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Dodge Grand Caravan Steering



  • Are you sure it is the rack and pinion leaking. Are DGC had a powersteering leak and it was a bad line. The vehicle had 100k on it and was 9 years old. There is a tab welded to the line to mount it to the undercarriage and it rusted at the weld. Three weeks later I had to repair the coolant lines that run to the rear of the vehicle for the same issue.
  • I've read many posts where the moaning noise goes away after the vehicle warms up but I have the oposite problem. After an hour of driveing, the moaning is load and clear during turns. If it could be the compressor pulley bearing, then could it be any one of the pulley bearings? Any thoughts, anyone?
  • I replaced the power steering pump twice on my 2001 G Caravan Sport. It made even more noise, wheel started ramdomly sticking, then finally froze. I replaced the rack and pinion. It was only quiet for about 3 months. When the weather heated up it got louder. I bought a used/rebuilt r&p from Advance Auto so It may have been a faulty one but it had a lifetime warranty so they will exhange it. I can't help but think there is something else the 3 mechanics that did the work is missing that is causing it besides the r&p and/or pump. Please post your fix. I'll try it too.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    What about the reservoir? I have heard that there is a filter at the base of them that can clog, causing poor fluid circulation that can starve the pump and cause the whine....
  • Dodgeman thans for all the advice. Plan on getting a new PS Res. this weekend. Got another question. My check engine light is on and got the code P1494 (Leak detection pump switch or mechanical failure).. Do you happen to know where the pump is located? I have a 2001 DGC.
  • could be that your cooler is getting plugged and causing alot of backpressure u might want to bypass it or replace it
  • thanks to everyone on here. I went to dodge to order a new reservior and they did not have a part # for it so I came home and went back to this sight and got the part # for them but by that time they had found it. It is listed under hoses. I was prepared to change the pump and rack and pinion. But luckily I stumbled onto this website(thanks to google) and changed the reservior ,fixed a few problems.
    thanks again all
  • Thanks to everyone who wrote in.My 2003 GC with 91000 miles was driving me crazy with its whinning.Since it was sunday and this seems to be a dealer part only all I did was remove the reservior and soaked it with degreaser in hot water flushed and reverse flushed it several times then dried it out Its been two days and all is quiet. Hope this helps
  • Hey all thanks to the info on this forum I replaced the reservoir on my 2005 T&C 3.8L.

    As others have mentioned, the rear (large) hose was a pain in the butt.

    Since I was having trouble I unhooked everything (top bolts, back bolt, small hose, so I could twist the reservoir and the hose in opposite directions...still no luck.

    mine was frozen until I spritzed some WD40 around the seam at the end of the hose where it butted up against the reservoir. Then I sipped on a beer for 2 mins, and after light-medium twisting, it broke free.
  • My Dodge Grand Caravan with 118,000 miles, the steering will stick at times then come back. At first I thought it was the R & P, but the people at steer & gear tell me that is not a R & P symptom. I am iin the process of changing the rear heater hoses and tubes, any input would be greatly appreciated
  • I had the same whining and groaning sound on my 2002 voyager. The shop said they needed to flush the power steering system and replace the fluid. That made it worse.
    I made them aware of the reservoir problem as they were not aware of that fix. I asked them to put a new reservoir in and they did bingo problem solved. They were glad to find out the fix for that problem. I am very lucky to have a really honest and upright shop. One of their mechanics thought about it and agreed it was causing cavitation of fluid.
  • we have had a whistling/whining noise in the steering when stopped after traveling 60 miles or so at highway speed. Has Dodge had a problem with the rack and pinion?
  • I have a 2001.. I replace the power steering, then the rack and shortly thereafter the noise kept coming back. I 've been reading all the postings about steering problems and several mentioned cleaning/replacing the reservoir. Our local auto part dealers said it was a dealer part only so I decided to clean it out. I blew it out w. an air compressor then sprayed it clean w. brake cleaner. When I put it back it sounded worse but the next day I checked the fluid again and it must have went down slowly bc it was low again. I added more and it is completely quiet. Its been 4 days now and no whinning. They get glogged and deprive the pump and rack the fluid required. Wish I had tried this before the pump and rack was replaced. Probably never needed it done. ...and my husband said I was crazy for reading these. But it worked.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Crazy?! You were crazy before you read the posts, and the van drove you there! There is all sorts of knowledge acquired through shared desperation. ;)
  • akindyakindy Posts: 1
    I have a Dodge Grand Caravan 2006, when ever we drive on the highway we get this loud noise in the engine, very annying humming noise, does not stop even after getting off the high way. It does not do it if we just drive on local roads.

    Our mechanic said he is going to replace the steering wheel fluid and if that does nto work he will have to replace the pin and rack.

    any suggestion will be helpful.

  • If the noise is coming from the engine, then it's not the rack and pinion or steering, it's in the engine block.
    It does seem to be a steering problem though and the noise may be coming from the steering pump and not the engine due to the humming noise.

    Replace the power steering reservoir first before replacing the rack and see if that fixes your problem, if not have another mechanic check it out and see if it's something else. :shades:
  • Hi Bill,

    Sorry been away from this site for a while. I found this website on the error code P1494 and I'm guessing it has to do with the gas cap being loose. Tighten it up and drive it around for a few days until the computer resets it's self or you can clear the codes by disconnecting the negative battery cable for 30 seconds to reset it's self.
    Check out this site for more information:
  • I know, that larger hose is a real pain. Mine looked like it was fused together and looked melted on the reservoir, but after a screwdriver and a trusty air hose, it came off. I did not want to try the WD-40 trick due to the steering fluid and rubber hose not co-operating with each other and breaking down over time, so I stuck with my air compressor.

    My hose does not look that great at the reservoir and I wanted to change it when I did my power steering reservoir, but looked to be too much work so I passed and lucky for me it still does not leak.

    I have to try that beer thing though next time.

  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Are you sure it's coming from the engine and not the front tires? Maybe your CV joints?

    Does the noise change depending on whether you are accelerating, maintaining a steady speed, or decelerating?

    Does the noise change when making a turn?
  • I can honestly say the '01 Caravan has been a good one except for this. As for crazy... for taking it back to the mechanic that swapped the steering pump out twice before giving up and the 2nd mechanic shop for diagnosing the rack and pinion only for the noise to return a few weeks later. He said it was defective too and wanted to swap out again. Before I did that I started looking for answers myself. The reservoir replacement or cleaning was a inexpensive trial process. Now tell me what could be causing the faint popping in the rt front wheel after hitting a pothole. Changed tire & rim (warped it). Still pops from just turning the wheel even when the vans not moving and no visible boot damage so not pay'n for a cv joint just yet. It's AWD. Any suggestions? It driving me CRAZY not knowing. but don't want ot get taken for a ride again. :confuse:
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