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Older Civic Maintenance and Repair



  • Three times now my kid tells me he has braked and the car would not stop. He said the pedal was normal did not go to the floor like a master cylinder problem. I drive it, it seems fine. Any one else have a intermittent problem like this.

    I am thinking air in the lines, sticking caliper or glazed pads or rotor. Hate to just guess at it but not sure how to diagnose it other than process of illumination.
  • I have a 94 Honda Civic 4dr with new shocks on the rear end. What solutions are the best to get the sagging effect out of the rear end?
  • You really have only 2 choices. The best is new springs, as undoubtedly the old ones are weak, and may even have breaks. The other way would be replace the new shocks with air shocks, something that probably doesn't appeal to you. Ordinary shocks don't provide lift, just reduce bounce.
    If you can't find springs, there are many shops that will fabricate new ones for <$500. Just depends on your budget and how badly you want to fix it. There is a shop here in Albuquerque that will make springs, got some for my 64 T-Bird for less than I could buy them from Bird searches on the Net.
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