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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • c3gmc3gm Posts: 3
    All of you should visit the National Highway Traffic Safety site located at link title

    You can file complaints and fill out forms that send your issues to the investigative group at NHTSA. Its the only way to get GM to recognize the issue.

    Also, Contact CNN and file a request for STORY submission at CNN.COM

  • I noticed my first slippage early. Same response from the dealer as may others have posted here. At @41,500 miles, just finished turning a sharp curve on an incline when I got the loud bang (thought I'd blown a tire) and immediate loss of power. Remaining was reverse and limited lower gear. Chevrolet dealer said "not a common problem" but it may be time to get rid of this one. My fourth GM over the past 10 years, but not sure I'll stick with them. Car is still under repair so we'll see.
  • I had the same problem. 07 Z71 Suburban with 8,200 miles. This is crazy. My dealer, however (valley Stream Chevy) did tow the vehicle to its shop, and they REPLACED the entire tranny unit. I cant understand why a NEW 50K vehical could have tranny problems. I LOVE my truck, however I cannot deal with these kind of 80's quality problems.
  • My wife drives a 2007 Suburban LTZ, 4X4. She first had problems with the transmission slipping when it was in auto. The dealer could find nothing wrong and told her to keep it in 2wd only. She has all of her maintenance performed by our local dealer regularly. Last week she was taking our children to church when she heard a loud noise and then the vehicle stopped. The wrecker was called and the truck spent the next three days at the dealership having the sprag gear replaced. The vehicle has only 34,000 miles and has never been off-road or towed a trailer. My wife has strongly expressed her anger with both the dealership and General Motors. There is an apparent problem with the transmission and GM showed have a recall. GM sent us a letter suggesting that we contact the BBB AUTOLINE to discuss our disattisfaction with our car. The number for the BBB is 1-800-955-5100. This is our 6th Tahoe/Suburban in twelve years and we have lost all confidence in it. I have been driving it in auto since we got it back and the transmission is slipping worse than before we lost the sprag gear.
  • Let me tell u MY story. I have an 07 Tahooe 13,000 miles. I put E85 fuel and my truck wasnt compatible. Such an idiot i am. On my way home the Stabilitrack light came on.Came home called the dealer they said that it shouldn't hurt it but try to get as much gas out as possible. Well, later that night I drive down the street and the Stabilitrack light comes on to be serviced AND the engine light comes on and when I accelerated it felt like someone hit me in the back. I thought for sure i messed up my car with that E85 I could have beat myself. I drove it straight home and got it towed to the dealer. They told me that The stabilitrack light came on because I have 22inch rims which is not true. The same day i purchased my SUV we drove it straight to the tire shop to put them on and that was about a year ago. He told me the engine light was on because of the gas.. Ok i believe that.. but he said there were no codes comming back for a problem. I told him they need to run more tests besides looking for codes because its jerking. Come to find out... I have a transmission problem and he told me that ALOT of newer Tahoes and Suburbans are having the same problem. So NO it wasnt MY fault about the gas it was just all coincidental that all of this happend at one time. My SUV has been in the shop for 2 weeks now they part they ordered was called the "Vaulve Body" which is an internal component in the trans thats causing it to slip. I should get my baby back next week. This is my first AND last GM vehicle. Although I hear that many are having issues with their local service place I would fight with them until they fixed the issue.Go to their boss.. their bosses boss. GM has a problem and its obvious, their transmissions in their SUVs suck!
  • I have a 2002 Chevy Tahoe that I bought used in Feb. 05. I took it to the local chevy dealer to inquire about an extended warranty and he made the comment that it has had transmission work but didn't elaborate. In August of 05 (approx. 40,000 miles on the vehicle) I tried to back out of my parking spot to discover I had lost reverse gear. The remaining gears rapidly followed as I limped it back home. GM explained that there was a weak part in my transmission and they would replace it with a stronger one. I think my out of pocket was around $150 because this part had already been replaced under warranty with the previous owner. Now, two years and barely 15,000 miles later, out goes reverse again, leaving me stranded. I have been contacting GM for three weeks trying to get some type of answer from them. Finally did. They will do nothing since they "good willed" the last repair. To me, this is outrageous! The same part goes bad 3 times in 55,000 miles and they do nothing? The way it sounds, the newer ones have the same junk transmission as I do. If I looked it up right, it is a 4L60E. I wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to start a class action law suit but if anyone else does, count me in. These trucks are too expensive to start with (poor gas mileage, initial cost, etc). and then we have to replace/repair transmissions every 15,000 miles????????? Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
  • hello, my name is Felicia and I purchased a 2002 Tahoe in Feb 05 at less than 50,000miles i forget hot much but my father told me to get the trans serviced at 50,000miles and not to forget but anyway i forgot and the trans went august of last year my fathers mechanic whom which is a crook put a 1500 trans 6mos warranty on it. less than a year later it went again which cost another 15oo. at first i felt guilty and thought it was my fault but maybe it wasn't completely my fault it went the first time i don't know what to do at this point. i was thinking to save up and have a new trans put in or buy another car, i love my truck it comes in handy for the snow cause i love just being able to ride over the snow but i don't know what to do. i was suppose to start nursing school but i can't afford to cause i'm putting too much money into my truck with these tranmissiong set backs and it's really frustrating what did you do or what do u suggest since u have the same situation if you don't mind u can email me back at
  • We have a 1999 Suburban.Automobile starts up very good. But when engine warms up, in freewheeling, auto starts to twitch and very often throttle. All gas sistem is proof. But nobody can prevent this problem. Can someone tell what is the problem?
  • I have a 1999 Tahoe (2dr) and I only can go forward. Yes, my reverse is totally gone! Its weird to me because everyones telling me all I may have to do is replace the filter but I don't know where to start or if that is even the problem.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Is your 2nd gear gone as well? It will wind out much longer in 1st, and then shift to 3rd.

    If so, get out your checkbook, and get it towed to the transmission shop. Don't drive it around, as any little metal pieces can do further damage to the gears.

    Had this same problem, I forget the name of the can like thing that gets a break in it. When it goes, it effects both reverse and 2nd.

    Depending upon how much other gear damage you have from the metal parts moving around, it should cost around 2K to fix, give or take 500 for other parts and different areas of the country.
  • I have a 2000 Yukon XL and the same thing happened to me today. I turned the corner and heard a loud band. I thought my timing belt may have broken. I lost my forward drive. I was left only with reverse. What was your cost and exact problem? I ask so I am informed before I take my car for service to prevent being taken for granted. This is so crazy. I purchased my car used in 2004 and have had no real problems. I was just thinking how great of a vehicle it was and how much I loved it. I dont know if I can keep it as I need dependable. I have a disabled child and this is our only means to getting him and his equipment around. I hope this is just a isolated incident for us. Let me know what to expect from the repair shop please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nob1nob1 Posts: 1
    I bought my Tahoe new in 02. About 30,000 miles in, the transmission seemed to be slipping. Took it back to dealer and they couldn't replicate the problem. At 42,000 miles, the transmission failed (wouldn't go forward or reverse). Dealer did a rebuild under the powertrain warranty. Now, the vehicle has over 130K miles. A few months ago, I could feel a little slippage during gear changes or dead stop take offs. Hadn't taken it to shop yet. On the way to work today, heard a pop at a red light take off. Afterwards, the truck seemed stuck in a lower gear. Drove it another 1/2 mile more to the work parking lot. It won't go into reverse either. I like this vehicle, alot. My plan was to replace it next year with an Avalanche, but I'm seriously having second thoughts on these GM trucks. Gotta get it towed and I suspect it's about a $3000 repair. It just strikes me as abnormal to have these transmissions fail like this.
  • nob1 said: I'm seriously having second thoughts on these GM trucks. Gotta get it towed and I suspect it's about a $3000 repair. It just strikes me as abnormal to have these transmissions fail like this.
    Seems to me that since 2000 when GM went to the new body style and new engines that transmission failures at low mileage have become commonplace. I had a '92 Suburban with well over 150K on it with the original transmission and no problems at all. I now own an '06 problems yet with the tranny at 27K miles but it sure doesn't feel as solid as the unit in my '92. Also the 5.3 V-8 just doesn't have the torque that my '92 with the 5.7 engine had. Even sounds different. The newer GM models are nice to drive and have lots of toys but I don't think they are built nearly as strong as the older vehicles.
  • pan3pan3 Posts: 5
    Just had the pop and no forward gears (only reverse) on my 2007 Tahoe with 24,000 miles. Dealer said it is a sprag gear and other than just replacing with the same under warranty, no guarantee it won't strip/fail again. No design change by Chevy, but recogonized problem. My dealer has replaced 3 other 2007 failures his fall.
  • Hi.. i am writing from Saudi Arabia and have faced the same problem with my 07 Tahoe LTZ 4WD.. my problem started when i was driving from work to grab a bite more than 2 weeks ago.. i slowed down for a road bump but as soon as i pressed the pedal a strong knock happened that seemed someone hit me from the back to me at first.. but soon realized that the car fealt heavier and i immediately stopped on the side of the road.. i tried shifting gears to reverse and neutral then restarted the engine.. i drove for less than a mile and then same thing occured again.. parked the car and called the GM Road Assistance number to send a tow truck for inspection by the agency since it is still under warranty (38000 km ~ 23500 miles).. after inspection they found some fault in the transmission but i couldn't understand the technical stuff.. i have been following up with the agency from the day it entered the agency and they claim now that the parts are not available and have to order it from the US.. the warranty covers this fault but i lost money on car rental since they say GM policy here in the Middle East that the agency is not obliged to provide a replacement car until the fault is approved by GM HQ in USA!!

    i read in some websites that may be the 4-speed gear is probably the cause and highly recommended to use the 6-speed used in the Escalade and Yukon Denali.

    i think this will be my last chevy i buy, although my previous car was a trailblazer 2001 LT that had some problems in the AC actuator which made some knocking sounds in the dashboard, and haven't learnt from that lesson!
  • Does anybody know what it cost to replace a transfer case on 99 tahoe. Shop just called and said about $2000 may be 1750 if they can repair current one.
  • Hi all,

    Thought I'd post for you our transmission problem, sort of...32,000 miles on our '07...we actually were unaware of the problem until our first oil change as owners (bought it used) Mechanic asked if were aware of a transmisson leak, obviously no! Very slow leak, not even hitting garage floor. Problem was a Front Torque Convertor seal. Only took dealer 1 day, no cost of course.

    Still annoyed that my '07 vehicle was in the shop for anything, even though it was mild.
  • My tahoe is a 99 model, it acts like it is stuck in 2nd gear all the time. I've been told it was the ignition swicth. Cause it carries current to the moduales in the transmission. Is this true or do I have other problems? :sick:
  • Our 07 Tahoe with 23k miles had to be towed to the dealership after we heard a loud pop while accelerating and then lost the ability to drive in any gear except reverse.

    Anyone have any luck with GM replacing the transmission on the first break? If so, aren't they just going to replace it with another (potentially) faulty transmission?
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