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How many of you would buy an ES again?



  • Interesting question.
    As I have read these posts over the past couple of years,
    I consider myself a fortunate Lexus owner. I am aware of the transmission issue,
    as is my wife, we are both car savvy and we work with it. And the air conditioning
    system odor, keep the cab air filter changed and keep the system clean and free
    from mildew. This is not just a lexus problem. Check with a Ford owner. They make a special spray to run through the system to eliminate the musty smell.

    Otherwise, my 2003 has 50k miles on it and runs very well. Great mileage, quiet on
    the highway, we travel to the country regularly. Have done the front brakes for the first time earlier this year. Replaced the tires just last month. I am a big fan of synthetic lubricants and that is one of the first things I did after buying the car was change all the oils to Amsoil synthetic. No other gremlins so far.
    And yes, the display on the radio and climate control is pathetic in the daylight.
    Would I buy another Lexus. Yes, an Ls 430 or a 460L
    It's about time that someone made a big sedan car again. Even though the 460
    is really not that big.
    Volkswagen Phaeton anyone?
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    Funny that i agree with nearly all of your comments. today the car was in for the 32k service, which is major. I was told I need brakes on both front and rear with about 1mm on front pads and 2 mm on back pads. Cost $750 on a call with only 32K miles. Ridiculous. I was also told that I'm going to need to buy at least 2 tires by the next service (another 5k miles). This will be the 4th & 5th tire I have bought for this car at $195 each. I loathe this car as well and am happy that my lease is over shortly. :mad:
  • acat1234acat1234 Posts: 5
    My 2007 ES 350 has 27,00 miles on it. This is my first foreign car purchase and thought I would get the "best" and not have to worry. Boy - was I wrong!! I should disclose that my previous cars were Olds Auroras (1995 and 2001) which had their own mechanical issues but the normal maintenance items were economical. Also, both cars ran and handled great! In fact, I would have bought another Aurora except Olds was no more.

    Back to the ES 350. The much hyped Japanese technology is so much bull!!
    - Interior temperature controls are virtually worthless. I have more luck with my 2005 Olds van with manual controls. My Auroras were much better at maintaining interior temp.
    - Audio system is a joke for a car this expensive. The GM Bose system just blows Lexus away!!
    - Rain sensitive wipers are virtually useless. Even on the least sensitive setting they continue working, smearing the windshield. I have turned them off. Again, my Aurora's rain sensitive wipers were excellent.
    - Throttle lag is annoying (Just to be fair, the Aurora had a similar problem)
    - The factory tires (michelins) are deplorable! Worn out at 20,000 miles!! Changed to Yokohama with 60,000 mile warranty and have a much better handling car!!
    - The handling is like the old American land cruisers (1970 Olds, Fords, etc.) Again the Aurora was much better!
    - The Lexus sounds like a diesel when you start it up and for the first 2 minutes. Told by the dealer it is caused by the exterior fuel pump!! I don't care why - you would think that the supposedly great Japanese automotive engineers could have figured that out!!
    - The interior material is so cheap that Lexus should be ashamed to market this as a premium auto. The plastic trim between the seats and the doors ( for the light grey interiors) is simply grey paint over black plastic. The paint rubs off very easily exposing the black plastic - very ugly.
    - The exterior paint is comparable to the better US cars - certainly not better!!
    - The car looks identical to the Camry (I saw that when I bought the car but did not count on how irritating it would become!!)
    - The navigation system is good except it cannot be used while driving!! This is the only system I know of with this limitation!! I understand that it is not safe for the driver to use it while driving but you would think that the brilliant Japanese engineers would have installed a sensor in the passenger seat to allow th passenger to use it!!
    - The cost to update the Nav system is $265!! Laughable since I can buy a new Garmin for not much more!!
    - Front end alignment can only be performed by the dealer for around $200 if you have the swiveling headlights.
    - All the dealer services are waaaaayyyy over priced!!

    The good things:
    - Ride is very good
    - Cabin is very quiet while driving
    - Gas mileage is good
    - Engine/transmission has been flawless (except for throttle lag)
    - Even though it looks like a Camry, I do like the body style
    - So far, the dealers I have taken the car to have been very good.
    - The HID headlights are great.

    Personal vital stats: Age - 62, male, other cars currently owned is the 2005 Olds Van and a black/black 2001 Corvette.

    Bottom Line: Will not buy another Lexus, probably trade this one in much sooner than normal. Will seriously consider the new Cadillac CTS for my next car.
  • I have never had any " unreasonable" problems with my '02 ES300. I bought it with about 90K on it and it has 130K now. It has been reliable, comfortable, quiet and has received nice comments from those departing the vehicle. Along with normal service I had to replace the mid coupling in the exhaust system, which is after the catalitic converter, because I ran over a heavily crusted ice mound instead of driving over the other side of the road: the back side of a mountain!!! Without a very savvy mechanic that little stunt would have cost me over 3K through a Lexus dealer. Thankfully that part was the only identical piece in the exhaust which was used in the camry that year. So Mr. Mechanic cut out the puntured piece and braised / welded the new piece in place in the system. Total cost $300.00. This is my first Lexus, before it I drove Caddy or Chrysler. Given its price range I'm very satisfied with Lexus. However, if I'm to buy another "L" it will need more horses in the barn and more " Bose" for the tunes. If I wanted to pick it apart I could but again for the $ it's a nice ride. :shades:
  • The first Lexus I owned was a 95 ES300. I drove this car for 10 years and it was a very good mechanically sound car. Toward the winter of it's life with me I had to replace the AC system, hood struts and starter. Other service items were batteries, tires, brakes but nothing unexpected for driving a vehicle for 10 years. I replaced it with an 2005 ES330 and it has been an excellent vehicle although since being retired have not put many miles on it. I have owned GM products, Ford and BMW and I can tell you that Lexus makes a better car. There service is top of the line and if you wait on a repair in their waiting room it is like your living room at home. They treat their customers with the up most courtesy and they always wash and clean your car after every service. I have recently just bought a 2008 RX350 so now I am a 2 car Lexus owner.
  • rsdlrsdl Posts: 2
    I have been in the Mercedes forum today researching E Series and I see a lot of people claiming they will never buy another one and will buy a Lexus instead. I come over here and see people complaining about Lexus and saying they'll go with MB E Series next time. It's a small world, indeed. :D
  • My first ES was (2 yrs old)when I purchased it. I drove it for almost 8 years and was problem free baring an expensive maintenance issue that is fairly standard for its age. I do take care of my vehicles and the paint finish and body looked very good at near 10 years old.

    I then leased another problem free 2002 ES that I liked very much. I was so glad to get rid of those ridiculous lease payments. No paint scratches and looked great after 3 years.

    Then I leased a loaded Grand Prix GTP beauty with a turbo charged engine. Totally problem free baring rear speakers that needed to be replaced under warranty. I really wanted to keep that vehicle but buy out terms were out of line with its value. I would have been happy to buy another but they are being phased out and the replacement was not available when I needed a car.

    I thought I had good luck with 2 previous models that I would have the same experience. I got my new ES this Feb. It is a very handsome car, with other than standard wheels and just enough pin stripping to accent the color and body. As of right now I will not buy another, and it is only 3 months old! It does not have near the bells and whistles that my GP had but costs more.

    The paint is inferior. It scratches/chips easly showing white lines or spots. This disturbs me. I was commenting about scratches and chips within 2 weeks of ownership.

    I do not like the the push button start and can't wait to get rid of that. It is so annoying. I spend more time looking for the fob or getting annoyed when I get out of the car with the keys in the car and I can't get in the trunk or passenger side. If the key fob is not just the right distance to the sensor again out of luck.

    The radio is inferior to my GP. It is also not set up for satellite radio which I really enjoyed in my GP. They said I could add the capability if I wanted to spend $500.

    It does not have fold down back seats, which I didn't realize I would miss as much as I do.

    No remote start. I was told it couldn't be added because it messes with the security or eletronics of the car.

    Cup holders need improvement too.

    2 cigarette lighters but neither are hot so my phone will not charge while the car is off.

    Another inconvenience is the memory seats. I typically drive my car, however, if my 6'5" husband tries to get in, he has to squeeze in to start the car for the memory button to recognize him. You cannot open the door, push the appropriate button and have the seat move.

    I am a little concerned about the transmission after reading comments. I have noticed some rough shifting a few times. Fortunately not often so far.

    The light grey carpet is really light, pretty, but a bugger to keep clean.

    What I do like: it is silky smooth to drive even if it doesn't have the get up and go that the GP had. It is peppy, but I was much more confident with the power the other vehicle had. When I had to move quickly out of a situation, I was gone!
    It handles well in the snow and slippery conditions. Seats are comfortable and back seat passengers are comfortable too. I am still trying to adjust the mirrors appropriately. So far I am concerned about a pretty big blind spot, but hopefully that will work out with adjustments. It feels like a solid car.

    IMHO it is a good looking vehicle inside and out.
  • tarkiotarkio Posts: 4
    After researching for a year I recently bought a black/black 08 ES with UL package. This car is perfect in every way (for me).

    Quiet as a vault inside, smooth but firm ride (not like a boat), great performance, and incredible quality control. Not a single rattle, transmission is great, and none of the problems that some people say they have had.

    The way the Bluetooth integrates with the nav system and ML sound system is very cool, and my iPod sounds great through the line out to Aux input.

    The ventilated seats are incredibly comfortable for me (6'2") and the upgraded leather is beautiful.

    One of my favorite features is the key fob and push button start. This is the way cars should have always been. At night, the puddle lights come on as you approach the car, and you simply grab the handle and open the door. This is great when carrying a bag or 2 of groceries to the car. No fumbling around for the keys or remote, which is a great security feature for my wife when parked in dark lots at night. And the system won't let you lock the fob in the car.

    Cup holders are solid and big enough for larger cups/bottles if needed, and they are positioned right were your hand falls in front of the center arm rest/console. Nice design Lexus!

    I like to keep the info display on "Average MPG." I reset it when I leave for work and try to beat my MPG record every day. My commute includes residential and turnpike driving, and my current best is 31.2 MPG in morning rush. This is a great teaching tool for getting the most out of a gallon of gas.

    The memory seats are a real convenience with 2 drivers in the family. You can have the key fob memorize your setting position, press the button as you approach the car, and your setting is ready for you when you get in.

    Things I didn't even know until I bought the car: when the fresh air/recirculate button is in auto mode, the incoming outside air is constantly analyzed, and if there are exhaust fumes or other gases it automatically switches to recirculated air. There are several levels of sensitivity for the automatic windshield wipers. The headlights automatically "self-level" to accommodate different passenger weight loads. Holding the trunk release button down opens all of the windows. I park on the top level of a parking garage. This is great as I can vent the hot air from across the lot, thereby eliminating that hot air hitting me in the face when I get in the car parked in the sun.

    I can go on about the great nav system, ML sound system, etc. but you get the idea. This is the best new car experience I've ever had, and I would be glad to do it again!
  • panbabupanbabu Posts: 1
    Since the beginning of the deal from the dealer I was cheated on every step. Contacting Lexus directly was a big mistake as they did little to help and wipe there hands of by saying “we can’t do any thing because they are independent dealers and Lexus will not interfere or service any vehicle directly”. If you can…… just avoid looking for any car from ‘North West Lexus’, Brampton. (I’ve also heard that they are the worst dealers of GTA……… well, too late for me!)
    I am fed up with this dealer, I am fed up with Lexus and I am fed up with this car (ES330).
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    Interesting comments. I'm sure you can find the same comments with any brand of automobile. You'll Always have the 2 or 3% that are disatisfied. And they probably are legitimate complaints. I just sold my 03 camry 4 cyl. been thinkijng about an ES. Which obviously is similar since its from the same platform. I loved the camry. Got as high as 40.058 mpg on one of my runs from SO Calif to Phoenix. cruise control @ 65 steady. I drive 65,000 miles a year for work. Plus personal miles. So i like a quiet car and the camry is, or was. I think all cars can endure, as long as the driver knows how to take care of them. i'm surprised about some of the comments in here reguarding the disatisfaction on some of these cars with so few miles. I think i'll dive in and purchase one reguardless of the 2 or 3 % who arent so happy. I trust Car&Driver....Road&Track....Consumer Guide etc.. they all seem to think for the most part, the Lexus is one of the best cars on the road. I think i'll agree with thier opnions. I looked for a nice used Es this week. On Autotrader. Found an 05 ES 330. I think i'll pass on it since the mileage was........... 225,000 YES, you read it correctly....on 3 yr old car. Lol But that tells me something. After having called the seller. He never had any problems with it. 225,000 trouble free miles. Its still listed within 50 miles of zipcode 92620. Check it out. Black exterior, 225,000 miles, $9,700.00 asking price. 7-29-08. So i know purchasing one with 90k miles doesnt mean a whole lot since they are capable of 200k plus..


  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I drive 65,000 miles a year for work. Plus personal miles. So i like a quiet car and the camry is, or was. I think all cars can endure, as long as the driver knows how to take care of them

    Thats a lot of driving, I don't have yet to drive that much in 3 years lol.

    3 years old and 225 thousand driven, Lexus is the king of ultra reliability.

    Why not get a new ES?
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    i'd love a new Es, to answer your question... but to take 40,000 dollars, drive it like that guy did, and sell it for 9800, is just too much hit to take. Thats $10,000.00 a year. I'd be smarter to buy a $13,000 2003 or 2004, with 90k miles on it, run it up to 225,000 like that guy did. Would take me 2 years, and i could probably sell it for $5,000. So i'd rather drive it for 2 years and lose $8,000 total, than lose $30,000.

    Anyway, i'll keep you posted

    Later Caaz
  • senramsenram Posts: 3
    Me, too. I bought a used 1997 ES 300 with only 40k miles on it!

    It's very clean inside-out and drives great and the ride is very smooth for a 11yr old car! I would admit that the cup-holder is a joke, but other than that one gets the sense that the build is solid, the power and controls are adequate. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    I did replace an O2 sensor, and considering its age, expect to do some more repairs sooner or later, but for now, I have no reason to dislike it and am going to keep it as long as it will run.

    I have heard that the 97-01 models were better engineered than the later models and my experience seems to support that.

    I would certainly buy another Lexus.
  • I JUST PURCHASED A 99 ES300 3 LITRE .what should the engine rpm be at 100 kph ? Mine is 2600 and shifts solid but sucks for mileage. Maybe 25 mpg ! in od
  • senramsenram Posts: 3
    Your engine rpm sounds about right for that kind of speed which is what, about 60-65 mph (we are a non-metric nation!)?

    25 mph ain't bad for a 10yr old luxury car, or is it? Mine gives like 27-28 on hgwy and 22 around the city.

    I did look at a ' 99 model with 96k miles on it, but it didn't look or drive as good as my ' 97 and the guy wanted $1k more. That made my decision easier!
  • Most i ever got was 27 maybe i m in the ballpark.Its just some of the other V6 cars ive owned have shone as far as mileage......32-36 ! People laugh...say own a the gas....that shouldnt have to be. Car also high idles for quite awhile when driving even in summer now....Will it be worse in winter ? Shift from 1st to 2nd takes awhile till really warmed up...normal? Also anyone ever experience unusual opening of windows or trunk when no keys in ignition ? strange. Thanks Grant
  • senramsenram Posts: 3
    I don't understand what you mean by "unusual opening of windows or trunk". Do you mean that they open by themselves without your pressing anything at all? That would be strange and shouldn't happen, I would think. You may want to get it checked.

    The shifting from 1 to 2 is not a problem for my car since the start; it happens between 10-20mph. Nor is the idling. I am not sure yours signify any problem. May be related to the age. What's the mileage on the car?

    As you must know, all V6s are not created equal; even among the ES 300s, ours, being older, are past their prime. I guess we simply have to accept the gas mileage they deliver, which are not all that terrible, IMO.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    The newer ones must do quite well. My father in law has an 07 Toyota avalon, same engine used in the new es. he goes from calif to Arizona several times a year and gets between 33 & 34 mpg. And the es has the identical motor. so....? im sure they do well now.

    Later caaz
  • My 2008 Lexus ES 350 is sitting in a parking lot because the starter---didn't. Being Sunday, I have to wait until tomorrow for the dealer to get it. I have had lots of problems with this car: Windshield wipers (took three trips to fix), tire pressure light, chipping paint (a common problem), worn brakes by the 20000 mile mark, had to replace the tires at 23500 and now the issue with the starter (which also seems to be a common problem). I have had many cars before this and never so many problems. And I haven't even reached the 30000 mile mark yet. NO, I don't advise buying a Lexis. I certainly have not found the so-called "quality".
  • I've been reading these posts from existing and/or previous Lexus owners, and I'm surprised - perhaps I 'dodged a bullet', but I've loved my 2003 ES 330. I bought it used in 2005, and it's been highly dependable. Most importantly, it's built like a tank. I was in a bad car accident on the Washington, DC beltway involving two other cars: a compact car that was totalled, and a very large dump truck, that sustained enough damage to send the driver to the hospital. I was struck in the back right side so hard while going 50 mph that my car skidded into a 180 degree turn into oncoming traffic - which thankfully had slowed to a stop by that point, due to all the commotion. And while others left for hospitals and junkyards, I literally drove away and continued on to a business meeting, with a badly dented back right side that was repaired in about two weeks for less than $300.

    And as I said - it's been dependable. It's not peppy - in fact, I sometimes think I might have avoided that accident if the engine were peppier. When I saw what was coming, I floored the accelerator to try to get out of the way, and just barely missed avoiding it - had I been in a sportier car I could have escaped, I think. But you can't always avoid someone else's recklessness, and I'd rather be in a average speed tank than a fast deathtrap.
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