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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems

Does anyone know if and possibly where the fuses for all of the interior lights -courtesy inside rear. There are no lights going on and I can't seem to find any fuse for this problem in the fusebox under the hood. I checked the bulbs and they are good they just don't work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • i have a 1999 Chevy venture and a few months ago my power window on the driver side, my door locks on both sides and my cd player all quit any ideas why.thanks :cry:
  • Have you checked that the activation switch has not been accidently turned off?
  • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the only switch I really know about is the little wheel switch on the left hand side of the steering wheel. (rolling it all the way to the right) if you could tell me about where it (the activation switch) is I could definitely check it. I have googled "Chevy venture activation switch" with no results. Once again thank you for all of your help
  • The switch should be located in the overhead switches on the ceiling.
  • Yes, the official name of the switch is the "Interior Lamps Override Switch" and is located in the overhead console switchbank. (At least is is on my 2000 Olds Silo.)
    When he was younger, my grandson liked to mess with these switches and sometimes left the interior lights turned off.
  • Thanks for the reply. I do see a switch on the overhead console, one with a light with a crossed out circle on it. When the regular headlight are on. The button/swith lights up. also when I rotate the dimmer switch that button also dims. I flip that switch and the lights still don't work. If you have any other suggestions I will greatly appreciate them. Otherwise I'll have to get a test light and start behind that switch.
  • Sorry the easy fix was not there. I guess it's the old test light after all. A wiring diagram might help. Not sure where to get one.
  • On my 98 venture, the radio control lights go out whenever the headlights comeon. It is kind of annoying because we can't tell what we are listening to from about 5pm til 8 am. :) Has anyone run across this on this van? Is it possibly a short somewhere?

  • When the headlights go on the dash lights (including radio lights) are dimmed. The thinking is that the lights need not be as bright in the dark to see them. The dash lights are also manually adjustable, with a horizontal wheel to the left of the steering wheel (I think).
  • Thanks, but I have tried that already. That is what I thought initially but it didn't fix it.

    Any other ideas?
  • Is it only the radio lights that go out? If so, that is somewhat of a mystery. If the dash lights also go out, then it may be a faulty component in the switching circuit when the head lights are turned on.
  • Yeah, it is only the radio components. That is what makes it strange.

  • Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the time. I did in fact find a way to reroute. I took that overhead console apart and shorted with a piece of wire. (at the switch) I don't think it works like it originally is supposed to but at least I can get some light. there is a power supply on that switch that actually lights up the actual button. I used that and now the interior lights dim with the dimmer wheel. I keep the wheel rotated as far right as possible (without the click) and just use the overhead switch to turn on the interior lights. You have been great thanks for your help. I hope this kinda helps for anyone else having this problem.
  • A while ago the rear vent windows stopped opening. Then the rear wiper and washer stopped. Is there a common wire harness or connector that may have come apart?
  • rlp50rlp50 Posts: 13
    I guess this is a bit similar to the post by bishop942. The dash lights don't work when the headlights come on. It is intermittent in that it might work one time and not the next. The overhead console switch that powers the interior lights also has a small circle with a line through it on the switch that, unlike bishiop942's problem, does not light up. Probably isn't the dimmer switch as rotating the control dims the lights on the radio and when rotated fully turns on the interior lights. The overhead console switch also seems to work fine as it turns the interior lights on and off. Any ideas?
    Thanks, RP
  • jkemp9jkemp9 Posts: 2
    I bought a manual and got the wire schematics. Found the wiper fuse was blown and fixed that problem. The rear vents however, still don't operate. Their fuse is good. Schematic shows a black wire from the front switch to the rear motors. Along the way it switches to a brown wire. Anyone know where that junction is? Motors can operate independently so I am still looking at the common line. thanks
  • oden08oden08 Posts: 1
    The main and auxiliary fans in my 2001 Chevy Venture have stopped working causing my van to overheat on occasion. Along with the fans not working my compressor also isn't kicking on as they stopped working relatively at the same time I think this points to an electrical problem. I have checked the fuses and they all seem good. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :cry:
  • I have a 2001 Venture Van. When I put my van in reverse the turn signals come on dim and solid. When I turn on a turn signal it clicks fast like a lightbulb needs replacing. When I turn on a turn signal and the brakes together, the reverse lights come on. I have replaced all the bulbs with the correct bulbs and replaced a bad panel in the rear. Still having the problem. I can't signal to turn at a stop light or intersection, just waiting to get a ticket. :cry: :confuse:
  • Well, I've got the same problem with a 98 Venture. Fuse for interior lights keeps popping. I'm not sure where to start.
  • Ihave been having the same problem, I looked at the connector to the rear light assembly and the wire in the middle of the connector is melting away the plastic I replaced the connectors and it worked for a while ,but now it has melted the new ones and is not working again. If you find the problem please let me know. :confuse:
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