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Full-size pickup sales - F-150 best selling truck, but for how much longer?



  • Your wrong on them ones fella... that factory called them t100 ones and them littler tundra ones "full size" now. That factory even called them hi-lux ones 3/4 tonners now! Facts is facts on that one now. So your tellin us that factory tricked folks back then now? What is too say that factory aint still trickin folks with that new tundra one now? And if all them forien ones is still workin, where is them ones? You sure you put that eyeball on them ones? Nope, them ones is rustin and bustin... that is where them hi-lux ones is. Get ya a big3 one if you plan on workin that one any, get ya that tundra one if ya plan on gettin tricked or fad chasin! Good luck on this one now!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    People think Ford just can't build a reliable desirable car.

    Check out the Fusion/Milan problems and solutions board.

    mschmal, "Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Maintenance & Repair" #1, 7 Mar 2007 8:51 am

    I started this forum back in March of 07 and there are ALREADY 34 posts!

  • markanmarkan Posts: 48
    After seeing pictures from the Detroit show I am not impressed with the front end styling at all. I've been waiting for this truck to replace my 01 F150 but now I'm not sure it is worth the wait. I was hoping for the new "Boss" to go along with the 6 speed. What does everyone else think about the new look?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    What's more impressive is the '09 Ram. Check it out

    2009 Dodge Ram
  • andy82471andy82471 Posts: 120
    And people call the Tundra ugly. Yuck !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hideous. Chrysler is heading straight for bankruptcy.
  • Well, its not too bad i guess. Looks like a Transformer truck. Lots of creases, gaps, and square bits. The bed rail box is neat but makes it look unclean. Plus, you cant put a cap on the truck with that. I know caps aren't cool but they make a truck very practical with concealed, dry storage. The interior is top notch though. I like how Dodge made the excuse of not increasing the payload and torque by saying not many people tow that much without going to a heavy duty. True to a point, but the half tons that can have such a heavy curb weight now you can use a half ton to tow that much. Plus, the Rams fuel economy remains unimpressive. As for maximum payload, well, the 06 Tundra before the redesign had almost that much payload and had a nice ride. Still, i think its worth a test drive to be fair to Dodge. Always willing to give them another try.
  • Sorry, payload and towing.
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  • I really like the interior. Exterior, eh, I prefer the older model but I could grow into it. The bed rail storage bins won't work with a camper shell, or maybe even a tonneau cover it appears - not very useful. Fully boxed frame - natch - everyone 'cept Tundra has one now, Tundra is in now alone in last place framewise but the next version is guaranteed to have it, to the chagrin of current Tundra owners. Rear coil springs - no way Jose. The reason full size trucks use rear leafs is BECAUSE THEY WORK. It's not as if Dodge just discovered rear coils. They have been around forever, but have been found lacking in durability in trucks. A big step backward I'm afraid unless Dodge is really going for the soccer mom sales, which maybe they are. Soccer moms love trucks too. Dodge has now gone to AFM like GM, as they all will eventually due to ever higher gas prices.

    Overall, nothing in the new Dodge will be compelling GM & Ford & Tundra owners to switch, but they may capture a few new buyers due to the more car like ride and nice interior.

  • Calling the F150 the best selling truck is nothing but advertising sleight of hand. The Silverado and Sierra are identical trucks just sold under a different brand. If the sales totals of the two are combined they far outsell the F150, by about 50,000 per year if my memory is correct.

    I'm not commenting about which is better, just pointing out the true numbers.
  • markanmarkan Posts: 48
    I wish Ford would make the heavy payload package available in more models. It is a great value, something that is rare these days, and makes the F150 more practical for those of us who occasionally need to haul 3000 lbs but are empty 95% of the time. Makes much more sense than having to move up to a F250 because of the better ride, fuel economy, and ease of entry. I need it in a short wheel base extended cab version 4X4 rather than the long wheel base version. Anyone else agree? Seems to me it wouldn't be that difficult or expensive since Ford already has the heavier axle and springs available.
  • Would be a nice option. However, it looks like Fords market research made it on the long wheelbase because most people who buy the long wheelbase need the extra bed length for construction work. Carrying drywall, plywood, and extra long bedrail toolchests. I agree though, should not cost Ford anything to make it available on the short wheelbase. I guess it depends if there is enough of a market for it.
  • I used to think that too. But then i saw the disclaimer and a post on here earlier that did state the numbers. Fords numbers and GM's are based on full line truck sales, including combined numbers from GM. GM includes both trucks as their sales numbers. I agree it should be more specific when advertising. I think advertising is getting away with far too much without being specific enough. Another example is Ford claiming it has more trucks on the road with 250,000 miles. Dodge claimed it had the longest lasting trucks, yes Dodge! Then of course Chevys long standing, long winded claim of longest lasting trucks on the road. Too bad that claim does not specify how many are still on the road with rebuilt engines or transmissions. That goes for all truck lines by the way. Does not count in my opinion. Original engine and transmission is the true proof. Plus, if you manufacturer hundreds of thousands of trucks, of course their will be more on the road!

    Throw that in and suddenly the numbers dont look so great.
  • I stand corrected. It is as confusing as the claims of longest lasting, most on the road etc. Have you ever heard the expression "Figures don't lie but liars figure"? It certainly applies to automobile advertising.
  • LOL, very true! :)
  • sknabtsknabt Posts: 14
    "And people call the Tundra ugly. Yuck !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hideous. Chrysler is heading straight for bankruptcy." - obyone

    Anything that big is going to be only so pretty. The '08 Sierra I just bought isn't going to win a beauty contest either but it's attractive enough.

    The old Dodge Ram front end was great when it came out but it desperately needs to be freshened. Not sure I like the new slanting grill as well but, overall, the truck looks more streamlined thus better to me.

    The interior looks okay but not as nice as the F-150's it is copying wholesale, IMHO. Of course, I'm judging by photos.

    Personally, I like the idea of lockable dry storage on the sides of the truck though I understand the complaints from folks who'll put a shell on it. Vaguely reminds me of the Ridgeline (now that's an ugly truck!) that has a compartment in the bed floor. Of course, it's useless if you are hauling anything that'll cover it. Still features like that are nice because secure dry storage is always a problem without expensive add-ons.

    All in all a nice job. The full-size pick-up truck market keeps getting more and more competitive. A good thing.
  • Ford comes out with a new truck & will not release horsepower numbers who are they kidding. Is this because Ford is still in last place in the horsepower wars. Comparsion below for most powerful engines in fullsize pickups.

    Chevrolet Silverado 367hp 6.0 liter V-8
    Dodge Ram 380hp 5.7 liter V-8
    Ford F-150 300hp 5.4 liter V-8 2008
    Gmc Sierra Denali 403hp 6.2 liter V-8
    Nissan Titan 317hp 5.6 liter V-8
    Toyota Tundra 381hp 5.7 liter V-8
  • All good points. Competition is good. I thought the same thing about the Ridgeline initially too. But after seeing its similarities in side profile to the original Chevy Avalanche, which started out in GM cladland, they both ended up being decent vehicles with their pros and cons like anything else. The Ridgeline does have questionable styling, but i do give credit to those who try something different then the overly conservative GM truck styling, with the exception of the ugliest truck on the road today, the Chevy Colorado.

    My in-laws bought a Ridgeline and after driving it for several days it is a very nice light duty vehicle. It rides and handles very well. It gets very good fuel economy. It has a fair amount of payload capacity and the in bed trunk is great to use. The standard auto 4wd and available 5,000 pound towing capacity is perfect for the average truck buyer. The frame and unibody structure combined give it a very stiff chassis.

    Weak points are bed length, interior appearance, and pricey for the entry level model. I suspect they will play with the design soon and spice it up a bit. The late model Pontiac GTO's were very competent sleeper cars and excelled in what they did but they were too conservative in their styling. The Ridgeline may be too much of an exercise in molded plastics and metal left in the sun too long. Its a difficult balance to get right when you want to stand out.

    The Ram styling will be liked, eventually. Hell, i still think the 98 Taurus was so far ahead of its time it still looks futuristic today, even the wagon version. Too bad it was a trans eating, electrical gremlin nightmare. Oh, and people still think it was ugly too.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The new 2008 Super Dutys are more expensive and have greater and in some cases MUCH GREATER GCWRs than the old model.

    The F-150 has capacities creeping up also.

    I think that the cost increase on the 08 Super Duty vs. the 07 and the extra capacity of the 2009 F-150 is going to allow customers who previously needed the Super Duty to get the job done to stick with the F-150.

    Incidently, the reason that HP wasn't released as in part to give something Ford to talk about at the next auto show.

  • markanmarkan Posts: 48

    I know you're a Ford guy in some capacity and I would appreciate your opinion. I still don't understand the limited availability of the 3050 payload package. Seems to me that would be perfect for what you are suggesting and probably heavy enough for many F250 buyers. As I remember this was first marketed a few years ago to make the F150 a great towing vehicle for lighter duty trailers. I've had two F150's set up like this and they are a perfect compromise of comfort and capacity. I know it's all about numbers and potential markets, not to mention the fact that Ford makes more money on F250's. There are some of us that prefer the ride and comfort of the F150. What do you think?
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