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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems



  • layne1971layne1971 Posts: 9
    I have not had this problem and I have a 2000 Venture.
    Did you replace the relay? If not do so and if that doesn't help, replace the fuel pump.
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  • Electrical problem, on the second start of the day after going out for gas the A/C, fan, compass, temp won't work for about 5 to 15 minutes then it starts on its own. Seems like it may be a ground but I'm not sure where the body ground is . Anybody with the same problem?
  • Your body ground is usually near the battery. My gas gauge is either full or empty, Sometimes the intermittent wipers don't work in which I have to have it on high to get them to work. I have a 2000 venture..
  • desperardo2294 any resolution on your problem yet, I'm having a similar situation with A/C, fan and temp being out on start up then coming back on after about 10 minutes of driving. All fuses check out fine.
  • I am having problems with my 1997 Chevy Venture....after checking out wiring...I bypassed the fuse box & hooked up the fuel pump direct...the pump is working, and there is lots of spark however the van still won't start...can someone tell me what the problem might be.
  • layne1971layne1971 Posts: 9
    edited April 2006
    Your ignition switch should also controls your fuel pump. You may want to take it to an auto electrician.
  • My 2000 venture van has errors on radio and won't even turn over its a new battery and starter checks out good so if ya have any answers it sure would help
  • bhartmanbhartman Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    2005 Astro Van no power to door locks can't fine which fuse goes to it or where the power comes from. Thanks for any help.
  • Hey guys I have a Venture, all of a sudden my dash, day time running lights, rear vents, and tail lights stopped working. I changed the fuses, I checked the light sockets and changed the bulbs, am I missing something?
  • I had the same thing happen to mine, plus more. The problem was the electrical panel behind the tail lights. I had both of them replaced and all was normal again. At least for awhile.
  • Have a certified auto electrician check it out. My new remote doesn't work with mine due to the body module.
  • I need help my power locks started locking and unlocking while driving.Also when it was parked the interior lights kept going on and off.Took out fuse so it would'nt run down battery.If anyone knows what causes this please let me know.Thanks.
  • I have a 2003 w/ the exact problem. Did you ever find the solution to this???
  • We recently bought this van used, it's the wb edition. Didn't seem to be any issues for the first few weeks...our information center background light is out, then our back tail lights went, now our front drl are out. The manual headlights still work...for now. I've seen many similar posts. It's not the bulbs and the fuses look fine...I know nothing about electrical or mechanical issues in general. Can anyone tell me how to fix this in a way that I might understand :( PLEASE!!!
  • To anyone having major, common problems with their ventures, please please please report these issues right at the source with Chevy. It's as simple as sending an email to list the issues then call the number they send to you to report vin number, mileage, etc. I was just told by Chevy that though they are aware of the issues, they will not do recalls or really help in anyway solely because these things are not being reported to them and put on file. Once they have enough reports on file they will make recalls and help with repairs. If you are having issues, please take 5 minutes to report it! :sick: :lemon:
  • check the flasher our blinkers werent working n thats what needed to be replaced they control the lights n blinkers. also try replacing the bulbs
  • For some time now the light for the fan control for the rear fan hasn't worked. Then sometimes it would. Then The light for the main fan control would go out and the rear one would go on. Lived with it.
    Tonight the light for the shift display (P R D ! 2 3) started flashing on and off. With in minutes I lost all dash lights and the automatic headlights went out. Headlights worked when I turned them on manually. I get home and the chime for when you leave the headlights on is chiming away, even though the headlights are off.
    Checking around the vehicle I find, no running lights, or break lights. None.
    So my vehicle chimes when the drivers door is open, I have no dash lights, seems as though the odometer is not advancing, no running lights, bo break lights.
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