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Nissan Quest Door & Window Problems

Hi, I puchased a new 2006 quest March 24, 2006. It had 100 miles on it. Since then I've had it in the shop 8 times trying to repair the passenger door. Going over bumps in the road the door sounds like it is not shut. The dealer has replace the lach, adjusted the dove clips, and I am once again going there today for them to look at it again. I love my quest! Has anyone had this same problem? Help Me!


  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Very common issue on the 2004 and early 2005 Quests. I thought they had solve this problem. Keep after them.
  • I have a 1999 Nissan Quest GLE. Both the original remotes broke. I can not get the van to go into learn mode to reprogram the new remote. I followed the process of locking the door, putting the key in more the 6 times in 10 seconds, but the lights will not flash.
    Also, we can not unlock the drivers door with the key, because the alarm will go off. We can unlock the passenger door with the hey with no problem.
    A mechanic I talked with thinks it might be the chip in the key or a loose connection in the driver's door.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    I suppose the new remote battery could be dead if the remote you bought sat in the warehouse a long time. Unlikely though.

    When you get in the van and lock the doors, try the key insertion into the ignition a bit slower, but still more than six times in ten seconds. Remove the key completely each time.

    The alarm going off when you use the driver's door lock sounds like a ground issue or a bad door key cylinder switch, per the troubleshooting chart in my service manual. Try resetting the alarm system - put the key into the driver's door. Turn it twice to the left, then twice to the right.

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  • Over last few years my door locks have stopped working with the remote control and more recently several locks have stopped working when using the drivers door controls to lock the vehicle. I'm thinking there might be a relay or fuse issue but I don't have a wiring diagram. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  • mordeebmordeeb Posts: 1
    Recently, the passenger power sliding door on my wife's 2005 3.5L has been acting up.

    Initially, it wouldn't close when used; It would close nearly all the way, click a few times like it was trying to latch and the beep & re-open.

    Now, its doing the same when it opens. It reaches a certain point and then beeps and tries to close.

    Fortunately it works when disabling the power option and closing manually.

    I've checked the tunnel for obstructions as well as lubed the trench.

    Its under warranty, but I'd rather fix it myself it is something simple.
  • green_teagreen_tea Posts: 14
    Sorry to hear some of the problems with early Nissan Quest.

    I got a 2004 Quest S model. The car runs great and never has any problem since November 2003. For me, Quest is powerful and easy to handle. The powertrain is wonderful, except I wish it got 5-speed on transmission instead of 4.

    I had some rattle door problems even after the they applied the re-call. But someone mentioned WD-40 on this forum and I used couple of bottles to spray almost every where near the door, and under seat, etc. And it did a great job. I bought those bottles at Autozone, and it costs less than 2 bucks.
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28
    Another thread here. This is our first winter with the 2006 is surpizingly good in the snow, though as a new car I have been trying to keep it home when the white stuff flies. Anyway one problem we seem to have is the doors seem to ice up and freeze closed. Never had this bad an issue on other cars as the quest. you can usually pull them open with a little force but I am afraid of ripping the weatherstripping. Any thoughts or ideas from others in the frozen tundra?

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I've had this problem mostly with the driver side sliding door (see my post above). The passenger side has gotten slightly frown but a few good tugs have freed it. The driver's side needs about 10 minutes with the heat on and pushing from inside. But my gasket needs to be replaced.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Since it is under warranty, take it to the dealer. power sliding doors are tricky.
  • sb4774sb4774 Posts: 3
    I was backing up and the driver side door was left open. Next thing i knew, it caught on a fencepost and was bent backwards like it wasn't supposed to be. So now the door is bent on its hinges and it will not shut. My question is about the engine. For some reason when I bent the door the engine shut off, and now it will not start. The starter is working, so there is no battery problem, but the engine will not run. Could this have something to do with an "auto shut off mechanism" built into the car? If someone would offer advice on how i could get this thing started it wouldbe greatly appreciated.
  • ob1ob1 Posts: 6
    Has anyone had a problem with their automatic doors rubbing causing the safety system to reverse the door. I have had this incident occur two seperate times....It appears on of the door brackets is rubbing on something as it closes. I put a little upward pressure on the the door step wherein the problem corrected. Please advise.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    This is a problem that has plauged the Quest as well as Sienna and Odyssey. Take it to the dealer
  • Is anyone else having hard time finding parts for your Mercury villager? My Master door switch broke some time ago and I can't find one to save my life. I would prefer to buy a used part as the new ones are a little expensive.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    They run about $80 new last I checked on one for my Quest (wound up fixing it myself).

    You could try an auto salvage yard if you can find on in your area - unless they have a whole door to sell, they may have pulled the switch out and have it sitting around for sale. I don't know of an internet parts source off-hand; sometimes they show up on eBay.

    Steve, visiting host

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  • shouldn't that be covered somehow under some kind of policy? :confuse:
  • It had been rattling pretty bad and then today it fell out. It did not break as it was hanging by the vent latch. I want to put it back in. How is this held in there securely? There is a clip up front that apparently failed to hold it. Can the clip be adjusted? Do I need to add some sort of adhesive to hold it in place? Thanks.
  • it maybe the gasoline shut off valve it is on the pass side under or next to glove box you have to reset it
  • lobo1478lobo1478 Posts: 1
    Dude, the same thing just happened to me. How did you fix yours? Our broke from the other side of the latch. I think I need to weld it.
  • The power vent windows on my 1998 Villager will not open. Both of them have opened sporatically in the past. Am I looking at a motor problem or is there an off chance that the switches are both bad? Would like to avoid taking it to the dealer.
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