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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • amuzjayamuzjay Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    $1900 for tranny ( not including torque convertor) $500 for the torque convertor, $1600 for the R&R ( quoted 17 hrs to do the rebuild replacing all the hard parts and soft). Plus fluid and tax. Looks like I'm getting raked with the labor. It's at my local Aamco Transmission shop. Point being, a 2006 $59,000 vehicle should last without having to dump that kind of money back into it.... Really, shame on me... If a car company is only going to warranty their drive train for 36k.......that should have been my clue. My 2006 Hyundai........ 146789 miles and not one penny having to go towards any mechanical issues... My 1998 Mitsubishi montero sport 4x4...... 167899 miles before my teenager blew the motor (let the oil run out) 1995 ford ranger xlt....67567 miles I had to rebuild the tranny for $1800, then two years later( one month after the warrenty expired) I had to do ot again for $ more American vehicles for me.... No heart into them, too much greed in cost savings cause they have to pay all those years of pensions and medical bills.
  • amuzjayamuzjay Posts: 3
    I hope they do stand behind their product, it's a rare thing these days. I would absolutely be a Chevy lover if a little understanding was used and the customer was protected. Can you just imagine..... Mr. _____ , I understand your frustration and we want you to trust our brand. Please let us cover the bill to fix your vehicle made with pride by our company......... It's only a dream;(
  • corrieqcorrieq Posts: 2
    Well, GM Customer Assistance has agreed to pay 30% of the repair cost, plus 5 days of the rental car. This will save me a total of $1,500, so I'm pleased.

    Although I was hoping for more, this will do for now given the fact that I am out of warranty. I'm anxious to see if a class action case is brought against GM regarding these 4L60E transmissions.
  • jzahnjzahn Posts: 3

    I bought my 2007 suburban last June and I have already had to have the heads plained because of a manufactures defect 3 months ago and now on the way home from work last week it was like I had run something over and then the transmission would not work in drive. I have to put it in 2nd and then start going to shift it up to drive. I had it looked at and the repairman told me that I need a rebuild. I should have kept the Ford truck that I traded for this thing. All I have done is put money into this and havn't even been able to enjoy the vehicle. Anyone have the same problem with the transmission and does it need rebuilt??????? UGH!!!
  • Shift problems
  • jos3phh2l3yjos3phh2l3y Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I have the same problem did you ever find what was causing this.....
  • orcha2002orcha2002 Posts: 1
    I recently took an impromptu beach trip with my 100,000 miles + Chevy Tahoe and got stuck in 4 Lo. I took the car to a mechanic and they told me my Transfer Case Motor was shot so I needed to replace it. After many hours of them trying to put the motor on they decided that the transfer case itself was broken which will not allow the actuator to fit correctly. They now say it will cost $1650 to fix the transfer case. Does this sound fishy to anyone? Is there no way to manually shift back to 2WD and save myself $$$? Any help is much appreciated.
  • roccob888roccob888 Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Holy Crap! Im about to go to the dealer with the same problem. 59,000 miles! Im sooo pissed this is why I always lease. I knew I shouldnt of bought this piece of junk! I smelling class action law suit!
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Same thing with my 2005 Tahoe.....tranny did the same thing at 82,500 miles and then just went totally out....cost $3100 along with other issues I am so over Chevy products as soon as I can I am going back to imports.
  • a_dorn2012a_dorn2012 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    In Feb. 2012 bought this Tahoe from a dealer. 120,000 miles. Have put less than 3,000 miles on it. Transmission went out, cost $3,000.00 + a $260.00 sensor. Towing costs, $400.00. Dealer called last night and said the transmission is fixed but the front differential needs to be replaced, or it will work the transmission too hard and it will break again, Cost, another $2,000.00. UGH! Is this a common Tahoe issue? :confuse:
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    I cant say for sure its a common issue but I do know I have seen many reports on here saying folks have replaced the tranny several times before they even hit 100k miles. I have not heard anyone having issues with their differential and I am knocking on wood right now that it will not be my next issue with this damn SUV.
  • They could sure use a lesson from Ranger Boats. I hit a pothole in my subdivision last year while pulling my Ranger out. The pothole broke both welds on axle and it rotated up to where tires were rubbing on fiberglass fender. Long story short, 3 yr warranty had expired the YEAR before. I sent them pictures of the hole, my tire, fender and axle. Out of good will and standing behind their product they send me a brand new axle and two new tires. So, if you are looking for a bass boat, Ranger will definitely stand behind their products.

    MY 07 Tahoe's transmission just went out with a little over 59k miles, still under the powertrain 100k warranty but time ran out last sept. Guess what, after a lot of wrangling they split the bill with me 60-40 which was appreciated, but for one of their top of the line vehicles to have tranny probs with less than 60k miles doesn't bode well for this vehicle and from what I am seeing a lot of other Tahoe owners are or have had the same problem.
  • adrien1adrien1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2000 tahoe with 235000km on it and now the tranny won't shift by itself. If i shift it myself it works but no overdrive. Does anybody have any suggestions what it could be Any help would be great thanks
  • juanmg67juanmg67 Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I was coasting down a mountain about 55 MPH when my transmission went out. Then I tried to speed up on a level road and all I saw was the RPMS go up. Now the transmission won’t select any gear even in Park it will roll forward. I checked the shift linkage outside and inside the transmission and everything seem to be working normally. I looked at the level of the fluid before and after engine start and it does not change. (Possible bad pump). Is there anything else I should be checking for before a transmission rebuild? Also I think I can get a 2002 transmission cheap but I don’t know if they are interchangeable
  • Look into the Transfer case sensor. Use youtube and search transfer case sensor. Google that as well. Cost to replace on 2006 4WD Tahoe was $700.
  • marka09marka09 Posts: 20
    With all the same issues on the Tahoe and Yukon transmissions I suspect that GM is looking at a Class Action Law Suit once the general public starts adding it all up. My new transmission (about a year old) is starting to do the same thing that the original one did. I've been to the dealer twice and its a "not trouble found" answer each time. I would think that GM would start putting it all together and find a real fix for the problems with these transmissions. Should a transmission only last about 80K miles? It shouldn't matter how old the vehicle is, the mileage is the key .
  • Transfer case sensor? The transfer case was getting lock on 4 LOW sporadically after some heavy rain I assumed it was the electrical connector taking in water. Thanks I’ll check it and get back with the results.
    I can get a 2002 used trani for about 300.00 but I don’t know if it is interchangeable
  • My husband and I purchased a 2007 Suburban in December of last year. We have four children and have a very tight budget so we decided to buy a used vehicle believing in the Chevrolet reputation. The vehicle had 72000 miles on it when we brought it home and immediately noticed the oil consumption was about a quart every 3000 miles. Not thinking it was a bid deal from what the dealerships were telling us we went with it because we loved the vehicle. Now we have 83000 miles on the vehicle and burn a quart and a half every 3000 miles. That's when I started researching the vehicle only to find I am one of many. Our local chevy dealership won't start an oil consumption test unless we have our oil changed there, the problem with that is we get free oil changes from the dealership we bought the car from. We can't afford to trade this in without being upside down, can somebody please help me with what I should do next.
  • Need a little more info. Did this 2007 Chevy Suburban come with a warranty from the dealership? If so how many miles does it cover you for? Did you report any oil concerns over the past 11,000 miles to the dealer you purchased from? Most IMPORTANT did you report any concerns to the dealer within 3,000 miles of owning it??? :confuse:
  • Good morning wizekat78,

    If you would like for us to touch base with your dealership(s) about this, we're happy to look into this further. Please send us an email at with the following information: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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