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Ford Explorer Sport Trac - IV



  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    There have been two types of 4.0L engines used in older Explorers, the overhead (205+ HP)cam version and the pushrod version (160 HP).

    The ST only comes with the higher output Overhead Cam version. That ST 4.0L engine rocks! The 5 speed automatic also assures that the gearing is always right for good acceleration and 5th gear overdrive is great for low rpm cruising and better mileage.
  • dpb54dpb54 Posts: 6
    I would appreciate owners comments on the comfort sitting in the rear seats. Two adults? Two kids?
    Three people? How does it compare to an Explorer, or Montero, or van, or car? Thanks for your time and input.
  • Plastic Wheel Well Parts Rattle.


    A rattle coming from the right and/or left wheel wells could be heard from inside the cab. The problem is caused by two pieces of plastic hitting each other. The force of the wind causes the plastic parts to vibrate against each other. The fix may vary from dealer to dealer but usually involve cutting or gluing the plastic pieces.

    Sun Roof Leaks.


    A roof leak could occur if the drain tubes become disconnected. The leak appears at the rear seat directly over the passenger door. Owners can mistakenly believe the leak is in the door. It is necessary to lower the headliner and reconnect and secure the drain tubes.

    Gas Door Rubs.


    9476 fuel door rubs fender or tab does not fit in the slot

    Some 2001 explorer sport trac vehicles may exhibit a fuel door rubbing the fender opening near the hinge position or the fuel door tab not fitting into the housing slot. This may be due to insufficient clearances between the fuel door & fender opening. If a vehicle comes in for this condition, install a revised fuel door housing assembly per the following color applications:

    HARVEST GOLD 1L5Z-99405A26-BAA
    TOREADOR RED 1L5Z-99405A26-BAC
    WHITE 1L5Z-99405A26-BAH
    DARK TEAL 1L5Z-99405A26-BAE
    ESTATE GREEN 1L5Z-99405A26-BAJ
    EBONY 1L5Z-99405A26-BAF

    Refer to section 501-04 of the 2001 explorer sport/sport trac workshop manual for installation instructions.

    Extended Warranty 6 Years, 72,000 Miles.


    Exclusive Report
    Ford to extend warranty on Explorer, Mountaineer
    Published: 01 December 2000
    Robert Lane
    Date of revision:

    Ford Motor Company has decided to extend the warranty on 1997-2000 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer models produced at their St. Louis assembly plant that are equipped with the 4.0L SOHC engine. The free extended warranty also applies to 2001 Explorer Sport and Sport Trac models with the 4.0L SOHC engine as well. The extended warranty will only cover the engines camshaft, timing chain tensioner and lower intake manifold gasket for six (6) years of 72,000 miles. If the vehicle already has 72,000 miles than the warranty will be extended to 01 April 2001.

    Ford will also authorize dealers to replace all three parts should a vehicle come into the service department for any one of the problems. If you would like to contribute or comment about this article, please contact Robert Lane or comment about it on our message board

    Rattle in Dash.


    Rattle is a loose bracket behind the lower center console (one with the cup holders and the tray for holding miscellaneous items). You will need an offset wrench to tighten the bolt. Locate the bolt by contorting into the driver's side space below the steering column and finding it behind the center console. Alternatively, you can feel for it by sitting at the driver's seat and using your right hand to feel directly to the right of the panel below the steering assembly. Find the single metal bracket that runs from the center console to the chassis. The bolt closer to the center console should be marginally loose. It should require 3 to 4 full turns to tighten.

    Some electric seats squeak and/or wobble slightly.


    A few reports of wobbly and/or squeaky seats have been reported. None have reported anything serious and the problem appears to be isolated to a few vehicles.

    That Dam Ringing Sound.


    The shape of the transfer case front flange (bell shaped) amplifies the transfer case noises. A coating was applied. It seemed to have worked, but two days later the ringing came back.

    Missing Paint on Doors.


    The bottoms of some doors are not completely painted with the body color paint. Most of the owners reporting the problem indicated the paint was missing on one to three doors. One or more doors were fully painted. All owners reported that the clear coat was present. You must look under the door to see the problem. It is not visible from any other angle. The fix is simply to have the doors painted

    Steering Vibration/Shudder


    The shudder problem is noticeable only at low speeds in 2WD when the steering wheel is fully or almost fully turned such as when entering a paring space. A slight shudder is felt in the steering wheel. This occurs on 2x4 and 4x4 models. Most users report the problem diminishes over time. Others reported that bleeding the power steering lines solved the problem.

    Your ST should never be in 4WD on dry pavement, especially during tight turns. Tight maneuvering while in 4WD will always cause a steering shudder.

    Paint chipping/scratching on inside door handles.


    The problem is related to poor materials. The interior door handles are painted with a very thin coat of paint and do not have a sealing coat of any kind. The handles should have been made from a solid color materials instead of painted. There is no known resolution at this time.

    Recall of Hood Assembly.


    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 00V394000
    Manufacturer: FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    Mfg. Campaign #: 00S45
    Year: 2001
    Make: FORD TRUCK
    Potential Number of Units Affected: 137700
    Manufactured From: SEP 1999 To: OCT 2000
    Year of Recall: '00
    Type of Report: Vehicle

    Summary: Vehicle Description: Sport utility vehicles with steel hoods and certain pickup trucks equipped with sheet molding compound hoods. A wire formed hood striker could be susceptible to fatigue fractures. If the hood striker fractures, the hood could fly open while the vehicle is being driven.

    A hood fly-up while the vehicle is being operated could result in reduced driver visibility.

    Dealers will replace the hood striker. Owner notification is expected to begin during December 2000. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Ford at 1-800-392-3673. Also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    The rear seat has the same dimensions as the regular Explorer. I have had three adults in the back for short drives and two adults for longer drives.

    The rear seats fold down (60/40) and there are two covered storage places behind the rear seats.
  • I received my recall notice for the hood assembly. I also received notice #00B58.

    This states that, "it is possible for the affected vehicles to exceed design maximum speed."

    It goes on to say, "Owners who are affected by this owner notification are asked to return their vehicles to their dealer for powertrain calibration update. The updated calibration will insure that the vehicle operates within the design maximum speed."

    Does anyone know what the design maximum speed is? If I have them to do this, I'm concerned that I will lose some performance. If anyone has more info on this, please post.

  • karzzkarzz Posts: 151
    Unless you plan on driving at 120mph you shouldn't notice a difference. A vehicle's top speed is usually electronically limited by the speed rating of the tires. What that speed is for the ST I do not know, I would expect somewhere less than 112 mph. The vehicle would accelerate normally up to its limited speed then not accelerate past that speed.
  • Check the site; this issue is discussed at length there. I believe the top speed on the ST is set at 97 mph after it is calibrated, but I'm not sure.
  • I noticed the ST front-end does not have grease fittings. Do the front-end joints not require maintenance?
  • A simple fix for this is to have the dealer correct the problem before you take ownership of the car. It's amazing how fast the service dept will overcome an issue to make a sale. It took the dealer I bought from all of 2 hours to fix the problem and detail the vehicle. I took a long lunch, came back and picked it up.
  • I'm getting a consistent 15-18 mpg. It is my guess, and only a guess that the poor mpg is due to a combination of the gearing of the transmission when leaving from a full stop, the vehicles weight and its lack of aerodynamics. I've attempted to increase the mpg by intentionally starting out slowwwww, accelerating in a slow fashion and using the cruise control whenever possible, I might have noticed an increase of 2 mpg. To me it's not worth the hassle so I've stopped worrying about it and simply enjoy the ride.
  • kdaroskdaros Posts: 19
    If you really want to know about the Sport Trac you must visit and join this site

    I know this has been posted before but it truly is a great site.

  • The Sport Trac is rated as what, 15/19 mpg? With the 4.0 SOHC, and the open bed in the back, better plan on getting 17mpg at best. I've owned 3 Explorers (2 with the SOHC and 1 with the OHV engine) and the best gas mileage I ever got was about 18mpg. And that was on a highway trip 65mph with the cruise all the way, only using the radio. I'd like to meet the guys who make up the EPA ratings and ask them how to get that highway mileage estimate.
  • Thinking about leasing an ST in the somewhat near future (maybe summer time) and am looking for some real life leasing examples. Anyone out there leased their vehicle? Doesn't matter where you live, but I'm in Miami. Thanks.
  • Greetings to all and apologies if this has been recently discussed but I am looking for any advice or recommendations on the following:
    1) The tonneau cover is not a good fit for me and I know that a company in Michigan (A.R.E.) produces a fiberglass camper shell style cover. Any thoughts on this or does anyone know of other companies doing the same/similar product?
    2) Can anyone recommend a good trailer hitch? Can -Haul install one? Is there one that is easy to order and install yourself? Thoughts?

    Would you mind e-mailing me at
    with any ideas? I sometimes forget to log on here to check... THANK YOU
  • mltwo2mltwo2 Posts: 4
    was wondering if any one has had a problem with the cd changer getting errors and not playing or allowing me to eject cd's that are in the player. I have had my sport track since june of 2000 and i have the 6 cd system. This is the only problem i have had so far. Dang i sure would hate to have remove my stereo and not have any music for a couple of weeks. Any help from some one that has hads this problem would be great. My e-mail is
  • jjbennyjjbenny Posts: 4
    Have been experiencing a problem with the oil gauge. After starting the vehicle the gauge never moves but stays stuck and the check gauges light stays on until the truck warms up,usually takes about a minute or 2 then the needle on the gauge pops right into the proper reading and the check gauges light goes out. Its seems to happen when it has been cold overnite 50 degrees or cooler,since it has warmed up it hasnt happened again. Anyone experiencing a similar problem?
  • I have heard this problem discussed on its the sending unit. The engine is getting oil the gauge just dosnt show it until truck warms up. Fix is to have the dealer replace sending unit. The problem does not harm the truck.
  • Dealer will fix this problem. Apparently it is quite common not only on Sport Trac but other 2001 models. Quick fix and it really does fix it.
  • sgcrewssgcrews Posts: 1
    I am on the verge of buying a Sport Trac, but I am concerned about one issue: I will be using the bed extender/cargo cage extensively, since I will carry bicycles almost every time I use the truck. This means that most of the time I will be driving around with the tailgate down. Is this OK? Does Ford recommend against driving at highway speeds, or driving on bumpy roads, with the tailgate down? Can anyone tell me if the tailgate moves or makes noise when down? Thanks.
  • cazzo1cazzo1 Posts: 1
    In 8 hours Ill be picking up my new green ST with everything except leather and moonroof and I cant wait because my current car has 171,000 miles on it and is dying. I've read most of the messages and this will help me before I sign the final papers. Thanks
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