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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • iluxmdxiluxmdx Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Caprracer posted "On the other hand, Toyo doesn't offer a treadwear warranty on tires supplied as Original Equipment. No tire manufacturer does. Since Toyo supplied tires to Toyota's spec, Toyo would not feel any responsibility if there was a wear problem"

    capriracer - My OEM Michelin MXV4 Energy tires on my Lexus RX 330 wore down to 3/32 after 17,500 miles & discount tires got Michelin to credit me $34.50/tire. This was after 6 years!! (It's my wife's car & she doesn't drive much). So it appears that Michelin stands behind their tires, even though I didn't buy Michelins to replace them; I replaced them with Bridgestone Dueler Alenzas. I was shocked they would do anything since the tires were that old.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 793

    There is a difference between a "warranty" and a "policy concession" - and what you got was a one time only policy concession.

    Second, while there may have been a policy concession from Michelin, it was Discount Tire who got it, not you. They may have passed it on, but DT got it because they buy a HUGE!!! amount of tires from Michelin. The fact that DTC allowed you to go into another brand is a flag that YOU didn't get the policy concession - DTC did!

    And third, Discount Tire is in the habit of making these kinds of policy concessions when they need to. They feel it helps bring people back to their stores. When a tire manufacturer does business with DTC, they need to prepared for this - and most do. I'll bet DTC would do a policy concession on off brand tires - that they sell, of course.

    But my point still stands: Toyota provided the specs, but doesn't provide warranty coverage! Toyo was stuck with the problem and it is understandable they might not feel the need to do a policy concession. Michelin feels the same way, but they have such a huge presence at DTC that they are in a position to offer a few policy concessions to smooth the busniess relationship!

    (an FYI: Most tire manufacturers do these, but the circumstances have to be right!)
  • Toyo OEM tires on my 2009 Highlander Hybrid Limited are shot at 30,000 miles.

    What was the warranty on these tires and what chance do I have to get a credit from Toyota and/or Toyo?

    If I get a credit from Toyo is it only going to be applied against new Toyo tires?

    For anyone who has successfully recieved a warranty credit for early tire wear, was it worth the trouble?

    Considering either the Hankooks or the Goodyear FuelMax as replacements but the bad reviews of the FuleMax on TireRack are steering me towards the Hankooks - any FuelMax owners who think the TireRack reviews are nonsense and these tires are worth the extra money?

    I've purchased tires through and been happy with the experience. I see that the Hakooks are a bit less expensive on - anyone have experience purchasing tires throught them? Any recommendationd for other online dealers worth checking out?

    thanks in advance
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 793
    "What was the warranty on these tires...."

    OE tires do not carry a mileage warranty.

    "... and what chance do I have to get a credit from Toyota and/or Toyo? "

    Probably pretty small. You got 30K and that's considered reasonable for OE tires.

    "If I get a credit from Toyo is it only going to be applied against new Toyo tires? "

  • tlb44tlb44 Posts: 1
    My Toyo A20s got about 36,000 on my 2008 Highlander. I replaced with the Goodyear Fuel Max. My first trip on the highway let me know I did not want these tires. They were loud and had a very choppy ride. Tested them on a 1200 mile roadtrip. Unfortunate, because I really did get better gas mileage by 1-2 mpg. Came home and had them replaced with the Toyo Versado. Night and day difference. The Versados are so quiet and have such a smooth ride. It is a 50,000 mile tire so we'll see.
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    QUOTE: "My Toyo A20s got about 36,000 on my 2008 Highlander."

    You win the "highest mileage on a set of A20s award!"

    I have never heard of anyone getting more than about 20K on that tire.

    Good to hear that your experience with the Versado has been favorable. I really like the Toyo H/Ts, so clearly Toyo makes some very good tires -- just not the awful A20s.
  • My original Toyo tires P245/55R19 103S which came on my 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Ltd (bought new in July 2009) wore very quickly. :cry: We replaced them with another Toyo set early last winter in 2010... and Toyota is already monitoring the tread depths. I did an internet search yesterday to see what was out there for a winter tire to at least use in the winter - since I got stuck in my own driveway with only 4inches of wet snow on blacktop and was severely unhappy with this supposedly 4WD capable AWD on demand vehicle.

    I found a tread I really liked on the Goodyear Ultra Grip ICE - BUT only available in a P255/60R19... I read that they are suggesting a P255/55R19 on the Hybrid Ltd's BUT will a P255/60 work? :confuse: I heard that an all-season in this size came very close to the rear struts. (These are rated as superb winter traction - especially on ice. ;) They also boast ice over winter silica tread compound which enhances traction on Ice and Snow.

    Also available is a Goodyear Ultra Grip ICE WRT (Commuter Touring) for $243 each in OEM size of P245/55R19 BUT tread is very different. Also boasts the winter grip compound and has two and three dimensional blade technology in tread pattern which channels water and slush away (similar to the Fortera tires). I'd have to see these in person to make a final decision.

    The third I found with an aggressive tread was the Sears Bridgestone BLIZZAK DM-V1 P245/55R19 103R for $197.96 each. They boast UNI-T technology to handle ice and snow conditions like a pro...

    Curious if anyone else has used these and personal comments on the wear and quality???
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I had the Blizzak's an they worked well. I bought a Lexus CT200h so I have a full set for the Highlander Hybrid, mounted on Toyota wheels for sale right now. ;) I liked the Blizzaks so well I just purchased a set for the CT.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    255/60-19 would be huge difference from 245/55-19.. Even if they fit, they wouldn't fit, you know?

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I changed my tires at the end of June and it's being 2 months with those tire. I do not happy with those because of noise. Even I turn my car in parking lot with 5 to 10 mph, it makes lots of noise as I do the drifting. I'm waiting for the snow and hope they are better than Toyo A20(OEM) and Bridge Stone Dueler.
  • I've been reading through some of these tire posts after noticing my Wifes 08 Highlander with Toyo A20s are showing a lot of wear with 25,000 miles on them.
    I was reading that alot of you likes the Hankook Versus but wondered if anyone tried the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1? Looks like the Hankooks would still be hard to get this year.
    The Blizzaks have a good traction rating in deep snow but I wonder if the tread would be too rough or noisy around town on dry pavement.
    Any suggestions on other tires? I am looking for a good all season or light truck.
  • You may need a cam kit. I needed 2 new tires on my 2005 when it was new and only had 4,000 miles on it. After the third set of tires I found out the dealer who told me they checked the alignment really didn't check it. Since getting the cam kit the tires have been wearing well. I now have yokohama tires. Very disappointed that they place inexpensive tires on a new vehicle which costs $30,000
  • Hi All, I have had the Hankook Ventas tires on my 09 Highlander for 2 years now and 25,000 miles later. I rotate and balance my tires every 5k miles. Just had them rotated and balanced and sad to report the tread life is now at 5/32, marginal for one more winter. These are pro-rated for 65,000 miles but I won't see that out of them, maybe 40-45,000. Handling in snow and rain has been good to this point. I guess I will have to see what kind of allowance Hankook will be offering when I go to replace the tires.
  • I'm going into my 2nd winter on these tires. They are rotated regularly, but I need to have them checked. This morning I slid a LOT. Could be that there was a lot of ice on the roads. Up until today I haven't had a problem. I drive about 22,000/year, so these have about 35000 on them. Keep us up to date on the warranty info.
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    Now at 24 months and about 27,000 miles on my Toyo H/T tires.

    Original tread depth 12/32nds. Now at 10/32nds.

    Great snow traction!

    They are a little noisy, and ride a little stiff when weather is really cold, but otherwise very good. MUCH better than the factory A20's.
  • pole5pole5 Posts: 1
    I had the Toyo tires replaced on my 2008 Highlander at 29000 miles. Very disappointed with the quality of these original tires on the vehicle. In my opinion, Toyota is paying the price (will and should continue to) for all their sins of cutting the corner with quality. The premium customers pay to buy a toyota is not worth anymore. This happened, if you see, to other arrogant Japanese manufacturers like Sony etc, I am not buying another Toyota again!!
  • We replaced the OEM Goodyear Integrity tires @ 22K miles due to poor wear with GY Fortera's which lastest a small bit longer...28K miles before they too needed replacement. In November we replaced those with one of the VERY FEW (at that time) Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) tires, the GY Assurance.

    These now have slightly over 35K miles (2 years, 2 months) so they've lasted a bit longer than the others but these are "suppose" to be 65K tires so the fact that they likely have less than 5K miles left on them makes me wonder if Goodyear tires are simply JUNK? The GY dealer here has been great giving us credit for un-available miles on the prior tires so I have nothing against him or his shop. It is the Goodyear products that simply seems to be nothing but JUNK (at least in our experience).

    Before anyone ask, this shop does all the oil changes and tire rotations as prescribed and there is no unusual wear. Due to the on-going tire wear issues, we have had Toyota themselves run all the alignments at regular effort. None have been out of spec. We've had the dealer check with regards to any recalls but they have not shared anything. This is a 4WD version of the Limited HiHy.

    Now that there are about a "gazillion" other LRR options, we will likely go with something other than Goodyears due to all these issues. I think that the GY dealer even said that he can give credit towards a different brand but my wife is about ready to simply drop the "get credit" fiasco and just go buy a different brand.

    My concern is "are ALL Highlander Hybrid owners experiencing these same issues with premature tire wear?"
  • No - We are not. We bought ours in Nov 2009 and after 35K miles they are nearly work out. Now, these were the ones prior to the CS version so there may be some change there but the original Assurance tires aren't living up to anywhere NEAR their 65K mile requirement. They are also quite "soft" so handling has never been very good with these. Will NEVER buy them again.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 793
    Most tire wear occurs in the cornering mode. So the thing that has the most impact on tire wear is what I call "Turns per Mile" - that is how many turns you make compared to how many miles you drive straight ahead.

    Doing the math, the GY Integrity has a treadwear rating of 460 and you got 22K out of them.. The GY Fortera has a rating of 600 and based on the ratio between the ratings, you should have gotten a bit less than 30K - so 35K is pretty close.

    I don't have a lot of data on this, but I think 1.0 turns per mile is about average. Compare yours and see if the math doesn't get you a better number.

    Also, vehicle alignment specs are too wide to assure good tire wear. Take the toe for example: The typical range is in the 0.20° range. This should be 0.06°. That's 3 times the difference.

    So you need to look at what the vehicle actually has and not accept "In Spec" as an answer.
  • Thanks for the reply but you appear to have mis-read my post. The Fortera's got 28K miles before having to be replaced, not 35K. The

    Assurance tires that we have on this SUV "NOW"/today have gotten 35K (so far and probably have another 5K left). The Fortera tread rating is 600 and according to the manufacturer SHOULD have been good for 60K miles. Are you trying to state that the Manufacture did not calculate in "turns per mile" (TPM) into their equations when they established them? If TPM are important, what is the "average" TPM that was used to calculate the MFGs recommendations? I guess it would be possible that we had exceeded the MFG's projections but about 60% of my wife's driving is interstate (so few turns)

    If the Fortera is rated as a 60K tire and the Assurance is a 65K tire, then the wear for each of these "should" have been pretty darn close, right? The extra 5K rating on the Assurance is only 3.333% so using your math on these, the Fortera "wore out" @ 28K miles so the Assurance should have worn out @ 28,932 miles. However, they are ALREADY @ 35K miles and likely have at least another 5K before they are worn out so they look like they are going to last 40K miles which doesn't work well with the analysis you presented but thanks for the attempt.
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