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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems



  • bryan729bryan729 Posts: 2
    We have a 2005 Venture LS that keeps blowing the power door lock fuse. At first it would go weeks before blowing the fuse, but now its almost immediate after putting a new fuse in. I takes a 20 amp and I haven't used a larger one, I know that would be dangerous. I've taken the vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic that has been good to us on other vehicle work and he is even having a hard time locating the problem. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what did it turn out to be?

    Thanks for any help in advance.
  • matt63matt63 Posts: 1
    Have you by chance found the resolution to this problem? I'm having it seems the same problem on the right side of the van. Only when the head lights are on and only the rear light cluster all the lights flash mostly dim. Everything works like it should when the headlights are not on....(all bulbs appear to be good) Any help would be great.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    The plug for the lights itself will mostlikely have the plastic melted at the plug.

    I had to get a junkyard wire lume and plug and pigtail into the vans harness to correct.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    The bulb bases tend to melt on some too...there's a newer bulb design with a glass not plastic base...
  • ruthie74ruthie74 Posts: 2
    I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS with mine. I have had so much done inthe past year to this vehicle!! Did you ever find an answer. I am planning on finally taking mine to the shop, but if you know what could be causing this I would really appreciate your info!!

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • warpath1warpath1 Posts: 6
    On my 01 Venture. I had some serious back light problems and thin it got too the point that thy did not work at all. With my van the plug for the tale light assembly would get wet (because of the stupid upsidedown connection point design) and got to hot and melted the plastic connector. So I went to the junk yard and got new connectors. Problem fixed. :D Then the same thing happend again :mad: So I cut the connectors off and I bought single wire connectors from Napa (if you do this make sure that the new connectors are small enough to fit tightly around the metal proungs) and filled the joint full of silicone. I did this about 2 years ago and no more problems. :D Yet :) Let me know if this helps you.
  • harlanpharlanp Posts: 2
    did you resolve your problem i have the same need help?
  • warpath1warpath1 Posts: 6
    Yes it worked for me.
  • harlanpharlanp Posts: 2
    what did you do to correct the problem?
  • kayfusleekayfuslee Posts: 16
    Immediately after a severe downpour and lightning
    storm my 2000 venture had several things go haywire that were somewhat ok(I'll explain later) right before parking the car pre-storm.

    The ABS light stays on, the airbag light goes on/off, the speedometer and odometer work on and off, the automatic locks won't work when the car is running, and the trans will buck when first accelerating but that seems to stop after several miles.

    The airbag light previously would go out when jiggling wires under the passenger seat and the trans bucking would previously happen under totally different conditions. Something happened during that storm that has made part of the electrical system go additionally haywire.

    Coincidence? Any ideas what to check? I thought moisture might have gotten somewhere but several warm days hasn't changed anything. Then I thought maybe an electrical storm could somehow disrupt the cars computer without actually being hit.
  • My gas gauge stays on full all the time is there any thing I can do for i :confuse: t
  • I too am having the same problems with the passenger side brake light bulb base melting. Where can I get the glass base bulbs? I am having additional electrical problems, with the fuel gage not working and the rear wiper not working. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks!
  • rlp50rlp50 Posts: 13
    I picked up a pair of the glass-based bulbs at Home Hardware, but regardless, if you can find them, they are made by Sylvania. As an aside, I coated the base of the bulb with axle grease about 3 months ago and so far it has prevented the base from melting.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Glass base bulbs...I've seen them at AutoZone - you can also use the plastic base ones but glob the base up with dielectric grease before you put it in

    Fuel Gauge...chances are the level sender is kaput, have to drop the fuel tank to replace

    Rear wiper...check the fuse, check to see if you've got juice at the motor when you turn it on, check the motor in that order
  • bt1221bt1221 Posts: 3
    I have the same issue with my overhead... any fixes???
  • krodukkroduk Posts: 2
    Hi, did you ever find out what is up with your vehicle? I have a 2003 Venture and everyday (moreso, but not always, when it is humid or raining) my venture acts like it is possessed. The battery light on the dash lights, the airbag and abs lights go on, main headlights go off (if they were on), the speedometer gets stuck, the entire dash flashes like a Christmas tree, the airconditioner stops blowing cold air, I cannot roll up or down the windows and the engine surges to high RPM and the car speed drops (this part usually happens when starting to accelerate from a standstill). Also, on the dash, the oil indicator comes on and goes off and sometimes the check engine light will light for a few seconds.

    I have been through two alternators and just the other day my AC Delco battery burst (not good after a 8 hour drive) but the mechanic (not a Chevy dealer) stated that there is nothing wrong with the charging system. I have replaced the battery but I am still having these issues and was wondering if you have had any luck diagnosing the issue with your Venture. I am still leaning to some issue with the charging circuit (maybe voltage regulator / rectifier) or some Voodoo type issue that I have read elsewhere to do with rusted boards in the tail lights. Right now no mechanic seems to be able to find the problem.
  • kkm1900kkm1900 Posts: 1
    Has anyone been able to repair the dinging bell on their Venture? This happens when the key is in or out of the ignition, when all the doors are closed as well. Thank you.
  • Mine acted like this for quite some time. Eventually it just DIED! Nobody could figure it out, and we replaced almost everything! Turns out it actually was the alternator, but I was told sometimes even new alternators are just BAD!

    Right now, my van is doing okay, but I am just waiting for the next thing to fall apart! Best of luck!
  • This is a followup to my earlier post. I have had my vehicle in for repair twice in the last week. The first mechanic that examined my Venture said there was probably a wiring problem that was causing all the strange dash light behaviour. He checked everything else, including my alternator and new battery, and couldn't find a problem. I pressed further regarding the alternator specifically and he said that my alternator was charging fine and that it's regulator was ok - everything was within specs and no codes in the computer. However, my battery light was still on and the strange dash light show persisted.

    Now, getting fed up and wanting to just fix the vehicle sufficiently to sell it, I took it to the Chevy dealer. Now, after looking at it for a few hours, they said that the alternator is indeed broken and that it is not charging the battery after the car warms up (the computer had two codes with one stating a low voltage situation). Now, since I could no longer drive it home (the dealer said that I had been driving the vehicle on only a battery and mostly dead alternator for about a week and probably wouldn't make it home, let alone back again), I agreed to replace the alternator. Lo and behold, the battery light is now off and the dashboard light show has disappeared. Hopefully it won't re-appear any time soon! The only bright side to this is that it wasn't a computer failure.
  • Our 2000 Chevy Venture has been pronounced dead by our mechanic. Battery has good charge and lights, radio etc work but car won't start. They have checked kill swicth, keys; they have replaced neutral safety switch, PCM and BCM, but no luck..they are at a loss.

    Two weeks befoe this happend, random electrical issues had started - oil pressure waring light and bell would sound even though no problem with presssure; door locks woudl go on and off by themselves as car was driving; check engine light would go on and off.

    Any suggestions ro is it time to junk it?
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