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Hyundai Online Shop Manuals Access



  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    I do not know how you do it but can not take any special tools. The online manual should show you how. To change the fuel pump filter you remove the back seat.
  • tinlegstinlegs Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Hi , I would like to know how to take the small front grill away from the full front grill/bumper as I want to get to the frame that holds the radiator so I can put some Brackets on to that frame which will come through the small grill ,can you or anybody else help me,TINLEGS. PS;the car is a 2006/2007 HYUNDAI ELANTRA.
  • It only takes a pro a few minutes. I'm not sure of the exact procedure on your year. It all comes off pretty easily. You might shop around stereo shops for a good deal on labor. FYI, in the past working on other cars, i found getting the back seat out was very easy. Getting the side trim off of the rear deck area was harder for me. I work slow and easy to prevent breaking the plastic keepers that hold the trim to the sheetmetal. In general I think it would be one of those projects that end up being easier than you thought... Good luck!
  • motordavidmotordavid Posts: 39
    I found the on line link...takes less than a minute to set up account, get password, etc.
    GL, mD
  • I have a 2011 Sonata SE and cannot access the repair manula online at all no matter what. Hyundai told me that only the owner's manuals are available this way and Helm, the publisher for most repair manuals states they didi not get the service manual from hyundai for the 2011 as yet.
  • Go to and look under Sonata(YF) and you will find the service manual for the 2011 model. In the future you might want to use the Sonata forums for quicker responses. Good Luck
  • I am having problems getting the user agreement page to open so I can set up an account. my OS is Vista any suggestions?
  • Possibly you will need to use, IE to obtain the materials.
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