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  • ml16ml16 Posts: 9
    Hi folks-
    I'm a retired and disabled Army Sergeant Major that simply refuses to die, on that happy note...

    I have the misfortune (for the moment) of living in the Northern Virginia/DC area and the uber-rich kids at Yahoo have no problem spending an additional $899 for pin striping and a tank of gas.

    Can anyone recommend a dealership North or South of Virginia by, let's say, one state?

    Lastly, are they taking deposits on the Evos yet?

    Many thanks & Happy Holidays,
    Mike Maggio
  • I found a 1999 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG at a local dealer in my area. I am wondering if it is worth 8900 dollars. The reason I ask is because it has 132000 miles on it but it seems that the car has had everything done at the Mercedes Benz dealer from when it was new. I was wondering if that is too much for that car? Please guys I would love to hear your responses and tell me what you think. Thanks
  • I see you never got an answer ....... surely it will not help you any longer but it could be something others may be curious almost 2 years late I will try to address your question....
    Powertrains are generally engineered to last into the 150k miles range so a vehicle with 132k under its belt is left with one or 2 years of 'quasi' dependable service.
    The 'quasi' is there to flag that any aged vehicle, even those aged well as in dealer serviced (if you believe that the 2 go hand in hand), is an unknown when it comes to the maintenance/repairs cost.
    To be sure Mercedes was known to build some of the cars with great longevity, but that was decades ago and I would not expect a vehicle like the one you are eyeing to come without long...costly....strings you would be set back 10 years when it comes to safety related technologies sitting in an already stressed chassis.
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