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Hyundai Entourage Rattling Noise



  • I have the same side panel and rear latch squeak problems. Don't know what I'll do with the side panels, but squirting some DW-40 into the rear latch took care of the loud squeaks! DW-40 will dry out. So, I'll go get some silicon grease and hope that will keep it from squeaking ... maybe that will help the side panel, too.
  • The rattling also comes up on the Kia Sedona, really the same van, but all you need to do is spray the door latch with WD-40, all up inside the lock not keyhole, and it will be gone.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I seem to have had some luck with the WD40 in the rear latch, but I seem to have a rattle coming from the front of van. Underneath, sort of in the passenger side axel area, I've read on the Kia forum about some subframe bushings going bad? Was wondering if any one has had a similar problem and or solution.
  • I doubt that if that were the case it would be just a rattle. The sub frame is a major part of the van's stability system and if the bushing were going bad it would cause real issues. Plus I have never head of the sub frame going bad on any other forums I think that was an isolated incident. There was a TSB on the AC pulley to be replaced because of a noise it would make. Kind of a wobble / rattle type of noise, you might want to check that out. Seems the pulley was not hurting anything just making noise.
  • Thanks for the many responses. The noise persists and with my busy schedule I am becoming aware of the challenges/rental costs associated with a car that needs to be in the shop repeatedly for what should be a non-problem.

    My belief is that some teflon should cure the problem but I am loathe to touch the thing as I do not want to impact the warranty.

    FYI- WD did not last for very long and as it smells, and probably is not good for my remaining brain cells I am reluctant to opt for weekly spraying

    I will make another pilgrimage to the shop. I do think I will go to another dealership though. Hard to convince myself that these guys have a clue what they are doing.

    I am hoping that anyone else with this problem is contacting Hyundai.

    This would be an otherwise nice car. There are many things I like about the car if there were no squeak.

    In my hopes that some engineer/mechanic from Hyundai reads this stuff too, a couple of suggestions.

    Do NOT ever have beige floor mats and put a reset button for the low tire panel light
    AND Try teflon for the squeak

  • scrazscraz Posts: 3
    Just a quick update. After 5 trips back to the dealer, they finally solved the problem. My issue was squeaking in the interior rear trim panels, NOT THE HATCH. They replaced the panel on the passenger side, and wrapped the metal clips that snap into the sheetmetal with what I think is electrical tape. Presto, problem solved. They brought an engineer from Hyundai out to inspect the vehicle. He video taped the probem areas and authorized the repair. Based on this, it appears that they are aware of the problem and working to rectify.

    The dealer agreed that if this turns out to be a temporary fix, they will fix beyond the warrentee.

    Now that this is fixed, my Entourage is simply fantastic. I was in a newer Honda this weekend, and found it to be inferior to the Hyundai. Interior had lots of squeaks and rattles, trim panels on dash were poor fitting and it was quite a bit louder on the road.

  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I was wondering if any of you people with the squeaky back latch has had the problem of the latch breaking. Just today the rear latch wouldn't open. Tried the key in the lock and it wouldn't open. So, I had to try harder and the latch opened, but, the mechanism is stuck locked. Look inside and see something hanging so I poke at it and a piece of plastic and a piece of rubber falls out. So now the latch is tied off to the hooks for the third row seats ( folded into the floor). Time for inspection anyway. Keep you posted.
  • I had a knocking noise coming from the front dash board by the passenger . This only happened when i turned the car off , and when i had the airconditioner on. So in essence everyday downe here in south florida. took it to the dealer. the found the problem to be an actuator for the ac. They ordered the part and called me a week later. I dropped the van off at the dealership, they called me four hours later that they ordered the wrong piece. I Talked to the service manager. He made sure the right piece was ordered and gave em a free oil change. New piece came in yesterday. Dealer called to make the apt. I had them assure me the right piece was ordered and had arrived. I dropped the van off today @10 am, the manager gave me a loaner for my inconvienence, nice! Around 4:30 i went back to dealer becuase i could not get anyone on the phone to find out what was going on. When i got thier my service rep told me that the van would be ready tommorrow. I talked to the service manager and asked him why i made an apt. if they were not going to work on the car. He assured me i would have the van today( he was pi**ed that the van was not ready) A half hour later i got a call to tell me the car was ready. In Short we love this van and the service dept. at my dealer has worked with me to make sure i am happy.
  • pafundipafundi Posts: 8
    I have had my van in to the dealer about 10 times since buying it due to a squeak in the back. First they said it was the rear hatch, then the side panels, the seats, it goes on and on, They just don't seem to be able to fix it.

    It would be impossible to take it on a long trip as even a short trip can drive you crazy.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • pafundipafundi Posts: 8
    SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK! I have had it back about 8 times, They say the fix it and two or three days later it is squeaking again. It drives me crazy and I feel like driving it into a pole or something. I have been trying to get ahold of a manager at the dealer but I can't seem to get one to call me back.

    I am glad I am not the only one with this problem. My wife thinks I am nit picking about it but there is no way I could take it on a family trip. As it is now I refuse to drive or ride in it.

  • mhaykinmhaykin Posts: 5
    I would still not have enough time to spend dealing with the squeak. It is clear that Hyundai does not have a clue how to deal with this. The noise is far less when the rear storage area is loaded with heavy objects. I have made sure that I keep the rear loaded with books or other heavy objects. My car will go back to the dealer over the summer when I am out of town and do not need the car.

    What a disapointment.....

    Hopefully the company will some day figure this out and recall the cars to repair this problem.

    In the meantime, about 40 lbs. of books does the trick.
  • pafundipafundi Posts: 8
    I have my Entourage back in Todd Archer Hyundai for the squeak. The repair manager told me he had never heard of one of the vans having this problem, although this is about repair number 7 for mine. :cry:

    The loaner Entourage they gave me has a worse squeak than mine does. Even my wife won't drive it. :mad:

    I have started my Lemon Law paperwork via the BBB to see what I can do. Love the van idea and size but frustrated with the number of attempts it is taking to fix it and the dealership in general. 30 thousand dollars down the toilet. :lemon:
  • pafundipafundi Posts: 8
    Yesterday I received a phone call from a representative of Hyundai USA in California. This man was pretty rude to me on the phone and said that Hyundai has decided that the squeak on our Entourage is acceptable and not considered a defect or a problem. He also said that Huyndai has told Todd Archer to stop all repairs for the squeak. This really upset me and I was quickly on my way to the dealer, Todd Archer, to have a talk with their general manager who did ride in the van with me and did hear the squeak and agreed that it was not acceptable, but he would have to go over Huyndai’s head to repair it, if it can be repaired. I think Hyundai USA is upset that I filed a claim with the BBB about the non returned phone calls, and repair of the vehicle. Oh, the representative from Hyundai USA also told me that “it is a van and they are expected to squeaek“. Now what kind of thought process is that? I should expect my 30 thousand dollar van to squeak everytime I drive it down the road? Pretty crappy business practice if you ask me.

    I find it funny that Hyundai says they don’t know anything about squeaks in their van except normal ones but several write ups on the Entourage mention squeaks. Including write ups from, msn, car and, and the list goes on and on.

  • bspikebspike Posts: 9
    We took our van back and after a test drive the technician said he didn't hear squeaks. After spraying something on the two big rubber 'mounts', the technician said it would go away when the weather warms up and sent us home. Of course, the squeak was always there. However, he was right about the warm weather does reduce the amount of squeaky noise.

    I no longer think highly of Hyundai. Wonder if there is anything that all of us can do to escalate.
  • pafundipafundi Posts: 8
    It appears that my squeak has been fixed. We took the van out again last night and drove it down our country roads and didn't have one squeak.

    I had issues with the dealer and Hyundai with Hyundai saying that it was built with in spec's and the dealer's representatives telling me they hear the squeak and then telling Hyunday they didn't hear anything and finally Hyundai read my blog entries and had the dealer attempt a "good will jester" and attempt a repair.

    Todd Archer Hyundai in Bellevue NE fixed it by removing the pannels, using the "squeak repair kit" glueing the plastic connectors in place which had been ratteling round putting foam from the kit under the pannels and also putting some type of foam under the pannel and over the HVAC duct which was also rubbing.

    Since the repair, the air noise and road noise in the back has been greatly reduced also.

    Maybe now we can take our vacation without the stress of riding in the van.

  • 07entgse07entgse Posts: 2
    We purchased our Entourage SE in February 2007 ... this posting would be way too long to read if I wrote all of the grief we've had with this car. I'll just post the things that have been "fixed".
    - Radio has been replaced twice
    - DVD player has been replaced once
    - Drive unit for the Power Tailgate has been replaced once
    - Power sliding door (left) latch assembly has been replaced once
    - O2 sensor has been replaced once
    - Front rotors were warped, they were machined (??)

    Plus, the "air bag" light on the dash board comes on intermittently while I'm driving but service has been unable to detect it.

    Can anyone help me with this? I have already met with a rep. from Hyundai Motor America - I was so humiliated. I'm pretty sure I spoke with him calmly when telling him our situation and asking him what they could do for us. After a 10 minute meeting, all of a sudden, he said, "I'm losing my patience with you, ma'am". I was stunned because I had no idea what he was talking about. And then, he walked out of the conference room. He then gave me the contact info for the BBB in VA and said that was my best bet.

    After reading up on VA's lemon law, I don't think my car qualifies because no part has been fixed 3 times. Is there anyone out there that can help??

    Thanks for reading ....
  • pafundipafundi Posts: 8
    Keep taking it back in over and over. File with the BBB on both the dealer and Hyundai USA. The BBB will send you a packet to fill out and someone else from Hyundai will contact you.

    I was called by Hyundai USA after I started blogging about my van. It was fixed in a week after their first call. The power of the internet is great. Just remember to put links to your dealer, Hyundai in your posts over and over... Use titles that say Hyundai and the dealers name, so they come up if someone searches on google for either the company or vehicle.

    Those Hyundai reps can be rude and twist things around on you to make it look like it is your fault.

    While our Entourage was being fixed they gave us two loaners, one had a very bad squeak in it and the other had major problems that included the doors locking and unlocking as you drive, the seatbelt ding going off over and over, internal lights on and off. Hyundai does have some quality control problems with these vans.

    Good luck
  • kaufvan1kaufvan1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Entourage. The squeaking was driving me crazy. I took seats out to see if they were causing it. They were not. I lubricated all rubber parts I could find. Still no luck. Finally, I had my son ride in the back while I drove it. I had him pull on hatch handle. It stopped squeaking while he pulled on it. I was going to dismantle latch assembly to locate squeak, but thought I would try some spray lubricant first. That was five months ago and it has not sqeaked since. I used a spray on graphite lubricant. I imagine any spray lubricant would also work.
  • rob22315rob22315 Posts: 31
    The only thing you might be able to claim is the air bag light is a potential safety issue. They only get one shot to fix a safety issue.

    Your problems are all on different systems so it doesn't sound like you qualify under the '3 tries' clause. We had 4 problems with the power steering system. The van was replaced with a new one via the BBB. :)
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