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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues



  • Its your fuel pump going out get a ac delco pump and have both filters changed there are to fuel filters and never let it go under a quarter of a tank and never use ethanol and never use any kind of fuel cleaner crap use 87 octane 100% gas every 3000 miles put a octane booster in the gas before filling and change both fuel filter every 6 months
  • It could be the fuel pump as the other post suggests but if you replaced it a few years ago it should be still good unless it was a third party or re-manufactured part that went bad. I had similar symptoms with my 99 GP, and replacing the mass air flow sensor fixed the problem, have you replaced that.
  • Yes the fuel pump and filters were replaced about 4 months ago, the mass air flow sensor was replaced about a year ago.
  • I had the same problem. After doing a little troubleshooting, I checked the wires that connect to the fuel pump and one of the connectors was bad. It didn't connect to the pump properly. I simply replaced both connectors. That was over a year ago and it starts up like a champ everytime. Your pump is easily accessible from your trunk. Remove the trunk liner and then remove the cover to the pump. You'll see 2 wires running to it. If you are able, start your car and then wiggle the wires to see if it stalls and dies. If so, there's your problem and your answer. If you are not able to start it, move the wires around a little, gently, also make sure you have the key in the on position, this way you will hear the pump turn on and when you wiggle the wires you'll be able to determine if its the wires or not. Hope this helps.
  • takumi_takumi_ western canadaPosts: 7
    Try cleaning the aluminum bracket under the coil packs and the base of the ignition module (the square part the coil packs and wiring are screwed to). I used carb cleaner and a red scotch pad. Worked like new after. That area acts as a ground for the coils and module, and once corroded, causes the car to buck and sputter. A bad ignition module will cause the sputtering as well, but usually will sputter once the motor is up to running temps. (Runs fine cold) G.L.
  • jugmeisterjugmeister Posts: 1

    I've also got a My 2001 Grand Prix GT has been "fixed" three times by a previous owners, and it stills stalls out on the hiway randomly. Now normally, I'd just assume the problem was unrelated to whatever the mechanics fixed (i.e. MAF, cam and crank position sensors, PVC valve, mapping sensor were replaced before I got this car). Also the security feature suggested if it's actually the security system that randomly engaging. The 1997-2003 Grand Prix with an alarm system ( there is a 3 on the Key to see this) have a Passkey III immobilizer-type setup that cuts power to the fuel pump and starter. To check for this when your car is stalled turn it to the accessory mode for 10min then to the off mode and it should start if it is the key..

    This is EXACTLY what happens when it stalls out; the car will just suddenly die, with no warning at all except a shudder, and the "low oil pressure" and "low voltage" warning lights on the dash come on. When you try to restart, the fuel pump doesn't consistently engage, as if it's still trying to immobilize the car. I need to take the battery cable off wait and it seems to rest the computer...

    Please Help me i found that many people have this problem and the scrap yard is full of these cars...

  • Ok, let me give you the back story...

    -Bout 8 months ago i gave my buddy my park avenue to swap motors into a Grand Prix GT i picked up with a blown motor. L67, Gen V, 1.85YT, SD Headers, 75 shot N2O, etc, etc

    -I believe that he took my motor and put it in his Impala, which is a story i'll save for later. Which i believe he top swapped his motor and put it in my car and dropped the complete L67 block in his. Makes it worse because i helped him find the parts to do it.

    -Guy on the forum tuned my PCM for these particular parts, which apparently i no longer have. Now since i started driving the car i put it on the highway like on my way to work and it randomly stalls out. No matter the time of day and no warning signs. RPM's dont drop fast but gradually fall back to zero.

    -I have replaced MAF, plugs, IAC, ICM, Coil packs, BBV, vac lines.

    -He did put on my SSIC, but knows if he did it right and swapped my pulley down to a 3.25. I did not buy the swap kit from zzp, so he spliced the wires for the map sensor, could they be wired up wrong?

    On the streets the it runs ok, it doesnt stall out at all. On the highway which is how i get to work is my issue. Out of nowhere and boom dead. It does however start back up immediately.

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