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Mazda6 Tires and Wheels



  • Can anyone confirm that there are no issues with additional tire width and minor height difference when using 225/45R18? I'm up here in Boston so I need to get some new All seasons very soon. Just want to confirm that the extra size fits the rim well and there are no issues with scraping any part of the body.
  • thanks for al the input.
    My friend with a regular 6 loves his Avons. thinks they are way better than OEM.
    quieter with better handling.
    has had them almost 40K and still going strong.

    I was thinking about the Avons for my MS6, but I wanted to be sure about upsizing to 225 45 18. the Pirellis at 215 do actually look narrow for the wheel, but they are the recomended OEM size.

    I need to pull the trigger soon, the shimmy from the uneven tire is starting to really annoy me. I can't drive the way I want either, don't really have the confidence in the handling that I used to.

    This car,even with summer biased AS like the Pirellis was totally unfazed by 3" of snow and slush in Jan and Feb.
    It handled almost as well as my previous A6 quattro did.
  • I just had my Bridgestone 225/45R18 tires put on today. The Mazda dealer's tire man didn't blink when I said I planned to put that size on the car. The fellow who put them on today had no problems. I drove home 23 miles with no noticeable difference noted. These tire are just 10 mm, 4/10 of an inch, wider. They are only 4.5 mm taller, so the differences are minor. On the speedometer they rate 804 vs. 811 revolutions per mile; that is less than a 1% difference. I don't think there is going to be a problem. The Avons are just a little larger: 2 pounds heavier and 800 revolutions per mile.
  • Road & Track has a comparison of ultra performance AS tires in their current edition. The Pirellis did good. The tires were tested in wet and dry conditions, but I don't think it included ice or snow (I only had a few minutes to look at the article.) I looked up in the wheel wells on my MS6 today; there isn't much room around those tires. I could only get the tip of my little finger between the tire and one of the wheel supports. No problems for me, but it is close.
  • donzydonzy Posts: 5
    Just FYI, I purchased winter tires from - Dunlop Sport M3's size 215/50/17. They are the same overall size as the 18's and will fit over the calipers. They are rated very high in winter performance/treadware and much cheaper than the Bridgestone Blizzaks in the 18" size. After several months of research and conversation I found out that going to a wider tire 225/45/18 would require an auto body shop to perform a fender lip roll on the front. Has anyone had to have a fender lip roll done? The narrower tire 215/50/17 is better in the winter than the wider 225/45/18.
  • If I went to dedicated winter tires, I would do exactly as you have done- 17" wheels with tires sized to achieve the same overall height. At least in my case with all season tires, changing to size 225/45R18 required no fender lip roll or other special handling. The space available in the front is close, and perhaps insufficient for a snow tire with prominent tread shoulders.
  • With the stock 17x7 wheels, the tires will be too narrow for the wheels themselves. This will cause the tires to wear unevenly and will pose a safety factor. As a matter of fact, the stock size isn't the ideal width tire for the wheel. The 225s are better fits actually...

    If $$$$ is an issue, may I suggest buying a set of 16" steel wheels and the 205-60/16 tires? They are the stock tire size for the 16" wheels, and are much less expensive than the 17". A set of steelies (or used wheels) can be found without much $$$$ as well.
  • Has anyone had any experience with the Pirelli P400 or Pirelli Aquamile 400 ? :cry:

    Please help.
  • At 1,800 miles, I ran over a thick piece of wire (actually, it was more like a thin metal bar) and it punctured my tire right in the middle of the tread--it also banged around my wheel-well so hard it ripped off a clip holding one corner of the back bumper on.

    Anyway, I took it in and was told no warranty on road hazard or anything for the tires. Since I didn't want to buy TWO new tires, I figured I should stay with the stock brand/make of tire. IS THIS CORRECT?

    Though the soonest they could get a new Potenza RE050A XL in would be in over a week, and it would cost $220, I ended up getting one online for $200 and it got here the next day (shipping was only $15).

    Next time it's going to be Pirellis or Goodyears or something in the $120-$150 range.
  • Before I take the plunge for my wife's car, can anyone out there tell me if the Goodyear F1 (v-groove pattern threads) are superior than the others in the wet? A colleague swears by them who switched from Pirelli 6000! My wife's priority is EXCELLENT GRIP. :blush:
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    I was told by some that the gold wheels will NOT look good on Black Cherry, or any color for that matter; I beg to differ ;-)



    I've been getting alot of compliments.... anyway, I'm very happy with them :-)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The pics seem to be hosted somewhere that requires a login. They aren't showing up, at least for me.

    Why not post them on your CarSpace page and then display them from there?
  • Help!!!!
    My sister just purchased a very well kept 1997 Mercedes S 320.
    Can anyone tell me which tire would have the best grip and quietness to suit this car?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Try asking in the S-Class discussion and/or in the Tires, tires, tires topic.
  • My 2006 MS6 chewed up 2 sets of front tires in 3400
    miles. Dealership and service rep don't know exactly
    what to do. Other Mazda 6s with 18" wheels have had
    problems as well according to the service manager.
    They're putting another set on tomorrow and trying
    to change the alignment specs, but without understanding
    just what is going on. As this is supposedly the final
    fix, I hope they chew up also so that the lemon law will
    kick in and I can get my money back. Mazda North America
    will now stand by their word nor behind their product as
    I've discovered. Goodbye and good riddance Mazda...

    -ticked off in Alabama...
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 971
    Keep us posted.
    The speed6 looks so good I want to buy one, but if it has problems and Mazda won't back it, then its off my list.
  • Local Mazda dealership changed the tires on 3/15 to Michelin
    Pilot. Rear differential changed as well... So far, for
    the 2K miles I've driven all is OK. They suspect problems
    with Bridgestone's tires, but I suspect alignment issues.
    I'll keep the car a year and dump it. No more Mazdas, but
    mostly because of their customer care, or lack of it...

  • mazdamaxmazdamax Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 MazdaSpeed 6, and with 6,000 miles the tires are half gone. I'd like some info on replacements with less tread wear that won't affect the handling too badly, and without too much expense. I'm living on a service-connected disability, so price makes a big difference. I'll drive my truck in the winter, so snow tires aren't that big a deal.
  • gotocalugotocalu Posts: 2
    Ready for first rotation on '06 Speed6; 3300 miles;
    DOES ANYONE KNOW THE MM SIZE ON OUR LUGNUTS? As the tires are directional, front to back & vice versa only? (no criss-cross)? Also, found a good low profile jack with a saddle that won't mar the undercarriage? Replies are greatly appreciated.
  • Took my 2006 Mazda 6GT to my independent mechanic in Cleveland, Ohio, this week for a 10,000-mile check up. Got a lube, oil, filter change and a tire rotation. Mechanic reported this week my 18" Pirelli tires, rotated first at 5,000 miles, are cupping. Says it could be a suspension problem, or a tire problem. With the car's mileage so low, he suspects its not the suspension (he didn't notice any problems with the struts).

    Anyone else experienced this problem? Did it turn out to be a tire problem or a suspension problem? What was the outcome?
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