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Chrysler Aspen Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rob91rob91 Posts: 1
    07 aspen limited demo with 800miles
    msrp 42820
    invoice 39495
    sales price 38695 + TTL

    Sales price is good with 0% financing for 72months. Dealer said other discounts would be available only if I decline the 0% rate.

    Anyone know if this is this a good deal??
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi dquirini. If the Aspen that you are interested in is a demo vehicle or a service loaner there is a chance that it still qualifies for Chrysler's new vehicle lease program. It it has been titled and it is considered to be a used vehicle then it does not. While they can usually be leased, the lack of support on used vehicle leases often makes them as expensive or more expensive to lease than similar brand new models. Make sure to compare any lease quote that you get on the Aspen that has 12,000 miles on it to a quote on a similar brand new truck.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • What kind of price should I expect to get on a well equiped Aspen Limited? My Dodge Ram lease is expiring on 10/1 and I need to buy something soon. If I can get a good price from the dealer & 0%, I'm sold.
  • At this point, you should be able to buy for no more than invoice with you keeping any incentives if there are any in addition to the 0% for 72 months. The 2008's are already in production and should be arriving at dealerships by now. I have tried to lease a new Aspen but the residual is so bad that they are not attractive to lease at all.
  • Looking at a 2007 Aspen 4x4 with Hemi and all the bells and whistles. List price is $43,500. With a $2000 rebate, the dealer wants to discount another $3500. Can anyone advise if this is a great deal or not? As a "left over" I may lose more in depreciation as soon as the 2008 models arrive.

    Also - can anyone advise what mileage you are getting? Sticker says 14 city and 18 highway.

  • I just ordered a new 2008 Aspen, limited, 4wd, fully loaded, with 28J, popular equipment group 2, power sunroof, myGIG multimedia with navigation, and trailer tow group. My final price 41,049 and getting 3.9% financing for 60 months rather than 1,000 cash back. Steel Blue metallic. It had to be factory ordered. If the incentives get better before it comes in I can get the better incentives. The only way the cash back would be better than 3.9% would be about 3,000 and I doubt Crhysler will do that much on the Aspen, but i'm hoping. The dealer is Smith Haven Chrysler in Long Island, New York. Anyone have any comments on the deal, good or bad?
  • MSRP on above is: 43,860
  • I just bought an '08 Aspen, loaded, 44,810 MSRP. The deal I got was 38,500 with the $1,000 rebate, but I took the 3.9% at 39,500 instead. We love it, except for the mpg.
  • Anyone have an employee choice burning a hole in their pocket yet for 2007. Going in to lease a Chrysler on Monday and would love to use it!
  • What's a goodprice on an 08 aspen ltd loaded with hemi and all options except tow package...I wasquoted550 monthly with 4000 down for 36 months 12K miles.

    Thanks Car man
  • I just leased yesterday in the Atlanta metro area an 08 Aspen Limited, MSRP was about 39K. I leased for 39 months, 15k miles/year. The lease was no money down, sign and drive for $527/month (including 7% tax).
  • Does anybody have the current money factor / residual % for a 2008 Aspen Limited 4x4 Package E (MSRP ~36475)? I'm looking for a 36 - 39 month lease, 15,000 per year.

    Thanks in advance!
  • hemigirlhemigirl Posts: 2
    We were looking at the Aspen Limited Hemi - about $42,000 - can get friends and family discount. Have the Commander that is going back, current lease expires 2/9/09. Must have the captain chairs in the middle. Thanks!
  • slackjawslackjaw Posts: 32
    Looking to order

    2008 Aspen Limited 4x4 with 28J package
    Trailer Tow Group
    Popular Equipment Group
    MyGig with NAV
    Grey Metallic

    Dealer's current offer is $546 a month with $546 first payment only at inception.

    10.5K 36 month lease.

    45% residual with a .00070 MF

    MSRP is $43,065
    Dealer discount is $4,114
    Manufacturer rebates and credits are $4,400
  • slackjawslackjaw Posts: 32
    OK, update.

    Not that it seems that anyone else is here or cares.

    08 Aspen Limited (Mineral Gray, Black, Cognac, or Sandstone in inventory), all options except for engine block heater. 45K MSRP give or take a few bucks depending on paint color.

    First payment down $499 a month for 36 month 10.5K mileage lease.
  • Hello all-
    Looking into an 2008 Aspen, Limited, signature package w/ 4.7L engine, leather, rear dvd.

    Does anyone know the residual values and MF? Also, expected bottom line pricing for this vehicle?

    Looking at a 36mo lease w/ 12K miles/yr.

    Appreciate any info and insight.
  • blazen68blazen68 Posts: 1
    Just did the exact same thing only I got the Hemi. They started in the $500 range and I finally got them down to $385 with about $1800 down which include $350 to carry the bumber to bumber warranty the extra 3 months. They have a $3000 rebate right now at least in the Atlanta area.

    I don't know residual value and MF.
  • thanks. was that 2 wd or AWD?
  • pCan someone please tell me the DCX employee discount?

    Some people have told me it's a dollar amount under invoice.. some people said it's 3% under invoice... some 6% under invoice...

    Is the reason I've heard differeng stories is because it changes with time? Changes depending on make//model?

    The last person I believed said it was 6% below invoice across the board for any chrysler product....

    What is right?

  • shlomizshlomiz Posts: 3
    Got a quote today for 2008 Aspen Limited 28J with NAV and Entertainment Group II.
    36 Months
    $1000 down which includes first payment a fees.
    @ $490 per month (includes tax)
    Dealer is in Charlotte NC.

    Any thoughts? is it reasonable? too much? :confuse:
    Thanks guys.
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