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Nissan Quest Door & Window Problems



  • I recently purchased a 99 villager estate. When I bought it the rear vent windows both worked and I opened them and kept them open for about a month. Now It's getting chilly and neither will close. I find it difficult to believe that both switches or motors went bad at the same time. Does anyone know if there is any other possible cause for this and if not is there any way of getting them closed?
  • My Nissan Quest 94 had that problem tonight, and I use glue to glue the two parts from outside and inside on the glass, not sure if it is going to hold? Apparently, the glue on the outside window eventually loosen, so is the inside clip part.
  • Have you tried to spray with WD-40? image I found it very useful not only for this purpose, but also for many other lubrication purpose such as door lock get stuck ...etc.

    In general, you want to spray every couple years, and it has been 12 years for your 99 villager, not sure if previous owner did this maintenance work.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    edited January 2012
    I use the stuff, but more for cleaning. Other stuff seems to do a better job of lubricating than "water displacement" - 40. Maybe spray it first but then get some oil or lube in there. Not in door locks though; graphite powder for that.

    Can't remember ever cleaning my locks on my '99 though. I use the FOBs pretty much exclusively except for when I accidentally trigger the alarm - guess I'm lucky the locks still work with the key. :blush:

    I use electrical contact cleaner around switches.

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  • I have a 2002 Quest and the passenger side sliding door roller bearing is worn out. I'm talking about that little 1/2 inch bearing up at the top.

    Is it possible to buy just the bearing and replace that part of the assembly?
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