer." :mad:
  • Greetings:

    Sorry you have heard same news from Michelin. Same news I was given by CSR at Michelin about one month ago when I discussed issue with them regarding Highlander LTD tires.

    I wish I had been as lucky as past posting's regarding the TOYO tires (the H/T model) versus the A20. Appears some owners on East Coast and one on West Coast found the H/T TOYO tires at various tire shops in their respective areas. Not me in Michigan. Had to settle for the A20 version again now that WINTER is fast approaching and OEM tires were in BAD shape. Did not wish to change rims, go down a size, etc. as other readers indicated. Too much hassle, too many "potential" warranty issues, and who knows "what-else" besides an extra outlay of CASH. Good luck in your search.
    Michigan Mike
  • Well, I am one of the lucky ones who got the H/T month or so ago ...

    Few days ago in the middle of 700+ mile trip, I got a flat. Local (middle of MN)
    shop told me the hole is too large to fix and I had to put a spare on - which is A20.

    I am driving back in few days with H/T on one side rear and A20 on the other, without a spare. Hope all goes well. If somone knows where to get one H/T tire in 245/55, please let me know. Otherwise, I will be stuck with A20 on the rear and H/T on the front....
  • cat46cat46 Posts: 4
    I got my toyo open country ht's at They were by far the cheapest. I had to change out my Bridgestone duelers at 24,000 miles. The ht's are supposed to do 60,000. Just a slight change in handling and road noise was noticed, but at least I'm not hydroplaning. I have a highlander hybrid and am beginning to wonder if it really is the tires after all. My previous highlander was fantastic in all conditions. It was real time 4wheel drive. The hybrid is on other forums being mentioned as front wheel drive and only engages when in slip mode. I had it in the snow for 5 mins and had to turn around. I was terrified.My other highlander was a tank. So is it just the tires? I will never buy another one if they don't do something for winter traction and the damned 19" tire size. I have a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks ordered because they are the only snows available. More money. This is ridiculous.
  • cat46cat46 Posts: 4
    Try Got mine in Sep. They may still have them.
  • I was ready to buy a highlander limited, but have been reading these posts about tire size and difficulty driving in the snow. I wonder how many highlander owners think that this issue is more trouble then the vehicle is worth. Would you buy a highlander again if you knew about the tire hassles?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Yes, Yes, Yes..... :) Love the HIghlander and sooner or later there will be more tire choices available.
  • Just had new tires installed, got the toyo H/T's for $912.00 OTD w/alignment. The only place here in Connecticut that had them was Town Fair Tire. I ordered them thru their web site, and they beat Tread Depots price for 154.00 ea. When I went to have them installed, the service guy told me that he had gotten three calls from his other branches wanting the four tires he had so it was a good thing I got them when I did. Anyway, the toyo a20's I replaced only had 14,700 miles and were shot. I haven't driven the vehicle that much since due to it being the wifes vehicle, but when I have, it sounds and drives pretty much the same as before. I'm curious to see how it handles in the snow now. The tread looks a lot more aggressive than the a20's so I'm expecting much improved traction. I'll keep you posted.
  • Gary: Sorry, my math must not be working today---but you said your $912 w/alingment beat Tread Depots price of $154 (times 4). How do you have this figured?....are you saying that $154 x's 4 (or $616) turned out more than $912 by the time you figure shipping, install, balance, alingment, etc.?

    I'm ready to order four HT's---just curious as to what the true net price will be from the various providers?

  • Steve, this was how it broke down. Tread Depot had the tires priced at $157.00 ea. The cost of shipping was roughly $20.00 ea., Town Fair Tire sold them to me for $154.00 plus $20.00 shipping for a total of $174 ea.. They then charged me 28.99 ea. for mounting, balancing, valve stems, ect.. The 4 wheel alignment was $49.99, plus 6% tax for a total of roughly $912.00.
  • c183c183 Posts: 1
    After doing research on a replacement for the Toyo Open Country A20 P245/55R19
    that came with the car on purchase which only had 25,000 and were in bad shape one tire legally bald.
    I called Toyo direct in California telephone number 1-800-442-8696 explaining how disappointed with their tires. They started up a file for me and directed me to a distributor in my area and told me to have them check out my tires and then call them. I did that today and was given a 40% discount per tire from them on an upgraded tire the Toyo Open Country HT P245/55R19 which has a rating of 60,000 miles.
    This brought the total bill to $675.00.
    I had previously got a quote for the same tire from the dealer. the price from them
    I would encourage anyone having this problem to call Toyo Directly at the number above Good Luck!
    I should add this price included alignment and representative said free rotation for the life of the tire.
    Tires are on order and should be in next week or so.
    Name of company I dealt with Direct Tire in Massachusetts.
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