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Kia Rondo Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • medicinemanmedicineman Posts: 135
    what2get07, I guess you must really love your tunes if you're dismissing the Rondo based on a lack of an MP3 plugin. One solution is to buy an FM transmitter for your iPod, which allows you to play your iPod through your car's FM radio. It's an imperfect solution--it might be hard to find an open FM channel that has minimal interference or the quality of the transmitter's signal can vary at times--but it's better than nothing. Here is one such transmitter.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    Just ordered one from the Parts People. It came in Black, Grey and Beige so of course I ordered the Beige. Total with shipping is $226.95. Thanks for that link Medicineman.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    To dismiss a car because it doesn't have a direct interface for an iPod, well . . . I guess it's 2007, and the current crop of young car buyer's "need" their iPods! Seriously, there is an adapter that interfaces directly into the audio system that provides a direct iPod interface, and it's not a RF transmitter. I've seen it while searching for an interface for my daughter's car. If I locate it again, I will post the link here.

    Suggestion, wait for the 2008 - I'll bet it has an iPod input, and a variable intermittent rear wiper, as well as other tweaks.
  • medicinemanmedicineman Posts: 135
    Yep, on further research, there are ways of directly connecting an iPod to your stereo if your car doesn't have that magical MP3 plugin. Crutchfield's website seems pretty good at explaining how it is done (you can buy all the necessary stuff from them, of course).

    How to connect an iPod to your car stereo
    Digital Drive-thru - Select your iPod, car, & stereo type and get a list of products for playing your iPod in your car
  • Thanks for your links and to everyone who has responded.

    Yes, having my tunes on iPod is a critical part of my decision since I have lost all of my CD's (stolen). Yes, I could do after market, but really think if I'm going to invest $20k in a vehicle, I really think it should come with the features I desire.

    Thanks again to all.
  • My wife's Buick Lucerne has a jack for MP3.
  • skiingyacskiingyac Posts: 18
    The EX factory radio takes cassettes, you can use a cassette adapter which are like $20 and work just fine, and all people will see is a wire coming out of the tape deck, instead of a wire coming out of the aux input jack, if the stereo had one.

    I decided to go with an LX, since paying $1000 more to have a cassette deck seems really dumb, and get some sort of after market adapter if I decide I really need it, which I could probably get professionally installed for like $100-200.
  • If the LX is what you wanted, good for you, but you get a lot more for the $1000 than just a cassette player. Read the options list. I test drove the LX, but they had an EX on the lot which I fell in love with, and bought immediately.
  • skiingyacskiingyac Posts: 18
    Sure, I understand there are other things that EX has that the LX doesn't that justify the $1000 price difference, but the only thing I really wanted was the cassette deck. I just meant that from the perspective the person complaining of the Rondo's lack of some factory option for hooking up your MP3 player, you can get it w/ the EX, but it isn't worth paying $1000 if the only reason you want the EX is to be able to say you didn't need any after market stuff.

    What I should have said is its dumb to pay $1000 for *factory* MP3 player "support" unless you like the other EX features, then its not dumb to get the EX.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    Well bad new on the security cover for the 7 seater Rondo. Just got this email from the KIA Parts People:

    Hello Carey,

    Thank you for your order. The cargo cover has arrived in to us, but
    unfortunately, the 7 seater does not have the slots in the side for the
    installation of the cover - it only fits a 5 seater. We have cancelled your
    order and apologize that we will not be able to assist you with this item.
    Please let us know if you have any future inquires.

    Thanks again,

  • medicinemanmedicineman Posts: 135
    Thanks for the update, crewzin. Yeah, that sucks. I guess we'll just have to be creative and make our own cover.
  • ramblinramblin Posts: 29
    Seems a little silly I guess. How does the premium stereo sound? Anyone?

    I'm in the same boat now looking for a good way to hook up my Creative Zen vision:m 30gb media player.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    The premium stereo sounds great to me. Yes, you do loose the cassette player but you get the in-dash 6 disk CD player. I guess there wasn't enough room for 6 disks and a cassette player. It also (supposedly) comes with 9 speakers plus a built in amp and 7 1/2 inch subwoofer for a total of 10 speakers. I can only find 9 and when I went back to the dealer and asked about the 10th speaker, he pointed out some brand new literature that says it only has 9 speakers. Everything I have says 10 (window sticker and official Rondo sales brochure), but 9 is plenty for me. :)
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    We had an EX loaner for a couple days. I wasn't terribly impressed with the stereo (I'm about 95% certain it was the 6-disc CD changer stereo upgrade), especially considering the numbers on paper. It sounded decent, but the clarity and punch weren't quite what I was expecting.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    I'm sorry, if 9 speakers from a tweeter to a sub-woofer, 315 watts of power, adjustments for the Bass, Middle and Treble aren't what your expecting, then you better move on up to the $30-40,000 range of cars with the ultra high end stereo. Some of them even have speakers in the headrests so you can be deaf before middle age.
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    It would be easy to tell if it had the upgraded stereo. Did it have a sun roof?

    Sunroof/premium stero are packaged together.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76

    Your so right, Premium Stereo/Sunroof = $1200 One package.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    On my way to fitting out the wife's Rondo. Already bought the color coded cargo tray from WeatherTech. From I had a custom made solar Sunshade and from the KIA dealer I bought a full front nose bra. Unfortunately, one of the straps that hold the bra in place came off in my hands when I was test fitting it. I guess there were about 2 threads holding it on. The dealer jumped right on it though and ordered me a whole new bra. Already had the windows tinted and now spucing up the engine a bit. Some chrome wire looms, a bit of red/black paint and a polished stainless steel upper radiator hose on order. Will get to covering the battery, fuse box and air cleaner as time goes on.


  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I'm not trying to bash the Rondo. We really liked it -- my wife moreso than me.

    It isn't necessary to move up to a $30-40k car to get a really good-sounding stock stereo. For example, the stock stereo in our 2002 Kia Sedona EX sounded noticeably better than the Rondo's. It was one of the best-sounding factory stereos I've ever heard, along with the one in a relative's older Nissan Altima from a few years back. Both of those were low to mid $20s vehicles.

    The numbers on paper for the Rondo's premium sound system are very impressive, but I just didn't feel the actual sound quality was as good as the specs would suggest.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    Something that might explain why the differences in sound between the Rondo and Sedona is the size of the interior of both vehicles. The Rondo has loads of head room and space on the inside whereas the Sedona is more compact, not saying it's small, just nowhere near the interior space of the Rondo. Materials used inside both vehicles cold make a difference too. That may sound strange, but sound from the stereo is either absorbed or reflected off all the material used inside plus the placement of the speakers themselves inside the cars. Lots of different reasons why, even the same stereo would sound different or better.
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