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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • I lost drive and 3rd. First, second and reverse continue to work. I removed the pan and changed the filter and fluid, saw nothing in the pan. Still have the same issue. Any ideas of what to do now? Have approx. 145,000 miles on Tahoe, second owner and well maintained vehicle.
  • hwarner, unfortunately I have a 2007 Suburban with 148000 miles on it and the same thing happen to me. When it happen to me I could put it in first gear and take off manually shifting up to drive. Turns out a bearing fell apart and I had to have the transmission rebuilt. $1600.00 ugh!!
  • jb209jb209 Posts: 2
    Can someone please help me?!!! I have a 01 chevy tahoe with 180128 miles on it, I just had to put a new rear end in last week the 7th of Dec. this Monday the 10 of Dec, I was driving I left my house and as I was going when it shifted from 1st to 2nd the RPM went up very high and it don't shift until I was going 21 mph, or I can give gas real hard and let up it would shift. And on the freeway it would not go into 4th gear. It takes off good and it will reverse good. Can someone help me
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    My 2005 did the same thing this time last year, after having the CPU scanned I was told the throttle body was bad by the Chevy dealer, and then was told by another shop the transmission was shot. To be totally clear it was something like a belt or something for 2nd and 4th gear that was bad but it was the same price in labor to drop the tranny so I had to get a new one installed with a few upgrades. It sucks that my car only had 70k miles on it when it went out and was told the tranny's Chevy used are crap! My cost for upgrades and all was $2900 parts and labor.
  • jb209jb209 Posts: 2
    Thanks!!! It's time to just start calling around and see about a new one.
  • 97 tahoe has been daily driver no issues. fuel pump goes out and sat for 3 months and i got one put in and started right up and was headed for test drive and my tranny would not shift out of 2nd. started 1st and 2nd great and no 3rd or overdrive which is crazy cause never had issue at all and shifted perfect before it sat for 3 months.. Anyone hav any ideas. it cant be bad just sitting 3 months. i mean it shifted like new before i let it sit for them 3 months. would like some input please
  • The o7 models tohoe,suburbansand there trucks are all having ajor tranny issues and they dont seem to wanna recall this issue cause my tranny out of my tahoe and my dads out of his truck and my aunts is out of her suburban and we all bought from same dealership and all hav same tranny. and reading all these post ya chevy has a serious problem and they seem to ignor it and hav always been a chevy lover but if i cant rely on them then i will hav to switch to a brand that will
  • I just replaced my fuel pump myself and found fuel pump online for dirt cheap. Duno what year u are talking about but parts store wanted 300 for mine and i got it for $63.50 with free shipping. for 97 tahoe 4x4 5.7 v8 vortech
  • Toyota Tacoma is the best truck i hav ever owned besides my 95 chevy..
  • Thats is number one problem. u never wanna pull any trailer in over drive or u asking for trouble out of your trans. its not make to be hauling taier in over drve
  • The speed sensor will make a tranny act plum stupid if your speed ometor not working or acts funny i would try that first it fist one of mine.
  • My xmsn went bad a year and a half ago at 74K miles and I had to pay for a new one to be put in at the Chevy dealer. Now at 81K miles it's starting to do what the old one did when we first got the truck (and I believe that it contributed to the xmsn failure). The torque converter lockup is not unlocking properly. Going up a hill the engine labors until you really get on the gas pedal. My MPG has gone down to 12 mpg around town. The dealer replaced the valve body under warranty (3 year warranty) but that didn't fix it. Does anyone know if the TCM can be reprogrammed to change the unlock point? It just doesn't unlock soon enough and that will kill a transmission early. If I lightly touch the break to unlock the torque converter it runs exactly like new. Any ideas?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Good morning farleywalter,

    We're sorry to hear that all three of you are having transmission concerns. If you would like for us to check into this further with you, please email us at (include your name and the last 8 digits of your VIN, as well as a description of your concern).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • swoitswoit Posts: 1
    Needless to say, I have a very unhappy family right now. We turned onto one of the busiest roads in town and it felt like the tranny was in Neutral, yet the shifter clearly was in D. Tried 3rd and no dice. Flashers on in the middle turn lane going 25 in second with cars flying by in both directions was frightening.

    We went directly to the dealer to find out even though we are under 100,000 miles at 94,000; our 5 years had expired on our 2007 Tahoe LT. $61,000 for a loaded SUV and the tranny goes out under a hundred? Really?

    This is my second Tahoe. My 2001 ran like a top for 170,000 miles. So I bought this one. I've had 4 Explorers and one Expedition - none of them had major problems. Now I am sitting here 200 miles from home in a hotel late at night while the family is sleeping, trying to find a solution
    on the net. I hope GM Customer Assistance comes through and restores my faith in GM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    If you haven't already, swoit, please email us more information at (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation so far). We'd be happy to look into this further, although cannot promise the end result up front.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Good luck with Sarah from Gm. My 2001 tahoe transmission went out at 16000 miles and again at 32000 miles. GM told me it would be covered if it went out again due to it being faulty from the get go...well transmission out again at 88000 miles...and they will not stand behind it...but they would give me 2500 discount if I bought a new GM....GM lost me as a customer...but Nisssan got a new one....Love my new Nissan!
  • OMG! The same thing just happened to me. I have always owned Chevy's. My dream was to own a Chevy Tahoe. Well my dream came true when I bought a used 2006 Tahoe Z71. I always thought I would have my Tahoe forever, but just recently I was backing up and heard a big clunk! Now I barely have reverse, I can only go about 10' till it completely won't go ( like I have the brakes on) and it will also go forward in neutral! I thought to myself, no big deal Chevy has a 100,000 warranty. They don't! My tranny was only good for 36k! Really!? My truck only has 84,000 on it. Now what? I have 2 kids I have to take to school and sports and I'm 6 months pregnant.... I don't need this! I have no extra $$! This is the only transportation I have. I called the dealership and the guy in service told me I missed it by 1 year to get the 100,000 power train warranty. I missed it! Sorry you got screwed! Is this legal? I don't understand when you pay so much for a vehicle, they will only cover you for 36k miles. Anybody know what I can do? My friend said the tranny has to be replaced.....$3600! ;( Chevy?! Why!?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello soccormom1,
    Unfortunately, it is true that the 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain was not introduced on all models until 2007. However, the warranty expires on whichever occurs first, mileage or time; even if the warranty was included on your 2006 it would be expired by a hear and half to two years.

    We can look into this further, but I cannot promise anything up front. Please email us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation) if you're interested.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • We bought our Tahoe used 3 years ago. Transmission went out around a year and a half ago. Warranty just expired. Chevy split the cost since it was close. Went out again 4 months ago. They fixed (now its under warranty again) Went out again two days ago. They are fixing again. What is going on. We are worried about when this warranty runs out. (in another year or so) They don't seem to think this is strange. Am I the crazy one here or is this not right. From the beginning our engine light and traction control and stabilitrack service lights have been on. They did tones of warranty work and never was able to get those lights to turn off. Now of coarse that warranty is over. Any thoughts??

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    Are you already working with Customer Assistance on this? We're sorry that you are experiencing continued troubles with your Tahoe's transmission and want to make sure that the repairs go well. If you should need anything, email us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a brief recap of the situation for the agent answering the email).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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