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Mazda 626 Transmission Questions



  • I have a 2002 Mazda 626 been driving it a year the car runs great,but the other day the car started jerking felt like the transmission.The Overdrive light comes on evevery time it jerks could someone please help me.
  • it was suggested that i check for ablown fuse in my 99 mazda 626 w/ auto trans. the car suddenly quit shifting into gear and a check of the fluid reveals it is up to level and not burned. when you start the engine, the fluid level drops, indicating that the pump is functioning. My questions are 1. if there is a blown fuse, where is it located? 2. if not a blown fuse, where would the module be located that affects shifting?
  • I have a 2000 mazda 626 that starts just fine but when put into any gear (even neutral) will not move at all, wont roll, wont go anywhere. Any ideas what it might be? Thanks! Marsha
  • Marsha,

    My daughter has a 99 626 automatic and it suddenly quit moving when you shift it into any posistion. In this case, it turned out to be simple. The transmission shift cable came loose at the transmission. It appeared to have lost some sort of retainer that attaches the cable to the shift lever on the transmission. It was a cheap and easy fix. Good luck

  • boat8boat8 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem,,,would you please tell me what the outcome was,,and the cost ?
  • boat8boat8 Posts: 2
    Where is the filter located,,,and can a home repair mechanic replace it easily ?
  • 5ddjjh5ddjjh Posts: 4
    Let me make sure that I understand. You have a Mazda 626 with the problem of the transmission not shifting into gear? And is due to the shift cable coming off at the transmission shift lever, found under the hood located on the left side near the fire wall? If so, the problem is the same as I encountered. Initially to make mine work, I took ahold of the end of the shift cable and spun it 180 degrees, which caused it to lay tightly against the shift lever on the transmission. At that point there was nothing holding it securely other than the force of being rotated. I then took it to my local Transmission shop and he figured out some sort of retainer(that he made up himself) and unrotated my cable and reattached it to the transmission shift lever, all for no cost. Even if you needed to pay to have this done, any local, decent repair shop should be able to make a repair for a minimal amount, say 40.00 or less. I have said a lot, and hope somehow this helps.
  • :) Thank you so much for that info 5ddjjh! I am going to get that fixed today! I have to tow it to the shop so I guess there goes 50bucks already! Hopefully I dont get ripped off!!! ouch!
  • I have a 2000 626 4 cyl auto transmission as well. I am having the exact same problem. I replaced the transmission, the O2 sensors, the Max Air Flow sensor, installed a TransGo shift kit, installed a Hayden heavy duty transmission cooler, replaced the speed sensor, had the computer flashed to update the code, replaced both CV joint transaxles and it still has the same problem as the one you are describing. I just ordered a used PCM (computer) and a throttle position sensor.

    Other than a manual lever position sensor (transmisson gear sensor) I don't know what else there is to do.

    What is a transmission range switch?

    Did you ever solve your problem? If so, how?

    I am desperate. Please email me at alan at alancox dot name.

  • 1998 626 LX, V-6 that shifts fine through first and second but then doesn't go to third. It's like you knocked into neutral. Internal or something else?
  • i have a mazda 626 es 2000 i drove it to my friends house 1300 miles away from were i lived and the trans. messed up and i ended up drivein 600+ miles on it in 3rd or atleast 400 miles like that till it started to shift agian.... im in middle of replaceing trans.. and my problem is the torch converter dosent line up right... what could be wrong... is it keyed? to were it only lines up a sertian way..need to know befor i return it and try and rebuild my trans.. cuz i dont know how to realy repair it jest how to change parts out... :confuse:
  • raphaoraphao Posts: 1
    Hi i have the same problem, did you found what was wrong>???

    pls replie at,
  • My 2000 Mazda 626 engine light was on and the gears began to shift differently(slight slipping). I took it to AutoZone for a diagnosis and it came up with the code P0715(Turbine shaft speed sensor). I purchased a sensor and had it installed by a local mechanic. The car then drove perfectly fine. The next day, the engine light was back on as soon as I pulled out of the driveway. The gears also began to slip again. I then took the car to Mazda and they diagnosed the same exact code, but suggested that I may need a new transmission. Is it possible that the sensor that was replaced could have malfunctioned, since it did not come from Mazda? If I put in a sensor from Mazda, will that be the trick? It drove perfectly fine the day that it was replaced. Is there a way to turn out the annoying engine light?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    One thing to consider... when I bought my 2000 626 I4 AT a few years ago, it exhibited similar symptoms. The dealer's service manager recommended installing a transmission cooler, said that often took care of the problem. Cost about $200 installed back then. Have not had any transmission problems since then, although the fluid was pretty dark after only about 15k I had put on it so I had the fluid flushed recently. Don't know if that would fix your problem, but you might want to ask about it as an option to a tranny replacement--a lot cheaper!
  • My 626 won't turn over but has full electrical power. My first thought was starter or alternator, but when looking the engine over I noticed two wires sticking out of the bottom of the car and one of them was disconnected. They connect to what I think is the transmission pan. It looks similar to a oil temperature sensor except the wires connected to posts on top as if they were molded into the plastic. Could this be some kind of sensor that would prevent the engine from even trying to start?
  • My wife's car; it ran great, reved fine, no mobility, little at first, then none. A transmission line was leaking (the one that takes fluid into the radiator. I replaced that. the car has been parked since july 2006. We got married on July 29th and had other things to do. The car still runs fine and looks good. It will move but only when reved high, and then it only crawls. should I drain the fluid at replace the filter? or... (any suggestions are welcomed). Im sorry to say, she is now deceased.

  • ronperronper Posts: 1
    I have a Mazda 626 1993 model 4cyl Auto transmission car.

    Since of late, when I want to indicate to turn left or right, it takes a few minutes before it starts to flash. On hot days it flashes OK.

    I also find that when the hazard warning is switched on, the indicatoir lights flash normally.
    Any ideas about this problem?
  • dante007dante007 Posts: 1
    hello, i also have the same problem (2000 626 LX). my mazda will shift around 5000 rpms? can i replace the transmission fluid myself? How do i do this? Can anybody give me step by step procedures? I would like to know where is the speed sensor located? have you heard of the transmission fluid type M3? i was told that this needs to be used instead of the regular ATF?

    Please help, I AM DESPERATE AS WELL!
    e mail me @ with your responses.

    Thank you
  • jiovanyjiovany Posts: 1
    A few months ago I spent a fortune changing the transmission on my Mazda 626 model 97,I dont really use a lot this car , a few months ago suddenly the car didn't start , so a friend put a wire between the battery and the starter, and the engine turn on like regular , but regardless if you put on P,N,R or D the car only runs on D , and since then this is the only way to turn on and run the car I'm almost sure that is something simple but i dont want to take the risk to pay another fortune, can you help me on getting an idea about what could be possible wrong?

    Thanks and please address your answer to
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