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Nissan Altima Electrical Issues



  • Did you ever find out what was wrong with your car? I have a 2000 altima and am having the same problem with the horn and cigarette lighters. The fuses looked good so I will try the horn relay. Was wondering if you had anymore insight.
  • Hey Guys,

    I just recently gave back my Infiniti G35 due to getting older and getting engaged so saving money right now is a smart thing to do so I picked up an 06 altima special addition from someone on craigslist.

    The car runs great and only has 33k miles on it and I just got a new battery and tires which I already new before I got the car.

    Anyway, the owner advised me about the driver side window not closing automatically due to a security glitch all nissans and infiniti has. I had the same problem with my Infiniti but the fix was different than it is with the altima.

    Basically when i close my window with the "one touch up " push of the button the window goes all the way to the top and then back down about 4 inches as a security measure as if there is something in the window. I believe there is a switch to turn that off under the door panel but I want to make sure before I do this myself. The car is no longet under the warranty and the dealership will prob charge me 50bucks or so so I fiugre I can just do it myself. If anyone here knows the fix please let me know . Thanks!
  • Okay where do I find the window and door lock fuses on a 2007 Altima. The diagram in the fuse panel does not identify where they are
  • I was working on a friends car and we were installing lights and he wanted to use the glove box light for the power. It didnt work when hooked up, so we got the lights working, he starts his car to leave and notices that the rear tail lights dont come on, the instrument cluster, and the dash board lights dont come on, any ideas. We checked all the fuses and they are fine.
  • Nissan Altima 1997, 140000 miles, 3 month age i changed my alternator for remanufactured alternator from Autozone. I have problem with my alternator (I guess). When i'm driving my car with heat, CD player, wipers and headlights on headlights starts going darker and suddenly goes very light and dies. It happening even when i'm driving only with headlights on, also when i'm acceleration its contributing to the problem..
    I observed that its happening with dashboard too.. Headlights and dashboard lights suddenly going dark and light.. I changed my headlights 3 times!Sometimes while i'm driving "Brake", "Open door" and other lights flashing.
    IS IT BECAUSE OF ALTERNATOR??? Because mechanic checked fuses, battery and other electrical things and said they are ok..

    Thank you for responds..

  • 98 Nissan Altima - dashboard lights go off randomly with no pattern. You can be driving on the highway, street or sitting still and they will go off for a few seconds and then come back on. This has been going on for about 3 mos. I've taken it to CarMax, where I got it, and they want to duplicate it, but it won't while they have it! They did a diagnostic, finally, and the battery, alternator and starter all check out fine. Last week, my daughter came back out to her car and it wouldn't start. It didn't make any sound, no clicking even, so we called a tow truck. When he came, it started. I don't know if that's related, but there it is. Can anyone help us figure out how to fix the car?
  • Are you sure all of the fuses are ok? I ask because my Integra is wired such that the parking/running/tailights and instrument panel lights share a common fuse. When your instrument panel lights go out, you instantly know that you don't have any tailights either.

    Just happened to me the other day; a small wiring glitch and a fuse fixed me right up.
  • deewrightdeewright Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I don't have a solution except that I have a 97 altima with about 157K miles and my dashboard went dark this past Sunday. I mean car just completely died at a stop light, the warning I got hours earlier were, brake and battery and air bag lights came on. And then nothing, the accelearation slowed down and then stalled.

    So my mechanic checks it out and tells me that the alternator needs to be fixed or replaced and needs a new computer because the alternator wore it down, I guess? So end result, when I get the car, he tells me he's replaced the computer and rewired the alternator into the computer. I replaced my alternator last about 4 years ago in 2006 at a Sears tire shop.
    He charged me $500 for parts and labor for the replacement computor. I plan to call him to verify if he kept the same alternator in the car. I hope to not have this problem again for a while, yet as I talk to people with older similar vehicles (Pontiac grand prix, et) the samething happens as well.
    I just want to know if this is something that I need to anticipate happening every now and again??
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    I hope that you are not one of those unlucky people that inadvertently somehow managed to hit the dashboard light dimmer (hard to find on some later altima models.Refer to the owner's manual.
  • Hello All,
    I've owned this 2002 Nissan Altima since 2005, it's been a great car. I've done all the oil changes and tune-ups as required, but recently I've driven the car a few times and while i'm driving the car seems to lose power. It starts slowing down even while i'm pressing on the accelerator and then accelerates by itself when i'm not pressing the accelerator. Is this an electrical problem?? Sometimes I've had to pull-off the road because the car has totaly stopped. I've had to park the car for safety reasons, I'm hoping someone has had a similiar experience and can tell me what going on!!! Thanks.
  • Has you mileage per gallon dropped. I know people who don't know how to shift from 3rd to drive. It sounds like that could be happening. I own a 2003 Altima and hate the shift controls.
  • Did you figure this out? My 98 does exactly the same thing. The engine doesn't seem to vary at all, just the lights.
  • cmdrucmdru Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you found an answer to your electrical problem? Same thing just happened to me. Car starts fine but none of the electricals work no radio, wipers, blinkers, power locks, power windows. Only thing that does work is the headlights and brake lights.
  • I had the same thing happen 2009 altima. All windows and locks failed even after I changed the fuses??
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