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Hyundai Azera Electrical Questions



  • Everything seems fine NOW but, the car hasn't set in the garage for any length of time without being driven. Plan on not being here to start it for about a week and then I'll know if they solved my problem or not. They found a missing little bumper thing under the hood and replaced it and also my audio system. Claimed they could never find the "draw" so tried those suggestions I gave them after I researched the problem myself and saw others with the same problem. The audio system would not eject a CD and I suggested that but they swore if it wasn't turned on, it wasn't the problem. I pushed them until they replaced it. I will post again after we return from our trip and see if the car will start!
  • I have the same issue with the car periodically not starting. What is the "bumper" thing that you are referring to? Thanks!
  • popeye4popeye4 Posts: 5
    The "bumper" thing people are referring to is a black rubber knob-like thing that is seen when the hood is opened. It's on the left side at the edge where the hood would close. The security system is activated with this switch. My knob thing was missing from the dealership. So, the battery completely drained in a short time (the car thought the hood was opened all the time, even when it was closed). The dealer told me that this knob can come off easily, usually when the car is serviced or even washed, if the thing gets knocked. I suggest checking to make sure it's there. If not, get one from your dealership.
  • The sure way to eliminate the power drain when the bumper is not installed is to disconnect the wires from the switch that the bumper pushes on when the hood is closed. The alarm system will still operate with the switch disconnected. ;)
  • lyn1herelyn1here Posts: 3
    Sorrry you are having the same problem. Look at the other post that tells you where the "bumper " is located. To tell you the truth, we went away for a week recently and when we returned home THE BATTERY WAS DEAD AGAIN. So I really wonder if that had been the problem at all. I truely believe that it is just something Hyundi has not perfected on their part when making the car to begin with. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THAT ASPECT OF THE AZERA. At this point, we feel if we go away on a trip we will NOT be leaving this car in long term parking because who wants to deal with a dead battery when they return from a trip???
  • dmalliadmallia Posts: 7
    I have an 06 Azzy Limited with 130k miles on her. Recently, when I tried to use my remote entry key fob, it didn't open the door. I thought the battery was dead in the sending unit. It started fine and I began driving. I immediately noticed that the trip odometer had zeroed out, as did the miles per gallon computer. I also noticed that the side mirrors will not retract when I push the button. Additionally, I have noticed that the map lights are not working and the light ring around the ignition does not illuminate. All fuses seem fine. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • joegarshajoegarsha Posts: 1
    I wish I would have come to this forum earlier. I have a 2008 Azera with about 69k on it. I have been having issues with it not starting for quite a while. It has been to the dealer several times and they have told me it was either a key fob/antenna issue or battery. I am now taking it in for the first time since the warranty expired (bought it used so only 60k warranty applied). Unfortunately, the documentation of the issue doesn't seem to support it as an ongoing issue so we may be footing the bill. The issues now are not starting all the time, dying/dead battery, trip meter going to zero and rear shade having a mind of its own at times. It sounds like this is somewhat of a common problem. I checked the black bumper tied into the security system under the hood and it seems fine. It is so frustrating because all 3 dealers we have been to make it sound like they have never heard of such a problem. Any recommendations?
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    "I checked the black bumper tied into the security system under the hood and it seems fine..."

    If it's a dying battery problem, there are six places where the security system might see a problem; four door switches, a trunk switch and the hood switch.
    But you can eliminate all of these as a cause if you get a "beep" and a parking light flash when you use the remote to lock up. Point being, you don't get the beep-flash if the alarm system isn't happy because a switch is not made...
  • I also had battery issues due to two cds that were hung up in the player. ended up removing the radio/cd player and tearing apart the cd player to get the two cds out. No more battery problems. Also, even if the rubber bumper that is supposed to push on the hood alarm switch looks good, just unhook the wire to switch and leave it off. Alarm system will still work on all other areas except the hood.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    Is the alternator covered by the 10yr/100k warranty???? I'm guessing that itm isn't ....
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