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Sport Trac Sound Systems



  • 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac -

    I'm putting in a new JVC stereo. no problem.

    to identify the wiring in the Ford's harness, i've found many 'diagrams' that all define the same wires:

    Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Light Green
    Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Black
    Car Radio Ground Wire: Black
    Car Radio Illumination Wire: Light Blue/Red
    and so on...

    i've paired off all my speaker wires, which DO match said diagrams, and i'm left with NO yellow wire, 2 RED w/ black stripe wires, 2 GREEN (same shade) w/ black stripe and a WHITE w purple stripe.

    could some kind soul please, please explain :

    a) why several diagrams online are calling for Lt Green and Yellow/Black and Lt Blue/Red while i have NONE of those wires in my harness...?


    b) how to make my stereo work? :o)

    aside from my speaker wires, my stereo harness has BLACK, RED and YELLOW. Even the speaker wires match. who'da thunk it...?

    i really do appreciate anyone's help.
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