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Infiniti G35 Engine Break In



  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    Good Day

    I have the G35X 07 and my car was getting about 13MPG when i first got the car. After about 2500 miles now im getting about 14.3-15MPG a little better but not too much.

    I have a question regarding oil. The manual says for both the filter and oil it takes 51/8 quarts of oil.

    Its strange because it seems to be short when the dealer put whatever amount they put in and also my auto mechanice put 5 quarts and it was short 1/2 a quart.

    So whats the real amount of oil does the car take including the filter???
    In addition it seems somewhat different trying to read that dipstick can see where the oil is on the stick how far up.

    I hope someone can tell me whether the manual is wrong and should be more oil for an oil change.

    Even if the dealer put in the 5/1/8 quarts it stillw was hort 1/4 of a quart.

    Thank you
  • 99rams99rams Posts: 19
    Hey guys just wanted everyones input on this Im gonna be heading down the shore this weekend its about 100 miles and all of it is highway and i'm hoping to take the G only thing is I have only 200 miles total on the car. and with the Break in on the motor I dont want to mess anything up or have prombles later on down the road. If you were me and had a second car would you take the G35 down or the second car?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Enjoy the weekend in your G.

    With low miles, just be sure to vary RPMs on the highway.
    This can be easily done by changing from 5th to 4th and then after a few minutes, back to 5th .... every once in a while. (Assuming 5AT)

    I just don't recommend Cruise Control during the break-in.
  • 99rams99rams Posts: 19
    Yea, its a 5AT. Thanks for your input Scott
  • rmcneicermcneice Posts: 20
    Got about 450 miles on the car now. With a couple of fill up's and a variety of driving (some highway and much street) I seem to be getting about 18 MPG. Not as bad as some others have reported, and hopefully room for improvement as more miles get added onto the odometer.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Just wait Bob... I was told that once I hit 3500 miles, it would improve.

    With my 50/50 city/highway commute, I now have 3100 miles.
    If I keep it in drive (D) and relax, I am getting 22.1 with my mixed driving, and 27.7 on the highway.
    If I put it in Manual mode and drive a little more on the exciting side, I'm in the 18's.

    Not too bad at all!
  • Hi Guy's,

    Just drove to Montreal and back from Providence,RI for Grand Prix. Kept (what is for me) a reasonable speed as my, nervous, lady friend was with me. styed at about 80 MPH the entire way using my trusty valentine detector. Never made 20 MPG.

    Even watching the fuel economy indicator, more like 18 on the high way for me. 5500 miles on my G35X.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Alan, just out of curiosity, what type of fuel are you using?
  • I only run premium. Usually Shell or Mobile, but only and always premium.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Very strange.
    I'm easily in the mid-20's when I'm on the highway... but I'm a little under the 80 mph mark that you're cruising at.
    I wonder if the extra 10 mph had something to do with it :confuse:
  • Mind you. I'm not complaining. I didn't buy the G35 with fuel economy in mind. I boughtg it for performance, safety and stellar good looks.....

    I'm okay with a 306 HP rocket delivering 18 mpg on the highway at around 80 mph.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Hey guys -- what should be the "allowable" top speed during the break in period? I read the manual, it only says not to go over 4000 rpm... nothing about top speed.

    Say I was driving 140-150km/h during gradual acceleration and not going over 4000 rpm.. is that okay?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I think 130 should be fine. :P
  • miamishapsmiamishaps Posts: 15
    Not sure if this was already posted but these highway mpg estimates are at 55mph. From what I understand all these values will now be recorded at true speeds, ie. 65mph which will cut down on the mileage but give you more legit estimates. My car has a 1000 miles and im getting 20 on the nose.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I haven't done any calculation off the gallons in/miles out for about a week and a half now, but I'm back to my 'spirited' yet reasonable driving habits and I'm in the same range.
    Estimate according to the car is 19.9. :)
  • Hi again guys. I'm really not sure I ever make it to an average of 19 MPG. I have about 5K on my 2007 35X.

    However, I can't say I bought a G35 for the economy of it. It's a beast right out of the box. we also have a new Accord, V-6, 240 HP. Gets better mileage than the infinity, 22 - 23 Highway, but, you're driving in an Accord!

    I'll take the few MPG less for the sheer fun of the G35.

    My still and only issue are rattles in the dash......drives me nuts every time.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I don't have any rattles, but if there is a temp change occurring after just turning on the heat, I hear a slight sound behind the center stack... sounds a little like sand pouring through a rain stick.
    It doesn't happen very often and it's only when the car is cool and the heater is heating it up inside.

    My other rattle is not the car's fault.
    At night or on cloudy days, my sun glasses are in the overhead holder... and they rattle. Drives me nuts.

    I agree... I bought this car for all it offered.
    I wouldn't have bought it if it was only getting 7 mph, but I'm super happy with the car, and the balance it offers on MPG vs Performance.

    Oh, and now that you're an owner... it's Infiniti, not infinity.
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    My salesman indicated to go ahead and drive as normal. But he stated if during the break-in, if there were to be a lot of highways miles, then avoid the Cruise Control. He said the engine will break in best if there is variety to the driving speed. Whereas the Cruise Control would tend to keep things too steady.
  • nycg35xnycg35x Posts: 1
    Just picked up a 2007 black/charcoal G35X. Had 32 miles leaving the lot, around 450 right now. Most are highway, some in Manhattan. Used cruise a little on the highway, but that lasts literally a minute or two until I can't help myself downshift into fourth and just fly. I have gotten it up to 5000 RPM, so hopefully I haven't done damage...but I'm varying highway speeds and RPM's, so I'm not too worried.

    Getting right at 20 MPG, only fill up was mid-grade, left the lot with a full tank. Salesman said use 87, but after reading all this, I'm putting in premium from here on in.

    If you're still reading...are those inputs in the center console really video for the main screen??

    Man, I love this car.
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    > are those inputs in the center console really video for the main screen?

    Yes. You can connect a portable DVD-Player or a Video iPod, and go into the Aux mode.

    The cable must have a video line. I got my iPod cable for around $10.00 including shipping on either Amazon or Ebay (can't remember offhand). But to view anything, you car must be in Park and the EMERGENCY BRAKE must be on, otherwise you will only hear audio. Took me to search this forum to find out about the brake part.
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