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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues



  • prettybprettyb Posts: 2
    am begin to think i brought a lemon or a car 2005 grand prix drive good and look good but some time get in car and it start right up and sometimes i get in i have to start it 2 or three times only had the car 2 weeks and i do have 3 year warranty i already took it to two place they send me to! and each time the car start good! So they dont seem think nothing wrong with the car! But am not crazy this car has starting problem! but it not all time but it enough!
  • morgan71morgan71 Posts: 25
    Sounds like it could be crank and cam shaft sensor. Some times it will allow the car to start with no problem and then sometimes it wont. Have your car hooked up to run a diagnostice just to be sure its not the starter, alternator or something else. But I would definately start there.
  • prettybprettyb Posts: 2
    ty you morgan im going check into this! Next week im going take it back to shop But i hope it not going cost alot to get fixed! I already got one car im getting work done!
  • I used to have a 99 Grand Prix. It would stall randomly and then start right up. It took the dealer a long time to figure out because they couldn't make the problem to reoccur. They replaced the crankshaft positioning sensor and the problem got fixed. At the time the car had 125000 miles on it. It is a $35 part but there is some labor involved. I don't know if this is your problem for sure but it could very well be.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Hope you were able to get to the bottom of these issues since your last post! Let us know if you would like for us to look into anything.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • morgan71morgan71 Posts: 25
    Your welcome. Hope it all works out. Usually to replace the sensors may cost around $260.00, thats including parts and labor.
  • I have a 1988 Grand Prix with the 2.8 liter. It will run perfectly, and always starts fine in after it has sat for a few hours. The problem is after it runs awhile and I park it it will start right away in the first few minutes, but after it sits for a half hour or so it will not start again for a couple hours.

    I had the module and coils tested, they are fine, and my mechanic changed the crank sensor yesterday, still same problem.

    As I saod, it will turn over fine, and if I pump it I can smell gas, it just won't start. What else can I check before I turn a mechanic loose on a problem like this?

    Also, as I said, no other problems, no codes or lights, no stalling, I think I could drive 1000 miles with no problem as long as I leave it on.
  • just an update..........changed the ignition module, still same problem....what's left? It will restart fine a few minutes after I park it, but it seems like something heats up while it sits and won't let it start after 20 minutes to a half hour.
  • morgan71morgan71 Posts: 25

    Furnaceman, to be honest with you I dont know what else it could be. I dont think its the starter or alternator. I would suggest taking it to either your mechanic or another one for a 2nd opinion. Also, try using Google and type in the search "starting issues with 1988 pontiac" and research some of the links it provides. You may find an answer there as well.

    Wish I could've been more help. If I should hear anything I'll be sure to share.
  • No, it doens't have any problems charging or turning over, it will crank as long as I want when it won't start, it just doesn't actually start.

    Thanks for the Google idea, I suspect I will be finding another mechanic for actually a 3rd opinion.
  • Have you tried engine cleaners to clean carbon deposits and sludge in the engine? In an engine that old you are likely to have a lot of it.
  • Not entirely sure how I can have a carbon deposit that can cause a problem sometimes? Also it only has 62,000 miles on it. Also not sure how this can cause it to not start after it gets warm but cause it to start after it cools for a couple hours?
  • put new starter in car and it still won't start any suggestions
  • morgan71morgan71 Posts: 25
    Hello Pdilcher,

    can you provide a few details on what happened? What did your car do before it had the problem or what signs did it give? What does it do when you turn the key to start it? A few things to check would be the alternator, check your fuse panel under the hood and in the cabin of the car. Also check your fuel rail to make sure you are getting gas. You can do this by locating a small nozzle that has a cap that you would turn to take off, then you should see a small pin, press that pin down to see if fuel comes out. Make sure you do this with the key in the on position so that the fuel pump is on. Start by checking these few items 1st.
  • MY son changed the starter the positive wire from battery to starter and cleaned the ground connection on the block and all its doing is clicking and when wetry to jump it, the crankshaft pulley moves a tiny bit then snaps back into same spot
  • My niece has a 2004 Grand Prix GTX. It will die intermittently. All electrical goes off and no codes. I am thinking it might be a bad circuit breaker and maybe an intermittent short. The circuit breaker might be tripping and then resets when it cools down enough.
  • gw76gw76 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Ponitac Grand Prix it keeps cutting off. I took it to the shop and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, but clearly there is something wrong. It cuts off if I am driving it in traffic, it cuts off if I am sitting idle such as in a drive through, it often cuts off as soon as I start it and then I have to start up again. Sometimes when I am sitting idle it starts to cut off and then it seems to like catch itself and jerks back on. There are times when I start it that it literally jerks when it starts.....PLEASE any ideas why this is happening and what this might be? Please respond....
  • morgan71morgan71 Posts: 25
    Hello GW,

    Here are a few things to check before you take your car out again. Check your antifreeze levels and your temp gauge when you are driving to make sure your car isnt overheating. Also, when you turn your key into the on position without starting it, turn down your radio and have the door closed and leave the key in that position for a moment to see if you hear the hum of the fuel pump. You should hear it hum consistently. Also, when is the last time you had a tuneup performed? Lastly, I had a similar problem with mine and it turned out to be the connectors to my fuel pump were going bad. You can access your fuel pump thru your trunk bed I believe. I dont think Pontiac changed that considering I have an 04 GTP. Pull back the liner, you'll see a metal plate with about 8 screws, take off the nuts and lift off the plate. You'll see the connectors running to the pump. Turn your key to the on position without starting it, then kinda move the wires with your hand just a bit to see if the pump cuts off or continues to hum. Lastly, in some cases it could be a crank and or cam sensor. Try checking the other items 1st, hopefully this can help you use a process of elimination.

    Hope this helps.
  • I had the same problem with my 2003 grand prix gtp - the fix for my car was
    the crank sensor.

    Took research on my part to figure out the problem - no mechanic could figure it out..
  • I had a similar problem on my 1999 GP. The deale,r after several days of checking things out, replaced the crankshaft positioning sensor and the problem went away. The other thing you may keep in mind is the mass airflow sensor. The part is around $150, it is a 5 minute job. Mass air flow sensor throws a diagnostic code. The crankshaft sensor didn't.
    Good luck.
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