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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • I have the 255/55 on mine, and after 10K miles they are doing fine. Got them from Discount Tire and Hankook has a good warranty. The ride is pretty smooth, and virtually no road noise. I like the slightly wider footprint over the 245's. So far, so good. However, I only have to deal with rain in SE Texas, so I can't comment on their performance in snow.
  • I also have the Hankooks 255/55. I got them in late March and have put over 10,000 mi on them. So far so good. I'll comment again after the snow flies.
  • Looking into replacing with this tire on my 08 Highlander Ltd. Are you happy with this tire?
  • So far I am very happy with the Hankooks. I haven't driven in snow with them yet, but have been in some good rain and they perform very well.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Guess Michelin decided not to off this size tire or I would have gotten them last month instrad of fighting with Toyo. I got the Toyo HT's and so far have been impressed with them Vs the A20's. The HT is a much better constructed tire and if all I read is true will wear better then the A20's by a great deal. Toyo seemed to indicate that was Toyota's choice of tire for the Highlander and not theirs.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,009
    Its a unique tire application, so the low volume will suppress tire product offerings. Toyota seems to have displayed disregard for their customers' ownership experience and costs in this design.
  • I have followed this subject, as my '08 HH Toyo A20's are worn down to 1/32 with 24,000 miles on them. Called Toyo and went to one tire place where the guy said I had no shot at any compensation.
    After reading about your experience, I will go to another location today and press further.

    What about MPG? Any change for those of you who have gone with Toyo HT?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I have the HT's and no difference in gas mileage noticed. However, I will say the HT's are 3 time the tire the A20's were they seem great and better wet traction noticed right from the start. In my opinion the HT's should have been on the vehicle in the first place.
  • I'm in the same boat; I own 2 2008 highlanders with 245/55/19 tires, worst tires I ever owned one with Toyo, the other Brigstone duelers - 28,000 miles and they are shot.

    Have you or anyone else reading this post found someone with accurate knowledge of tire size substitutes? Toyota - folks say 255/55/19 AND 235/60/19 can be used - they are using them without problems. Toyota doesn't know squat. I've owned 6 toyota's, these 2 will most likely be my last. Toyota had to know about this problem and why would they use 19's and 17's on highlanders. What toyota think tank came up with this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I got mine at Discount Tire and they seemed pretty knowledgeable. Of course I'm outside of warranty, so I wasn't concerned with voiding the Toyota warranty.
  • Thank You.
    I am probably going with the Toyo Versado CUV. Toyo has offered 35% off a new set of tires, based on 24,000 miles and 4/32 left on my A20s.
    I appreciate all the info that has been posted on this topic.
    Debbie and Candace at Toyo have been very helpful. 1-800-442-8696.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I looked at them also, but because of the weight of the HH I felt the HT's were better suited then the Versado's. When I discussed with the Toyo tire dealer he also felt the HT's were the better choice for the same reason.
  • topdawgtopdawg Posts: 10
    Contact Toyo directly. Forget what the local tire dealer tells you. You should get a discount on the purchase of new Toyos. It is handy if a local store sells them on a regular basis, but Toyo can probably work through someone who doesn't. Nearly all stores buy from a local or regional distributor who Toyo can ship to. The HT's I got have about 7,000 miles on them so far and I have no complaints. They get little flat sitting for a few days and it takes 4 - 5 miles to warm them up. If you can't locate the original contact info for Toyo posted here, just search the internet.
  • Yes, correct on the A20. My experience:
    * A20 - OEM tires were shot at 28,000 miles.
    * Could not find the HT at the time I needed them, so I was stuck with the 19'' A 20
    as replacement tires.
    * Drove them about 5,000 miles and vehicle (08 Highlander LTD) seemed like it was
    all over the road and would not hold the road in wet conditions.
    * Called TOYO direct and they sent new HT tires at their expense to Belle Tire in
    * Took about one week to ship from California.
    * Belle tire mounted- balanced and now I have HT TOYO on vehicle since last
    March. About 10,000 miles so far, rotated once, and so far I am pleased with
    handling in dry/wet conditions.
    * Winter about to hit in Michigan and will see how these tires handle the Michigan
    Costly tires (~$1,100) but nobody had the 19" tires that seemed to work on this vehicle and still be within the warranty of Toyota. Wheel size and diameter. I'm sure the next time, I will have "other" choices in quality tires besides TOYO. Time will tell.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Highlander owners now have some additional options:

    Hankook is now making the Ventus AS RH07 in the 245/55r19 size. Discount Tire can get them via special order @ $181 each. Hankook also has a $40 rebate (total, not per tire) right now if you buy four. This is a 65,000 mile tire with a load rating of 103 (1929 lbs) and is H-speed rated (130 mph.)

    Goodyear is also making their Assurance CS Fuel Max in a 245/55r19 size. This also has a load rating of 103 and is T-speed rated (118 mph.) The warranty is also 65,000.

    I'm leaning toward the Hankook's as I prepare for another Chicago winter.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,009
    Unfortunately Toyota chose a tire company and brand that is not easily found in many parts of the country. I think many of these Asian tires are much more easily located in the west than elsewhere, so I'm not sure why Toyota chose to put them on vehicles sold all over the US?
  • Thanks for the tip on other tire brands now being offered. I'll print this reply and keep it within my trusty, but dusty CAR file folder for future reference. Let us know how you like the Hankook tires in Chicago Winter. I live in Michigan and awaiting some SNOW no doubt.. sooner than later. Tried out the TOYO tires (HT model) in a couple of "small" snowstorms late last winter and was happy with the traction and handling. Summer hot season driving is ok too. So far, I have been happy with the noise effect, the handling, and the ride out of the TOYO tires, but I have been a true Goodyear and Michelin buyer in the past. Safe driving !
  • Yes, I agree with your statement. One never knows what is true story behind Toyota tire selection. During my frustrating search for replacement tires I thought of this... TOYO (tires) are almost the full spelling of TOYOTA.... Go figure.
    Tirerack on internet can get the TOYO tires - Got mine via Belle Tire in Michigan. Some independent tire dealers around the area can also get them from Toyo Company. Maybe not as fast, but they can be had. Poster above noted Hankook and Goodyear also have the 19 inch tires available now. They did NOT last January when I was seeking my replacement tires. Might be worth a shot and get a nice rebate on top of it all.... SAFE driving !
  • Falken makes a 245/55R19. ZE-912. sells for $158. At least it is another option. I'm waiting for my Toyota dealer to get me Hankook Ventus AS RH07' from tire rack. They are back ordered. I hope they make it in before the snow falls.
  • Just wanted to say thanks to all the info on this and share my experience. Toyo replaced my worn out A20's with the open country HT's, and they picked up half the tab. I called their 800-442-8696 and spoke w Candace at Toyo. she stated there was no warranty but would offer "goodwill" She sent me to an authorized Toyo place, tires have to be down to 3/32 and they will prorate them based on a 40k mile life. Mine had 19800, so they gave me 50% off retail for the new ones. I was out the door for $519. Not great for the situation, but $500 less than I thought originally. I feel like Toyo is to be commended for the effort, and Toyota should be strung up for creating the mess
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