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Geo Metro Transmission Questions

I just purchased a 97 Geo Metro in August from a car dealer for $3500..I've owned the car 3 months, and went to get tabs for it and then licensing told me I had to go thru emissions..It failed..Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 was the code..Had appt at Pep Boys and went in..The were taking info from me as the Mechanic walked by and saw my slip and told me he would NOT work on my car cuz the problem was the catalytic converter was bad and that they didnt do that there. He recommended me go to Walts..Instead my dad recommended I go to Midas..Midas checked the catalytic converter and said it was fine and nothing wrong with it..I went back to Pep Boys and talked to another mechanic and he told me the same thing that it was the catalytic converter and I told him that I took it to Midas and they told me catalytic was good no problem..he told me to take it to Walts..I went to leave the parking lot and my car wouldnt go in reverse..Took few minutes of messing with gear..Finally backed up..Going home the driving gears didnt want to shift (automatic) so I made it home in low gear..My dad came over and checked transmission fluid and it was empty..He added fluid and now the car wouldnt go in reverse this morning but did once this evening long enough to back into the driveway..Car doesnt want to change driving gears, but does eventually..Is transmission going out or my dad thinks it could be clogged up and needs the transmission flushed out and new fluid added? Come someone help?


  • Hi,
    What is the easiest way to remove the automatic tranny from a 95 Metro? The book says from the bottom but a friend says from the top with engine. How hard is the tranny rebuild or should I go for the bone yard replacement. Any help is appreciated.
    P.S. I tried to use search but could not get any info.
  • bank one is the first o2 sensor. they are cheap try it first. bank 2 is the o2 senors after the cat. both should put up the check engine light on the dash.
  • pull it with the engine. takes about 2-4 hours depending on just how fast you want to pull it. watch how you remove it. it is not a real bad job. the crank pulley the alt pulley the axles are the worst. pull the harness and place it over the passenger side fender up by the hood hinge. it is tight but it pulls good. i pulled 3 this year and one was just the engine leaving the auto in place not to bad. good luck.
  • My 91 Metro was doing the same thing and we changed the transmission filter and fluid and it seems to be working fine now. Also check to make sure the tranny vent tube isn't clogged. Hopefully this will fix your's too.
  • bill205bill205 Posts: 1
    i bought a metro today its like it wont shift in passing gear like geared to low is this normal for a automatic good power doesnt feel like its holding back i changed trans filter fluid didnt help car has set for 6 months any help would be appreciated thamks billy
  • My geo shifts 2nd and 3rd gear (automatic) just fine but have to manually shift to low. it only has 45,000 actual miles and transmission has been serviced. So far have been told to change solonoids-2nd brake and clutch solonoid. Change the balls, or check valves. The solonoids alone are 130.00. Could use some feed back. Thanks
  • My 94 metro 3cyl auto just stopped moving. Was driving to work,everything was fine,heard a little click and it was like the car went into neutral. I have no gears forward or reverse. Was told the click I heard was a fuse,but all the fuses in the panel test good, is there another place this fuse could be? HELP!

  • I have a '97 Geo Metro 3 cyl. base model with a 5 speed manual with 2nd gear out. I have looked at a '99 Suzuki Sprint tranny in the junk yard (still in the car) and it looks the same outwardly. Will it match up with the Metro? I've heard they are the same car and visually the only difference appears to be the name plate. The junk yard's computer says the Metro doesn't swap but his experience tells him the computer isn't always right; maybe a minor mod to fit but it sure looks the same to me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I can take the tranny back, of course, if it doesn't fit or work, but all the work will be wasted as I intend to do the swap myself. Thanks for a response.
  • is this possible?? if so whats it take
  • I have a 97 Geo Tracker that the converter only drops the rpm [locks up] when it is cold. When it warms up it stays at a higer rpm in high gear ie; 3700 rpm @ 70 mph cold vs 4200 rpm hot. I just bought it 2 weeks ago & it shifts fine just turns a lot of rpm. OBD2 code shows PO740 which is torque converter clutch circuit malfunction, but I can't find any wires going to the trans, just a vacuum modulaor. Any ideas???
  • 92 Geo Metro manual five speed - after looking all over the transmission I can't find where to put gear lube in. I have looked from top and bottom front and back and there doesn't seem to be any plug.

    I filled this car before and know nothing has changed.

    Can someone tell me where it is.

    Also, what is the two wire sensor on top right end of gearbox looking from front?

    Thanks to anyone and everyone who can help.
  • Mine did the same thing and it was the timing belt had broke. It was an easy and cheap fix.
  • 98 Geo metro automatic want change gears in drive no passing gear. Will shift if you do it manual. Have changed the 2 solids in tranny same thing. Want pass inspection code PO753 Shift solenoid a electrical keeps coming up.
  • oooops it is a 96 not a 98 that i am having trouble with tranny
  • i have a 89 metro. as i drive, tranny fluid gets sucked up the speedo cable into the dashboard. it drips on my feet as i drive. im having a hard time figuring out which part to replace or where the vent is for the trans. please help. this car is undrivable with the windows up
  • m21m21 Posts: 2
    where did you find it,??? i cant seem to find it!!
  • ecogenieecogenie Posts: 3
    I shift when green light arrow is on dash. Get to fifth and after shifting the shifting light comes on at 55 mph again. No matter how much I push on the gas the speed stays at 55 with the arrow light staying on as if I should shift into a sixth gear. It just whinns. Can anyone come up with an answer in fixing this. Someone said it comes from the factory like this because some states don't want you to go over 55 mph. Never heard of this before.
  • I have a '91 Geo Metro. I have no problems with going over 55. I live in Windsor, CO and have taken my lil car and we hit the highway to go to Corpus Christi, TX on one trip, a year later I hit the road again and went to Yellville, AR (41 miles South of Branson, MO).
    I have to confess that "I just can't drive 55"!! Interstate speed is 75 and I drove 80-85 when in that zone. I've been unaware at times and had "her" up to 90 at times. She doesn't like it that fast. She starts vibrating.
    I don't know, but perhaps someone may have put a Governor on your car for some reason. Have you asked a mechanic about the possible causes? Interesting situation! Hope you find out the cause.
  • ecogenieecogenie Posts: 3
    mechanic said it is main seal leaking onto clutch causing it to slip and not go faster
  • Glad you found the problem!
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