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Hyundai Azera Electrical Questions



  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    floridabob, email me privately using stlqb at
  • I took my car to the dealer because the air bag light was on. They took plenty of time trying to find the cause and finally say they would have me return it when the factory rep came in the next time. I have a great dealer but the factory rep has cancelled his last two visits. The passenger air bag light off light comes on and the air bag light on the insturment cluster comes on. However, they both come on and go off erratically at times without any reason.
    Has anyone heard of this problem?
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 23
    I would assume that the dealership checked the harness from the passenger seat.
    As the passenger side airbag is deployed only when the passenger seat sensor indicates more than a set weight on the seat cushion, I would check to assure that the harness connector is secure.
    If it is secure, the dealership could and should run a computer check on the system.
  • I have had the same problem with my 2006 Azera. The passenger side seat belt sensor is usually the problem. Requires the sensor to be replaced. The sensor will also cause the the drivers airbag light to stay on.

    The other problem would be the seat bottom is bad, however you have to go through the whole list of codes before getting a new seat bottom.
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Here's a TSB which doesn't actually mention the cause, which might be that under-the-hood switch which connects to the security system. When the hood is down, the switch is depressed and the system can be armed, but if the switch isn't properly depressed because the hood bumper isn't quite doing the job (or if the switch is bad-open)...

    TSB 07-90-008
    JULY, 2007

    This bulletin is provided for informational purposes on normal vehicle operation.

    Opening the hood on Azera and Veracruz vehicles will ground the security system’s hood input switch. Grounding the hood input switch places the security system module (incorporated into the BCM) into a readiness standby mode. While in standby mode, the BCM consumes an increased amount of current that may discharge the vehicle battery if the hood is left open for several hours or overnight.

    Displaying or Storing the Vehicle
    To avoid discharging the battery while displaying the vehicle on a showroom floor (hood open), a self-regulating automatic trickle charge may be connected to the vehicle battery. If the vehicle is to be left parked with the hood open and accessory power is not required, the Power Connector on the interior fuse panel should be removed.
  • tech44tech44 Posts: 1
    Have a 2006 Azera with 37,000 miles on it. Every now and then it won't start. Acts like it isn't getting any spark--gas maybe both. It might start 20 times then it won't. I switch the key off and back on and it starts. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of it? Looking for a fix as it is quite annoying.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Yes, the same thing happens to me too. Quite annoying. Even if I take it to the dealer, since they would not be able to replicate the problem, how can I fix it?

    Another annoying thing that happens is that sometimes when the car won't start, the Trip Meter zeroes out! Now, this car not starting problem occurs once in a while & the trip meter zeroing when it doesn't start happens even infrequently
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    I have a 07 Azera & I haven't had that trouble. But Hyundai recently put out a TSB for Sonatas for passenger Airbag sensor misprogramming. heck-seat-sensor/

    Now, although it is for Sonata & doesn't mention Azera, since Azera is built on Sonata platform & shares a large number of components, it might apply to you too.

    Check with your dealership & Hyundai corporate
  • I have the same problem. Sometimes it won't start at all until I flip the electric doorlocks back and forth a few times. I think it is related to the security system. The dealer has reprogrammed the computer and also suggested there is a problem with one of the keys. But nope, nothing has worked. It is really annoying. I thought I was the only one with this problem. Have you learned anything more since you placed this post?
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    Apologies from someone very unfamiliar with the "Add-A-Circuit" (mini size in my case - see - to be installed into a new Hyundai sedan) and how to install and use it.

    1. Does the single red wire contain only the positive wire, or is somehow the ground wire also part of that red wire?

    2. What kind of female connector is on the end of that red wire? And what kind of male connector is required to connect into it? What tools/supplies/directions would be needed for installing the right connectors needed?

    I have a GPS unit and radar detector to hard wire and neither have the type of connector that would fit into the end of the red wire on the Add-A-Circuit.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and assistance or even to be pointed in right direction for this information.

    Bud H
  • I have the same problem and the dealer can't figure it out. 2008 Azera with 33K miles. Every 20 or so tries it won't start, but turns over fine. Dealer says it the keys, but new keys didn't fix it. Has anyone had this figured out?
  • Can't see why it would be a key. I'd hazard that non-recognition of an inserted and turned key would (a) not even turn over the starter and (b) put you into "limp-home mode"...
  • bboobb131bboobb131 Posts: 1
    DEAD BATTERY...I found your post searching for answers to why my 07 azera had a dead battery after 4 days of not driving, on a few occasions. The dealership told me it was normal with all the new gaggets on cars now a days. I told them they were wrong.( I've got several years of working on cars, motorcycles etc.). The dealership checked my car and said the battery and alternator were good. Told them I already put a load on them and they checked good for me too. The one thing I'm not to experienced with is the new alarm systems etc. I later found your post about the hood security switch rubber bumper...Yep, you guessed it, the bumper was missing, replaced bumper, problem solved. Thanks much to you and the people who post so others may learn.. I,m sure this is still an issue with newer hyundai owners...
  • bugsy8bugsy8 Posts: 1
    Great info here, didn't see this issue (sorry if I missed it). I have a 2006 Azera, 49k miles. Driving at night, applied the brakes headlights go out, then flash back on. Did it again (to marke sure I didn't dream it), yep, did it again. Then intermittantly headlights go off and on by themselves. Yes, night time driving 70 miles down the freeway. Dealer had it 2 days, determined the valve cover gasket was loose, leaking oil on the alternator causing a short. OK, possible. Picked it up, next day, mid day.. applied the brakes dashboard lights go out! Did it again, then they started intermittantly on their own flashing off and on. Back to dealer. Have it 3 days, determined battery cables faulty (positive) causing a periodic drain, replaced both. Went to pick it up, didn't even get the door shut to drive off, flashing on the dash - Recharge Battery!, battery light on. Dealer pulled it right back in, started looking at it thinking maybe a cable was not tight, determined the junction box was bad, the screw not secure or broken? Currently sitting there waiting for the new one. Only change during all this was using the cigarette lighter, that had never been used before, (since I've had it). I've only had it a year. Any ideas?? This is a real safety issue and concern!!
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    get the factory rep in to look @the vehicle and contact Hyundai...stress safty issue...might generate a recall good luck.....Lemon Law???? in more than 3 times for the same problem (Florida Law)
  • alexz4alexz4 Posts: 1
    i got same problem with 2007 azera
    anyone have solutions?
  • mamabearvpmamabearvp Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I have had the same intermittent starting problem for some time and the dealership could never duplicate it. I eventually contacted the service manager and he promised to find the problem.
    I finally have an answer!! My Hyundai dealership in Peoria, Az really tries to give top notch customer service. If I understand correctly; under the steering wheel cover is an antenna that relates to the key and therein lies the problem. The part is on order and should be here in about a week. I love my Azera and that was the only complaint I have had. This would be a customer appreciation repair and not cost any $$$ from my end. I also needed to have a bearing on my rear shade screen replaced several months ago (I do use it allot) and although out of warranty; the dealership split the cost with me so the cost was minimal.
    I hope this will help others who might have the same concern.
  • My 2008 Azera (purchased earlier this year) is having the same electrical problem you described. This is the 3rd time since August that it has been in to Hyundai service to correct the problem. The battery was replaced the first 2 times and they can't find the drain and after sitting 5 days, it was dead again. My frustration is mounting and I need help! Did anyone find a solution???
  • Neighbor had the same issue. After many visits and replaced parts Hyundai found a loose ground wire under the hood. Fixed.
  • My '06 Azera 3.8L idles @ 1600 RPM when cold. Anyone elses do this? Seems high. Thanks
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