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Full-size pickup sales - F-150 best selling truck, but for how much longer?



  • kgfordkgford Posts: 7
    Actually the F-150 has a max payload of 3050 lbs(tops in class) and a max towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. Once again class leading!!! :surprise:
  • markanmarkan Posts: 48
    Isn't that just for the long box version? I don't see this payload package available in short box extended cab.
  • fordchrisfordchris Posts: 10
    i have 4 fords 2 f-150's one is a 03 lariat ex. cab with nearly 300,000 miles still going strong a 05 f-150 fx4 supercrew with 148,000 miles then a expedition and super duty with the 7.3l engine (2001) with nearly half a million miles on it ford is the number one seller of trucks because they have the #1 most reliable and dependable truck out there and when the 09's come out theyll hold there leadership for that much longer :D
  • fordchrisfordchris Posts: 10
    the other thing is that the seats even in the lariat are works seats not some high end leather that will rip easily haha want proof the payload is 3050 pounds it says it right here or it did
    go to and see why ford is the better choice i have aneighbor that was a die hard chevy guy he said hed never buy a ford well now he owns 2 f-150's i told him to test drive one and he did and now hes like me (chevy sucks)
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    True but misleading.

    While Ford offers that 3050 payload package, very few are sold thusly equipped. By far most F-150s sold have an under 2K payload. Also, at 8200 GVW, it hardly qualifies as a "1/2-ton," at least not as they are commonly known today.

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Hmmm, last time I checked, half a ton was 1000 pounds.

    You can put more than that in the bed of a Ford Ranger so how then is the F-150 not a half ton?

  • markanmarkan Posts: 48

    Would you please explain to me why Ford does not make the 3050 package available in the short box extended cab version? I really like that package (I know it is not quite the same in my 01 4 x 4). Thanks for your input.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I'm not sure, but its probably related to the same reason why a 2008 Mercury Mariner does not have a power drivers seat.
  • markanmarkan Posts: 48
    Bean counters strike again!!!
  • Ford has not been the best selling truck! There claim to that fame is based on the fact the Silverado and Sierra are two different divisions of General Motors. But none the less still all GM and added up as a hole out sell Ford!<fact<
    Nice try on ford's part though, there are fool's out there that believe there claim.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    1. Silverado and Sierra are not divisions of General Motors, they are the names of two different models of truck made by two different divisions of General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC.

    2. In 2006, Chevy sold 705,980 Silverados and GMC sold 210,736 Sierras for a total of 979,902.

    3. In 2006, Ford sold 796,039 F-Series trucks.

    4. Ford claims that F-Series is the best selling truck name plate. Since 796,039 is higher than either 705,980 or 210,736, this statement is true.

    5. the New redesigned Silverado/Sierra is still not as good a truck as the 2004 F-150.
    a. F-150 reg cab has best in class payload at 3050 lbs. vs. 1952 for Silverado.
    b. F-150 can tow 2,300 more lbs than Silverado.
    c. F-150 has four whee vented disc brakes. Standard on Silverado are rear drums.
    d. F-150 uses a fully box frame with hydro formed front frame rails and through welded cross members. Silverado does not use hydro forming and does not use through welded cross members.
    e. F-150 has outboard mounted shocks which provide greater stability than the splayed shocks on Silverado.
    f. F-150's 5.4L engine has more torque than Silverado's 5.3L and only 10 lbft less than Silverado's heavy, expensive, gas guzzlin' 6.0L
    g. Ford also offers a regular cab with 4 door access and behind the seat storage. Silverado does not.

    I could go on and on but the point is that GMs "new" truck is only about as good as a 2003 F-150.

  • fordchrisfordchris Posts: 10
    and the f-150 sold 700,000 with just one nameplate no gmc + chevy crap gmc and chevy are 2 different names thus means that ford outsold them per company :P
  • Yea' whatever there both pretty much the same truck from the same Company. When talking about the best selling full size truck, General Motor's full size truck's out sell Ford year after year< fact! Also about GM's new truck, You talking about the one thats "Motor Trend 2007 Truck of the year"? The one that's class leading 367hp, the one that will tow 10,500lbs. And when you talk about expensive, Ford parts have always been just about double the cost of GM and not to mention the Ford's require more shop time to fix the same problem compared to GM. And last but not least ford truck's have always been just butt A$$ ugly! O' yea and ride quality that Ford is just slightly better then a Dodge!
    By the way how is Ford doing these day's? How's that Ranger selling? They even closed the plant in St. Paul that had a hydro-Gen and produced it's own power! All because they cant give those junk Rangers away! I could go on and on but i think i've made my point, Haven't and Will Not out sell General Motor's full size truck's, So Get over it!!

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    In order to qualify for this award, a car or truck has to be new or redesigned. The F-150 would not have qualifed as it was a carry over from 2004.
  • Yea and what does that say about Ford truck's and Ford as a Company? Going down hill and fast! :sick:
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    That post was very funny. Explain to me how the Chevy/GMC light duty pick ups outsell the F-series?

    In terms of reliability the F-series was the best of the LD pickups until they released the latest version. While the Ranger is an old design it remains a solid vehicle. I'd rather take an enema than own or drive the absolute worst small pickup ever built, the S-10. And the new Canyon/Colorado seems to be following in that fine tradition. They're horrible.

    And, just how well is GM doing nowadays? How many billions have they lost in the last two years?

  • Look it up! GM's silverado and Sierra together have consistantly out sold the F-150 I was told GM wouldn't have ever even built the s-10 but had to keep Ford honest. And you said it your self
    F-series "WAS" the best of the light duty pickup's! My 93' Sierra sle z-71 is by far better then any 93'F-150 in ride,look's for sure,easyer to work on and parts are alot cheaper! Lastly GM is doing alot better then Ford! get over it!
    Like A Rock Baby.........Whew!!!!!! :shades:
  • Yep' and you could put 3050 lbs in a Silverado and get it to squat like a Beeooch too! Big Deal! How's the drivability on any 1/2 ton with that kind of weight? Not good i don't care what brand it is. The GM'S are still better looking by far, better riding, easyer to work on and parts as always are cheaper then Ford. O'yea did i mention The 2007 Motor Trend Truck of the year ;)
    I need say no more! :shades:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Anyone remember the "Like a Rock" magazine ad that showed the truck standing in for a life boat on a ship?

    What was that suppose to mean? That you would sink like a rock?

    BTW. S-10 Blazer has the highest fatality number for miles driven of any other vehicle on the road today.

  • Yea' I don't believe they make a s-10 blazer anymore and your point is? Anyway i seem to remember a car back in the 70's that would burst into flames with a rear impact that
    B-B-Q'd quiet a few people! Does that ring any bells? I'll give you a hint smart guy > F_RD P_NT_!

    If you guessed: FORD PINTO? Well hey everyone we have a WINNER HERE!!!!!!! The Covetted "MORON OF THE DAY AWARD"!!!!
    TROPHY'S IN THE MAIL! :P LOL.........!

    Ask for it what you require of me and you will get it smart guy! Howl! Howl! HeHeHe lol............ LIKE A ROCK.........
    ROCK ON!>1/28TH "BLACK LIONS" Camp Falcon>Ramandi, Iraq. ;)
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