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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • ichlichl Posts: 3
    Any suggestions on Highlander limited 245/55-19 tires purchase? Need to replace them soon.
    Thanks in advance!
  • mama2allymama2ally Posts: 23
    edited May 2012
    I just purchased my 2nd set (86,000). This time I went with a Yokohama. I've only had them a week, but they are super quiet and highly rated. I'll post more after winter driving this year. +(H%26V)&partnum=455HR9ENV&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    I bought a set of Toyo H/T tires in this size about 3 years ago and have been very happy with treadwear and winter traction.

    Much better on both counts from the factory Toyo A20s.

    Stick with tires that are the same size as the factory tires (245/55-19).
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I got the Toyo H/T's and loved them. Good wear & good traction.
  • waldemarowaldemaro Posts: 1
    I just bought those tires, I've never heard of them before, what do you think about them, any comments?
  • Hi,

    My tire options for my 2008 Highlander Limited are: 245/55/19

    Firestone Destination LE2 $174.00 or
    Bridgestone, or Yokohama for $254.00 or
    Goodyear Assurance for $205.00

    Any opinions or suggestions ?
    Thanks !!!
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    My tire options for my 2008 Highlander Limited are: 245/55/19

    Firestone Destination LE2 $174.00 or
    Bridgestone, or Yokohama for $254.00 or
    Goodyear Assurance for $205.00

    Did you read posts 248 and 249 (and others), re: Toyo H/T tires?

    These have great snow traction and treadwear - nothing like the stock Toyo ATs.
  • Thanks !
    Toyo H/T tires seem good, but I am having trouble finding them in Louisiana.
    Don't really need them for snow and ice here...
    May have found one dealer...still trying...Thanks again !
  • mama2allymama2ally Posts: 23
    I currently have Yokohamas on my 2008 Highlander LTD. They handle very well in rain. Haven't had them through a winter yet, but they are very quiet and the best riding tires I've had on there: this is my 3rd set-grr. THe Bridgestones were the ones that came on my highlander and were almost bald in less than 30,000 MI. I went with an off-sized Hankook after that (couldn't get a tire in my size at that time) and they lasted longer(45,000), but when they started to wear out they went FAST!
    I got my Yokohamas at Discount Tire for right around $200, so you may want to shop around for those.
  • 2old2worry2old2worry Posts: 10
    I purchased the Firestone LE2 ($147 from and I am very satisfied so far (5000 miles). I replaced the Bridgestones at 25K and the Hankooks at 28K. Hankooks wore uneven, alignment problem. The LE2'S are quieter, smoother and I get better gas mileage.
  • I've had those TOYO H/T tires on my 2008 Limited for about 30K so far. As other posting noted, much better tire than the A20 stock tires that came on vehicle when new. Those were JUNK tires. At the time, these H/T tires were about the only option available in 19" and size for my vehicle so I went with them from Belle Tire in mid-Michigan. Rotate them every other oil change and Belle Tire rotates for free if you buy them at their store. I too, will be needing to replace them as Winter comes near and have Goodyear Assurance tires on past vehicle (a Pontiac Bonneville). They were good tires and rode well, quiet rolling tires, and good traction in the winter. Goodyear often-times has sales in the Fall of the year, so I will be checking into those in correct size for my Limited. Heard good things about the Hankook tires too, but forget which "type" or name of Hankook since they make several styles. Happy shopping.
  • The original equipment Toyo tires on my 2011 Highlander Limited are crappy. All they seem to do is eat nails. I need a good replacement that doesn't eat the nails so easily.
  • sorry to hear you are getting nailed with your Toyo tires. You have been nailed more than once I assure you; once for sure when you got the nice Highlander with Toyo Tires on it, and again when you run over so many nails. I too had the Toyo Open Country as OEM tires. When those were "shot" at 24,000 miles the only OEM option in correct size for Limited 19 inch wheels were another set of Toyo tires. This time I got the Open County H/T tires. To date, I have about 30,000 miles on them and shopping for new tires too. This model has been just o.k. Not stellar, but just ok.
    I see from other postings Goodyear has an Assurance model in 19 inch. I may go with these in the Fall before Michigan winter strikes and also watching for good rebate deals from manufacturer and/or tire stores. I had these tires on my wife's Pontiac Bonneville and was very happy with them for quiet ride - good fuel economy - good tread life - and good handling on wet and snowy roads.
    Other brands I have read about are Hankook.

    Watch the sales and read within this thread other opinions. I for sure, would NOT go back with Toyo Tires.
    Stay away from those construction sites where they are putting up new roofs... and happy shopping. You will soon part with approximately $1,000 for 19 inch tires.
  • Thanks, about the only thing positive I can say about Toyo is that they haven't gone flat. One tire has 3 nails in it, and I know the other tires each have at least one nail in it. I have had this vehicle for 17 months, only a little over 12000 miles. But it is so disconcerting to see all those nails in the tire and what inconvenient point will it go flat. The one guy at Firestone looked at it and said they could not be fixed the way the nails were in the tread, and it would be better to leave the nails in than try to remove them. He did say he could order Toyo if I wanted them for replacements....Really don't want to go that route....

    On another topic, do you or anyone here know if the 2011 Highlander Limited's TPMS is a tricky thing for non-dealers to work with if they put on the tires instead of Toyota. The owners manual makes me think it could be an issue in itself the thing about the computer recongnizing the TP valves by number. Maybe they could use the same valves in the new replacement tires?????
  • I'm having 4 Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred installed Monday morning on my 2010 Limited. A local Goodyear store is doing the entire job, including an alignment check, for very little more than just the tires and shipping from a big internet tire dealer. I thought the difference would more than the price of a couple of car washes.

    I talked with the sales guy two different days and he knows more about Toyota TPMS than I do. Of course, this is a suburban store in a high rent location, so they probably see a steady stream of newer Toyotas. The written estimate listed 4 new valve stems for a total of $20 or so, and I asked about this charge vs. the much higher cost of new Toyota TPMS valves. This is their way of charging for dealing with the TPMS hassle.

    Fwiw, I started out looking at the Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max model, but the TripleTred was rated a little higher and only cost a few dollars more.

    We will see.

    beachfish, aka john
  • Thanks for the post on your Goodyear tires. I have 2008 Highlander Limited and also bought the same tires. I have some tread left on the Toyo tires currently on vehicle and have new ones in my garage until we get some winter type weather in Michigan. I've had good luck with the Assurance type of tires on past vehicle and they performed real well in snow/ice/wet roads and provided a comfortable, noise-free ride. Got mine at local Discount Tire Store and they honored advertised price of 231.00 per tire. Got a rebate from Discount tire coming to me as well in form of Visa prepaid card for $100.00. Interesting comment about the valve stems. Discount tire wishes to install a TPMS rebuild kit for $22.00 for 4 wheels. I may have them install good valve stems like you suggest. Let me know how you like tires and thanks again for the post on these tires. Wish US luck.

    Finally, a 19 inch tire that will hopefully provide trouble-free driving instead of those darn TOYO tires. Never again, but back then... "nobody" had a decent 19 inch tire being offered in correct size for Highlander Ltd.
  • I am new to this site and looking for the best tire for my 2008 Limited Highlander. We had Toyo's at 1st, and they had no thred at 29,000 miles. We replaced them with Hankook's, and now need to replace them with only 20,000 miles on them. :mad: They wore abnormal. The inner 2 inches of each tire is bald. Toyota told me the alignment was good, and we had regular rotations and proper tire pressure. :confuse: We are looking at our options for different tires. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    Would recommend you go back through about the last 2-3 pages of this thread and you'll get some opinions about tire choices for your 2008 Limited.

    I personally have had good luck with Toyo H/T tires.
  • Greetings: Prior posting responses/comments are correct. Some have had good luck with Hankook but depends upon the model/style, I guess. Me, I have 2008 Limited and just purchased Goodyear Assurance CS version. Found the tires on and my local tire shop (Discount Tire) honored the cheaper price per tire. Presently, I have TOYO Open Country H/T version with approx. 33k on them and they are ready to be changed out in preparation for Michigan Winter. Original TOYO tires (Open Country) were horrible on snow and ice and worn out at 24K. At the time, TOYO was only game in town having 19 inch tires, so I was kinda forced to buy another set but that time, I got the H/T version and they have been just so-so tires.
    I have had good luck with Goodyear Assurance tires on other vehicles on wet roads, snow roads and it appears they have favorable reviews. One past poster indicated he too was putting them on his Highlander. Stay away from Bridgestone Duelers -- too noisy, etc.
    Another good way to "review" tires, is go to local library and read the condensed version of Consumers Report Magazine, the 5x7 review book and make some informed decisions that way too. My Goodyear tires will be mounted on vehicle in early November and will let you know how they handle in the snow and rain. Might be too late for you though. Appears you need tires NOW versus later... Happy Shopping. Tire websites often have reviews of owners of various tires too. I've heard good stories about Michelin tires too, but not Hankook or Bridgestone or TOYO.
  • As planned, I had 4 Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTreds installed on my '10 Limited this morning. I haven't driven it far, but so far I am very impressed with the handling, ride, noise, etc. I just retired the first of the month, so it takes a lot to make me any happier than I've been recently.

    Leaving the suburban Goodyear store's location just off the Interstate required me to pull out into a right-turn lane on a major road, merge after the turn and then accelerate uphill while moving across 3 lanes to get over into the left-turn lane at the top of the hill and then make a u-turn at the light to go back down the hill to take the left at the light to get back to the looping righthand onto I-64 back to the interchange at I-95 where I get off. The paving blocks on Monument Avenue present a different sort of test when it comes to ride and handling, but the tires are very good.

    The original tires had some tread left after 27k miles, but only in the center. The edges were rounded off somehow. ;)

    So far so good on the new ones all the way around. And the black coffee was good and so was the magazine selection.

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