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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • arriearrie Posts: 312

    Transmissions and engines used to wear out, not experience some catastrophic failure that is based on very bad and poor design.

    GM customers also used to last but not any more. There still are some "red necks" out there who still believe GM makes the best vehicles but facts are too strong and many GM fans are switching to imports as $55 000 vehicle indeed should not experience a catastrophic failure of anything in it.

    If GM would respect their loyal "audience" and go and fix catastrophic failures like transmission "explosions" under warranty even when warranty is out they would have a chance to survive but this is not happening and a lot of people have finally had it with GM.

    I have a Tahoe now but my next vehicle will come from Germany.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    A BMW? Hopefullly not a MB.
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 429
    Oh come on, that was the "old GM" ;)
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    AUDI Q5 or Porsche Cayanne. No MB and no BMW as their SUV's are ugly.

  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Which "old GM" do you mean? The one just before the Chapter 11 trick to get rid of all the bills or the one that stopped existing somewhere before year 2004?

    I got one of their 2004 model year pieces of crap, which now is good as I fixed all problems myself while it still was under warranty. Well, one problem remains. The steering shaft still needs to be lubed every 40 000 miles or so as I do not have the new part fix in place as the dealer refused to replace it under warranty and I refuse to pay for it since it should be changed under warranty. I have read on many posts where shaft has been replaced for them under warranty but by the time GM finally had the new shaft designed I had too many miles on mine. Problem with defective part existed since I bought the truck but I could not get it done. I bought the lube kit, which is not available any more, but I use it whenever I need and re-lube the shaft.

    No more GM for me after this one.

  • Carefull the host of this sight might get mad at what you say. Being that all things need to be looked at in different ways. (PUKE) Oh and we should not bash the lieing dealers that cover for these junk mobiles saying things like "I"ll call GM myself and find out why you had to put 5 transmissions and 4 steering shafts in your car". I cant even go back to the dealer I bought my 2004 tahoe s@#t box from because I might have a bowel movement on the money hungry ,don't care lieing dirt bags desk! YOU bet GM knows there are problems why the hell are they bankrupt? I looked in to the new equinox with the cash for clunkers sitcker price and 6.9% you tell me if gm cares Toyota 1.9 and cash back and I love the car. CJ
  • My 2h lite went out too. It was broken solder joints on the back of the swtich. I just resoldered them and it fixed it.
  • I just spent about 4 hours reading all of the posts... this is a GREAT place to be!
    Ok, bought my '96 Tahoe LT in April, with 150K miles on it, of which 10K are mine. It has a full tow package on it and I first made use of it with a 5x8 U-Haul trailer this past weekend. About half way into the 700 mile trip, I was entering the Trans-Canada from a ramp and, while accelerating, at about 45-50mph, there was a "zzzzzz" sound, kinda like a power steering pump, but from the tranny area. I was in OD, shifted to D, same noise with power on, it stopped when I released the gas, but no noise at all in 3rd. Everything still worked fine, passing gear, etc., no sign of slipping and the noise quit at hwy speeds.
    When I stopped an hour later, for fuel, checked the oil levels, all ok, then put it through the gears. Noise in forward & reverse, with brakes on and slight gas pedal, but it did not last. I finished the trip with no further noise, and no drop in performance and no obvious slippage.
    Without the trailer, and in our new snow, I've been putting it through the gears a little more aggressive, but everything seems ok.
    I'm doing another 300 mile trip with aging Mom & Dad at Christmas and don't want any problems... any ideas??
    Tranny oil is ok and, red, not burnt. Thank
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sounds like a bearing starting to go (under load conditions), but check the center driveshaft support bearing for slop.
  • I was under the truck the day before, visible joints & bearings all ok. Which other bearing were you referring to? The mechanics of a 4x4 are relatively new to me, this being my first one, but I'm a fairly good DIY' er. Are we talking tranny or transfer case?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I was suggesting to check the one holding the rear driveshaft.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Hard to check the u-joints w/o taking apart, but have you greased them recently?
  • Well, I sincerely hope it's as simple as that. I could not grease those joints, the fittings were impossible to reach, however, there is no play anywhere down the drive-line.
    It sounded like near the firewall, kinda like a fast ratchet sound, not a whine and, not a distinct click... more like one of them noise-makers on New Year's Eve! It's almost like something was slipping, yet I found no pull or performance loss and, no rpm increase.
    That little U-Haul pulled like it was heavy as a tank, though, even empty... aerodynamics of a brick! I normally get 19 mpg (Cnd) on long hauls, this thing brought me down to as low as 13,5.
    Keep the ideas coming! Thanks!
  • This just started happening while my wife has been driving the car this winter. After warming the car up, she has noticed that the car slips from Auto to 4 wheel drive and on at least one occassion began lurching and stalled after driving it around town. This hasn't happened on the fly yet - Thank God - only at parking lot speeds. I haven't witnessed the issue yet but even after a warm start the 4HI will keep flashing indicating that the car hasn't switched into or out of gear. She always keeps it on AUTO and hasn't had to use 4wd since we have had the car. Is this a transmission problem or the computer? Any thoughts out there?
  • Hello all, I need help! I have a 1999 Tahoe 4X4 LT with a automatic transmission. a few months ago, I was driving it and the transmission started slipping. I parked it and thought i needed to replace the transmission since it has 180,000 mile on it. Then after talkign with a friend who had a 1996 tahoe he had he had same problem as I did and after replacing two transmissions he leared there was a relay or someting on the outside you need to replace. My problem is I can go outside start the tahoe drive it around the block and it shifts and drives fine. After the engine warms up it starts to slilp and rev. Reverse works fine. If I let it sit and drive it the next day all is fine until it gets warm again. I smelled the fluid and it doesn't smell burnt and there are no leaks under the vehicle. Does anyone have a idea. Please point me in the right directions.

  • ie had 3 different transmissions
    installed in my 2001 taHOE!! .. and praying im not working on the 4th!!
    during recent snow storm,my tahoe got stuck.husband instructed me hop in driver seat and to "rock" it back and forth as he pushed. he Pushes,,hollering PUT IT n DRIVE! SHIFT IN REVERSE! rock it...DRIVE,..REVERSE! ii asked him if this would burn up the tranny!!! his reply?? ....ROCK!....DRIVE..etc.
    needless 2 say ...we quickly got unstuck, .and got 'er home.. now ,!!!!!, THE *#*!! transmission WILL NOT SHIFT OUT OF SECOND GEAR !!
    HAS GM recalled these transmissions? . Any suggestions? ... ...
    thank you ,
  • Sorry to hear...
    The "proper" way to "rock" a vehicle is, Forward, very lightly, don't spin!... then hit the brake, stop, and put it in Reverse: WAIT, then release the brake and reverse, VERY LIGHTLY, then brake again. You may gain maybe just an inch but, with your foot still on the brake, engage it back into reverse, and WAIT for it to engage again before accelerating a tad, again. Repeat the procedure, you should be gaining ground every time, if not, might time to shovel! But the trick is, not to spin.
    There's way too much slack, and delay time between gears, on a 4 wheel drive, cuz of the transfer case, to "rock" a vehicle, like we used to do in the old days (when we were kids and didn't know better), with a regular vehicle.
    As for the tranny being gone... wish I could help, but it don't sound good. And ya, seems the Tahoe's have sensitive trannys, from what I've been reading... sorry... don't expect help from GM, they have enough trouble as it is...
    but that's just my take on it... I have a '96, that is new to me, and I plan on babying it... I just LOVE it! I got stuck, in 2 feet of snow, last week, and the above got me out, no problems...
  • can I put a 200R4 tranny in a 2000 tahoe?
  • thanks for the reply. ill be thinking of you next time im stuck, when hubby starts a hollerin', REVERSE, DRIVE!..REVERSE..etc . Ill tell him i recently completed D1EXTREEM 's online course..hOW tO pROPERLY 'ROCK' a vehicle.
    (smile). then im going to give him a little schooling!
    ya, forgot bout GM going under. I still havent brought Tahoe 2 shop but, someone told me to take it down the road drive it as fast as it will go, then throw it in park While DRIVING,, then ill hear a click, click,click, ....then im supposed to quickly throw it back in DrIvE. .. think its worth a try?
  • Hello: my first post. I just read all I could about the trans going out on all those 2007 Tahoes!! That is crazy!. I have a 2003 4x4 Tahoe. Bought it used in 2005 with 34,000 miles on it. It ALWAYS clunked here and there while driving and the dealership said it was normal. That was early 06. Now it's got over 110,000 and not wanting to go into 3rd or 4th gear. The engine just revs..kinda sounds like it is neutral. (?) It's parked. It is our only vehicle. I stay home taking care of my husband who is on social security disability. Needless to say, I can't take it to anyone right now. Am trying to figure this out on my own. A few months ago, I ran out of gas (just dumb) and heard the fuel pump (I am assuming) humming. It seems to hum when we get pretty low on gas, so I try to keep it up past half a tank now. Any suggestions on either problem? Thanks in advance.
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