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Buick Lucerne Electrical/Lighting



  • Yes, It was in the garage. The switch has a different feel to it and it was much easier to turn to accessory that her previous car.
  • I have the same complaint over not being able to see the speedometer in bright sunlight. Dealer says I have the new bolder IPC, but it does not solve the problem. I attached a small metal housing enclosing a 4 watt bulb from a 24 volt Malibu patio light set to the top of the steering column assembly. It plugs into the accessory outlet. It works great, but it looks terrible on a new $30K automobile. At least I can now see the speedometer in daylight--even with sun glasses on which is a major safety concern for me. Buick needs to come up with an improved instrument panel cluster lighting system to resolve this.
  • This is strange. They make a buzzing sound instead of the chime. Will go back to the dealer, but I am curious, did anyone else have this problem?
  • The fuel quantity sensing and display indicators (fuel gage and DIC Fuel Range readout) have been significantly inaccurate in my 2007 DTS since the vehicle was purchased a year ago. For example: the fuel gage indicates 7/8 to 3/4 when the tank is fully topped-off; when the vehicle is started, the fuel gage indicates a completely random level which is never the same as the level existing when powered down; while maintaining constant speed and throttle setting, fuel quantity will change rapidly for no apparent reason. In addition, the DIC Fuel Range readout shows more or less range remaining consistent with the erratic gage readings. The dealer has replaced the tank fuel level sensor but the problem remains. Any similar experiences? Suggestions?
  • When set to Automatic, the day time running lights fail to come on within a reasonable time. I've had it to the dealer and they say it's running to specs. I cannot believe that this is how Buick wants these things to function. I drive west every morning, and the sun is streaming into the car from the rear window, making it impossible to see anything on the dashboard, but until the sun is overhead, the headlights continue to stay on, and the dashboard lights are dim. I now travel with a flashlight to shine on the sensor so that the headlights will go off an the running lights will kick in.
    I've noticed that the sensor reacts to a solid blue sky as if it were dark and leaves the headlights on, but an overcast (white cloudy) sky as if it were light and turns the day time running lights on. I am not unfamiliar with how these things should work, and never had this problem with previous cars, but I'm fed up with the dealer telling me this is the expected performance.

    Anyone else having these issues?
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Can't speak for the Lucerne, but my 300C operates the same way. I'm driving home with sunglasses on and the headlights come on. But since I have real gages, it's not much of an issue....
  • jef4jef4 Posts: 11
    You are correct. The same thing has been happening to my Lucerne. One morning I almost called the Buick garage to tell them of the problem when the lights finally came on 20 minutes later.
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    I am having the same exact problem with my 2006 Lucerne -purchased new. I have complained to Buick several times, by emails, telephone, letter to President of Buick, my dealership but no results. It takes twelve miles of driving for my fuel gauge to correct itself. Needless to say I am frustrated. Buick tells me this is normal and can take up to 10 miles of driving to correct itself. If -according to my dealership- I want an accurate reading before I start a trip, I should find a level spot and pull over and restart my engine.
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    I have seen many online complaints about this problem. I have an 06 Lucerne, same issue.
  • I bought a 2008 Lucerne one month ago, and I have the same problem.
    GMC is giving me the same BS. The guage is suppose to move around.
    I drove a bus for 37 years, and I know what I am talking about.
    Its probly the same as the dash not being seen in the sunlight a couple years ago..
    They have a defect and doint know or want to fix it.
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    I have been fighting with Buick for over 1 year -no results. In Nov I sent a letter to:

    Jim Bunnell
    General Manager, Buick-Pontiac-GMC
    100 Renaissance Center
    Mail Code: 482-A29-D76
    Detroit, MI 48265-100

    I received a call from Detroit just before XMAS, I am waiting for a call back. This will be my last attempt to solve this problem. Next car will not be a Buick.

  • This message updates and corrects information in message #1 of 5 on the above subject. The vehicle in question is a 2007 Buick Lucerne CXS, not a "DTS" as originally cited. I apologize for the inexplicable brain fade and should have corrected this error much sooner.

    The fuel sensing and display gripe described in my original post still exists. The fuel tank fuel level sensor has now been replaced twice with no corrective effect. The dealer's service manager subsequently escalated the problem within GM and was advised to run electrical continuity and resistance checks on all wiring and devices in applicable fuel sensing and display circuits. No problems were found. On two occasions, I've had DIC "low fuel" warnings with well over 8 gallons of fuel remaining. I've learned that other Lucerne (and some Cadillac) owners who bought from and have vehicles serviced at this dealership have reported similar fuel gaging inaccuracies that have not been solved. This problem is apparently far more widespread than GM acknowledges and the work-around fix seems to be "fill up often". Inattentive gage watchers should keep comfortable walking shoes in the trunk.
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    Good Luck with replacing the fuel tank lever. Buick replaced mine and it did not solve the problem. I belong to AAA and according to them, the problem is with the compute(s). They are programmed with incorrect specifications and Buick does not have a fix.
  • Do you have a link or other reference to AAAs information about the Buick fuel level indication problem? That would be helpful. Thanks
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    AAA has John Paul referred to as the "Car Doctor". He told me about the fuel gauge computer problem.

    Hope this helps.
  • God, would it be that I only had your problem. I wouldn't care if I didn't have a gas gauge at all, if that was my only problem.. What I do have is:
    Vibration at highway speeds
    Pulls to the right
    Transmission noises
    Steering noises
    Wind noise
    Car dead, no electrics (Twice now)
    Lower body trim falling off
    Trunk release failed
    Headliner detached
    Loose transmission inspection plate
    Transmission leak
    Remote mirrors, no memory return
    Remote sometime, sometimes not
    Heated sometime, sometimes not
    Warped front brake disks
    Dash lights too dim
    Electrical plug in rear door detached
    Engine knocks
    Rattle in the 6 CD changer
    and of course a crazy fuel gauge.

    There is more, but I am getting angry again and am shaking too much to type. This piece of crap will be traded for a Lexus before the warranty is up. I pity the next owner. What a sucker I was.
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    Sorry to hear about your many problems, I have read many reports by other Lucerne owners with many of the same problems as yours. Fortunately, my only problems is with the instrument readings. Besides the fuel gauge, the outside temp gauge is always wrong -off as much as 17 degrees-, the tach gives incorrect readings, the instrument cluster is difficult to see in the daytime -especially if wearing sunglasses. As I have stated before, I have contacted Buick many times, even wrote a letter to the President of Buick, no response. This will definately be my last Buick.
  • My 2005 and current 2008 Allure(LaCrosse) have the same inaccurate fuel gauge readings. I have never thought of this to be a problem as I use the trip odometer to determine the next fill up. My brother-in-laws 2006 Allure provides accurate reading.
  • rmellormello Posts: 11
    I have been driving for over 50 years and this is the first car -and the most expensive I have ever owned- that does not give me accurate readings. For what I paid for this car, I want all my gauges to work properly. What car ever built requires you to drive 10+ miles before the fuel gauge gives an accurate reading? Or, what car ever built -according to Buick- requires you to find a level spot on the road and restart the engine to get an accurate reading before you start a trip?

    This to me is pure nonsense.
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